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[Lyrics] Ghost On Deck [Generations]

Mynista a.k.a. Docta Wuzdead
Song: "Ghost On Deck"
Album: Generations (2010)

(Verse 1)

When He speaks He's only speaking to give Jesus glory,
when he prophecies He gives us pages to His story.
He guides us into The Truth, He never censors The Truth,
He keeps it real He's relevant and amazing!
They fly the Jolly Rogers, they're shooting cannon balls,
but He's on board no surrender yeah we're standing off.
They want our treasure, they want us to fly that white flag,
He loads us up, He lights us up, He fires right back!
Now how you like that? we're sinking pirate ships,
we fight the good fight of faith we're in a battle here.
And we're equipped with gifts, they're supernatural,
they're still operating, my doctrine is factual.
And we aint waiting for the enemy to rush,
like blind Bartimaeus we will never hush,
His presence on this ship is more than enough,
He takes a skinny spirit man and makes him buff!


We got Ghost on deck (got Ghost on deck)!
We got Ghost on deck (got Ghost on deck)!
He's showing up (showing up), He's showing out (showing out),
He's showing up, showing out, showing up, showing out! (2x)

(Verse 2)

Attention on deck! We give you honor Lord,
We're making room for ya', throwing garbage overboard.
We lay our lives down, we make em' walk the plank,
We know it's gonna' stank, doing it in our own strength!
Set a guard at the door of my lips,
I know a reckless tongue sho'll (surely) wrecks ships.
Put your word's in my mouth, be my ventriloquist,
tell me when to shhhsh- when I need to plead the fifth.
And when I need to open up my beak and speak,
Let your word's bubble up and flow up out of me.
Give me rhema, make it 3D, broadcast in HD,
Show me how to chart my course systematically.
And if a glacier trying to do me like the Titanic,
remind me to speak to it before I panic.
And whosoever says, that's what your word say,
I'm speaking resurrection, everyday the third day!


We got The Ghost on board, I'm living for The Lord,
Jesus is my savior, yeah I call Him Lord.
We're on the sea together, He's interceding for me,
I'm falling back because I trust Him and I know He loves me.
He left the Earth and sent His Spirit said it would be better,
blew upon us with His life, we some living letters.
He made us witnesses, this what the business is,
The Kingdom and the power and the glory is His.
He healed the sick in body, rose again for everybody,
invited everybody living here into His party.
He set Gentile and Jew together on the same level,
He's still the same God, it's written that He change never.
He put His fire on us, covered up our nakedness,
we know the spirit by The Spirit aint no fakin' this.
We got the evidence, the fire make ya' tongue flip,
from Curious George to King Kong here!


We give ya' honor Holy Spirit by ya' leave sir!,
take up ya' residence and don't ya' ever leave sir!
All hands on deck!
Co-laborers with The Ghost where ya' at? (2x)

(Chorus End)

©Warria Records 2010


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