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That Right Now [Lyrics]

"That Right Now"
by Mynista a.k.a. Docta Wuzdead
"Straight Street" EP

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(Verse 1)

True my righteousness outside of Christ is filthy rags,
but now I'm out of me, "in He" I'm one with He and Dad.
I'm a son with the Son I share the same life,
this aint religion cause religion just some "dirty white."
His Holy Spirit livin' in me like a tenant now,
my body is His temple, He don't live in sinners, ahhhhh!
by His grace, through my faith I'm all brand new,
this aint about what I don't, but what I can do.
And who I have become, He doesn't want me dumb,
that's why He says be separate, He doesn't want me NUMB!
He didn't make me scum, I got a fitted crown,
He put a sig-a-net (signet) ring on me for His business NOW!
Now even demons bow, expel em' in His Name,
forget the rhetoric and theology lackin' flames!
I aint plain, boy um' clean not no common thing,
in case you didn't know HIS WORD validates what I'm sayin'.


-(WE!) So Clean! (brand new), so fresh (yes!)
no longer "DIRTY" you're in the presence of "righteousness" (2x)
-That "Right Now" not later, That "Right Now" not later (4x)

(Verse 2)

A saint aint just no sinner who fell down and "got back up!",
a saint is a whole new creature, a CHRISTIAN "By His Blood."
and let me do it real quick, I "Plead The Blood of Jesus",
I know my adversary actin' up and that'll freeze him!
He gotta stop in his maneuvers up against ME,
he aint strong enough, now why he try to bench me?
greater is He in me than he that is in the world,
let the weak say "I am strong" confession is yo' curls!
When it comes to knowing "us" some of us lackin' knowledge,
you can not light the world up with that insufficient wattage!
We're advancin', that's why we're dancin'!
we got a cloud of witnesses up in the grand stand!
We know the Lord is in us, He is the hope of glory,
He is the author of our faith He writes an awesome story!
War-a-ning (warning) spoy-a-ler (spoiler): in the end HE GETS THE GLORY!
He makes the natural state of being of man look boring!


(Verse 3)

That "right now not later", we took His escalator,
it was "one way" we went "up" and took off on the hater.
The great debater, he can trick ya' if you're ignorant,
open up ya' mouth, enunciate be sibilant.
Who you are "IN CHRIST" is definitely essential,
when you're tested by the "heckler" it's your credentials!
Your name is written in the "Lamb's book of life"...check!
And when you really walk off in that you become a threat!
you stand in battle as an overcomer you're a vet!
but don't you get comfortable "you haven't arrived yet!
That's why we press because we go from "one glory to next",
your ear hasn't heard, and "your eye hasn't seen it yet",
hop on His private jet, watch it become a shuttle,
out of the atmosphere of one strength off into another.
Some keep Him in a bubble, they think their being "humble",
but false humility will never make this planet rumble!

(Chorus out!)

© Warria Records 2009


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