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6/30/07 [Unique Copy of An Ancient Manuscript - Kim Clement]

Prophetic insight is never governed by your present circumstances; it completely ignores them. For many years, the church has abandoned the prophetic because it is hard to understand and the prophet appears crazy, saying things that make no sense. Often, the attitude toward the prophet is that there is no proof of the future, so it must be wrong. The prophetic edge within the church is vital, because without it there is no recognition of the chemistry inthe atmosphere.

When I perform music with my team of musicians, it is a little untidy and unprepared because we want the people to enter into this unpredictable, prophetic atmosphere where an adjustment takes place and there is no dictation or unbelief. We have to decapitate religious order so that the prophetic can be released into the church.

There are two levels/realms of truth: historical truth and creative truth – truth in the tomb and truth in the womb. When Christ was in the womb, truth was there, and when Christ was in the tomb, truth was there with Him, dealing with the powers of darkness. Historical truth is not dead. It may be in the tomb, but it is dealing with demonic powers, and making a public show of it.

Whatever truth has been taught to us by the great apostles, teachers and prophets, has not died. It may be in the tomb and it's there for a reason. When resurrection of that truth takes place, there is a multiplication of it that begins to abide within a generation. Truth that is dormant still makes a public, open show of the powers of hell, and truth never changes. Truth in the womb is creative truth, and it is birthed for a generation. You could be one of those people who bring truth and resurrect what needs to be born for your generation.

We are a prophetic people who are trying to operate without the ingredients. We want to be cultured, we want to be clean, we just want things to be perfect and it's not going to happen because creative truth can only come forth in a delivery room. We have this crazy idea that there is nothing new under the sun. The religious minded will try to smother new truth because they are of little faith, and they are fearful when their list of rules is challenged. New discoveries are made all the time, and out of laziness, fear and lack of faith, they speak against new revelation, instead of seeing from a prophetic perspective.

You are a unique copy of an ancient gift; you are a unique copy of an ancient manuscript, a unique copy of that which has taken place before. So there is nothing new, but it's uniquely new. You must have something from the past that is relevant to your generation, in a unique form and expression. God can only bring forth truth in a delivery room setting. There's going to be pain. There's going to be labor and blood. But there will also be the sweet sound of life.

Stop rejecting pain, labor and blood. You are a warrior, and you are about to bring forth something. You will hear the cry of a child; you will hear the truth that is relevant in this day and age. You are unique copy of an ancient gift, whether it's the ancient gift of Jeremiah, or the ancient gift of Isaiah, or even Daniel. When Daniel died, his gift never died. You are a unique copy of one of them. Therefore, you are going to behave as your brothers and forefathers behaved.

There are so many churches trying to be prophetic without the ingredients (the gifts of faith). It takes a special faith to be prophetic; it takes a special vision to be prophetic. What is prophetic? It means that you see further and look from above at the whole picture, instead of from a limited (religious) viewpoint.

There are three kinds of sight:

Insight is the sight inside your head, and foresight is to see ahead in time, and catch a glimpse of yourself in the future with a lot more faith than you have now. If you catch a glimpse of what you look like in the future, it's the most powerful and most wonderful thing, and it will revolutionize your life. You will begin to praise Him for the things yet to occur.

You and God must move together in time. The word Synchronize means "together in time," and that is what God wants your journey to be, synchronized with His timeline. You are a unique copy of an ancient manuscript, and most people don't want to think of themselves as a copy, but the word "unique" will refresh that feeling. The word "unique" means "worthy of being considered in a class by itself."

I heard somebody talking about me on the radio. They had concluded that I was "from the devil." Why do Christians do this? We shouldn't ascribe greatness to the powers of hell. When something either divine or horrific takes place, we ascribe it to the Lord Most High. Why do we blame God when there are natural disasters? But when He is saying something new, and revealing more of His beautiful creation to us, we become fearful and say that it's the "devil."

God wants to give you prosperity like never before. God takes pleasure in the prosperity of His servants, and as your soul prospers, you will prosper also. In the early 1900's, the church cut out the prophetic, deciding that they wanted nothing to do with it because it challenged their set of rules and dogma. When this happened, there was an emergence of psychics, because the prophetic exists, and was thrown away by the church, to be taken by the world and used for selfish purposes.

With Jesus comes the beginning and the end, the alpha and omega. Why do we ignore the omega? Why do we ignore the end? Why do we ignore the last? Because we are comfortable with what has happened, but we are not comfortable with what's going to happen. But I see that something good is going to happen. No matter what anyone says, I am going to believe it.

