Monday, November 21

11/21/05 - [What up!]

What up Warriaz! all is well with ya and the rest of the Warria Records camp are pressin' hard....believin' God. We are workin on alot of music right now....together we are recording "Whyte Fyre Boyz: WYRLDWIDEWARRIAZ" which will be available nationwide once it is released, and I'm prepping for my next national retail album "Signz, Miraclez, and Wunderz"! We have also added an unda' groun division to our label called "Warria Records Unda' Ground"....we will be releasing Anointed Christ filled projects that we record in our home studio up under some of our aliases'. These projects will not be available nationwide, only from our website and shows. Of course the unda' Ground projects will still be presented in Quality and Excellence....and Thats Really Real! We will still continue to record our Retail projects in a Professional commercial with all that said....get ready for my first unda' ground release from "Warria Records Unda' Ground"..... "Ghetto G. Lake : Da' Unda' Ground Church"

Jesus Reignz!
Mynista a.k.a. Docta Wuzdead....a.k.a. Ghetto G. Lake.

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Monday, November 7

11/7/05 - [His Presence Freestyle Podcast]

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My Latest Prophetic Freestyle...."His Presence" Enjoy!

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Sunday, November 6

11/5/05 - [What Up!]

Hey y'all...I just wanted to give y'all a shout real quick! I've been just in a "Refreshing" season with the Lord....chillin....gettin new promoted to a new level of Authority and Dominion....and doin alot of WORK! God is awesum...I have taken on some new responsibilities as well...for one I'm in charge over our churches' youth group rap team that I named "REDD KROWN", that starts this wed., and it's gonna be raw....the Kids are excited. We got lots of Music comin your way, The studio that we record our commercial CD's in is gettin revamped, so things have been delayed a lil bit....but It's still gonna be ontime!! We are also are workin' in our home studio, and we are gonna bless y'all with some projects from there as well....those projects will not be retail projects, but will be available for you to purchase from our website!! Well...I love y'all....Continue trustin God....Wait on Him, and He will renew your strength....and you will then Soar like an Eagle!

Jesus Reignz!

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Thursday, November 3

Mynista T.V. Episode #8 (Emerge)]

The "Emerge" Concert at The Center of Manifestation....Tampa, Fl
(Click on the image below to watch).

Watch Mynista T.V.

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If You Can't See The Video, but you can hear the audio...Click Here To Download Quicktime 7 For Windows.

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