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DEVOTED Ft. Cory Edwards [New Record/Single!]

This record is the first single off of my upcoming album "GENERATIONS." (coming early 2010)

Click on the cover below (to listen and purchase for only .99 cents via Reverbnation!). I sincerely pray that this song helps you to strengthen your walk with JESUS. Check out the lyrics below the cover! Thanks in advance for taking time to listen to it!

-"DEVOTED" is also available for download at


Mynista a.k.a. Docta Wuzdead

DEVOTED (ft. Cory Edwards)


Here I am (I offer myself up as a living sacrifice)

Consecrated (I die again, even though I have been born twice)

Dying everyday (I die again) That I may truly live (He lives within)

Devoted (I'm devoted God's will be done, I die to self so they can see your Son)

(Verse 1)

I fly my flag at half staff, today I die again,

can't let my flesh hold me down, I spear Leviathan.

Can't let these other folks interpret God's call on me,

If it was glitter, you would see His oil all on me.

Misunderstood a lot, He told me son, you gotta' suffer,

fly with the eagles don't you peck around with them "cluckers."

So I packed it up and tied my stuff up on a stick,

Hung it over my shoulder, and let my journey commence...

One foot in front of the other, beside my sisters and brothers,

all of us come from the gutter, we were all in sin.

No one was innocent, a sacrificial Lamb was sent,

It was never in the plan of God to damn us men.

It was more like the homie Romeo's banishment,

but He loved us so much He sent His Lamb in.

And He aint dead either, Jesus alive!

I die to self...


(Verse 2)

If this song don't get no radio play I don't care,

If they don't like the way I praise, then "oh well."

'Cause I aint making music for no trophies or no fame,

I shall not bypass my heart to get into their game.

I got your call on me, I recognize grace,

strengthen my inner man, I'm running my race.

And when I'm feeling faint, I aint going back,

I'm gonna wait upon you 'til I get my "strong back."

Sometimes I wish I could eject up out a fiery trial,

but I know you're with me, you will not forsake your child.

So when I'm persecuted, my flesh I'm gonna' mute it,

I'm rooted in the love of Jesus and I'm gonna use it.

Offense I will excuse it, I'm praying for my brother,

even though we aint really felling each other.

So here I am again, what can I do for You,

who can I love?...


(Verse 3)

I tie myself up on the altar of your will God,

brand me with your fired up seal God.

Anoint me with your power, equip me for your service,

use me according to your pre-planned purpose.

I'm your worker, I'm your slave, put your chains on me,

I don't want no civilian clothes to remain on me.

I got your manual, I got Emmanuel,

illuminate my understanding to see very well.

I know the gates of Hell will never prevail against me,

'cause I'm in the Church, so I'm fenced (yeah).

'Umma do my part, and get my mind straight,

meditate upon your Word with my eye gate.

I'm listenin, I'm looking for ya', yeah I'm seeking You,

A living sacrifice, a sweet aroma pleasing You.

I only live once, that's why I gotta die,

no longer "I."...

(Chorus Out)

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