2 Kings 2:14-16: 14 And Elisha said, "As the LORD of hosts lives, before whom I stand, surely were it not that I regard the presence of Jehoshaphat king of Judah, I would not look at you, nor see you. 15 But now bring me a musician." Then it happened, when the musician played, that the hand of the LORD came upon him. 16 And he said, "Thus says the LORD: 'Make this valley full of ditches.'

Elisha was completely dull of hearing until they brought a guitarist. He told them to bring him a musician because he was not hearing anything. Most of the messianic songs and prophecies in the Psalms were given through music. Prophets need music (inspiration), and therefore people must put up with the unique demeanor of the prophet, and make the effort to reach out to the realm of the prophetic. The prophetic brings the element of surprise.

Satan hates the element of surprise because he knows the predictability of the nature of man, so he bases his attacks and response upon the predictability of man. Human nature is not evil; God gave human beings human nature. It is sin within human nature that's evil. Stop despising your human nature. You have to despise the sin that's controlling it, and have the nature and the mind of Christ.

Human nature wants things to be as predicable as possible, and then evil knows exactly what you're going to do. But through the element of surprise, God is going to take you to a land, but will not show you until you progress. Satan doesn't like the mystery of God because the mystery of God is something that can only be seen by the saints of the Most High. Satan hates the mystery of God because it's a revelation. It's something that is covered and can only be uncovered by the Spirit of God. I have good news for you. There is truth and there is revelation that is about to be uncovered in this day and in this age. Jesus came as the supreme example. When there was no wine, He spoke to the water. Jesus deals in manifestation; when He says "wine," just pour the water and watch what happens. Jesus often spoke to the elements, like the fig tree.

Within your DNA, there is a process called replication. The word "replication" means "an echo, a reply, a copy." A double stranded DNA makes copies of itself, unique copies, for you to reproduce in the spirit. You are a unique copy of something ancient, and now it is in your power to reproduce that spiritually. Within Christ you were born, and you were a copy of something ancient. You possess the power to reproduce that, whether it's the prophetic voice of Daniel, or the prophetic praise of David. It is in your DNA spiritually, and when you make a unique copy, you become an echo, or a reply to, the thing that was placed within you as a unique copy of an ancient gift or calling. Now doesn't that make you feel special?

Kim Clement

Friday, June 29


Most people with understanding will say "I PLEAD THE BLOOD OF JESUS" simply because we know that the enemy is a thief and only comes to kill, steal and destroy (John 10:10)....and Jesus came to give us life....ABUNDANT LIFE as a matter of fact. The Children of Israel were told to mark the door posts of their homes with the Blood of the lamb that they were instructed to sacrifice and eat on the night of the "Passover" (Exodus 12). That blood was symbolic of the Blood of our Crucified Savior, Jesus Christ. When the death spirit passed through to kill the first born of the Egyptians, the spirit had no authority to harm any thing belonging to the children of Israel because of The Blood, and had to "PASSOVER".

With all of that said...Satan and his camp are thieves, and even though we have authority through the Blood of Jesus...Satan and team gets reckless and tries to violate our God given rights (to peace, joy, the ABUNDANT LIFE, etc.), and put their hands on our lives....God's "Children of Israel" today through the Blood of Jesus Christ. "Pleading" the Blood Of Jesus in proper context is just using the authority given to us as Christians (LUKE 10:19), and reminding "Satan and Team" that the Blood has been applied to the door posts of our lives, so they have to "FREEZE" (MATH 18:18) as if the police were arresting criminals...because that's what they are....spiritual criminals.

So for get attacked with a disease, or sickness (a form of death that entered in through Adams sin (ROM 5:17)...."I PLEAD THE BLOOD OF JESUS!"

discord, strife, contention enters your home, relationships, marriage etc....."I PLEAD THE BLOOD OF JESUS!"

....and so on, and so on. The Blood of Jesus is LIFE....It has already been applied to your life if you are a Christian, but most of the time, the enemy tries to ignore it...don't allow him to do so in your life. Use the authority God gave you through the awesome Blood of His Son Jesus up your mouth and PLEAD THE BLOOD OF JESUS! (ROM 10:9,10).


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6/19/07 MYNISTA T.V. #22 (OH MY GOD)

MYNISTA T.V. Episode #21:

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