Thursday, January 31

Mynista 2 U Talk Radio Podcast [30 Minutes of Unction] 1/31/08

[This Is A Pre-Recorded Show]

"30 MINUTES OF UNCTION" (Recorded On 1/31/08)

MYNISTA and guest host Pastor Ryan O' Hanlon of Living Bread Church (Washington, MO), speak and pray prophetically during this half hour show. God has a Word for you, through MYNISTA and Pastor Ryan...

Jesus Reignz!


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Get at em while this deal is on....I gotta lotta beats to upload in the next few weeks...first come, first serve!! (Christ centered Artists Only, Thanks)!!

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Wednesday, January 30

Year Of Extremes

I was recently talking to my friend Josh Baker, who is the youth pastor at Christian Worship Center in Alexandria, LA (Pastors Mark and Trina Hankins), and he told me that Pastor Mac Hammond had recently given an "Ontime, Important" Word to their church...of course I asked him to email it to me, and here it is!! be blessed!



Pastor Mac Hammond delivered the following word to our church congregation this past weekend:

In preparing yesterday afternoon for the weekend, the Lord spoke to my heart about some things about 2008. You know, it's not often He does this through me, but here's what He said.

He said 2008 will be a year of extremes. In years past, centuries past, there's been a large middle-of-the-road where spiritual lethargy and complacency produced a lifestyle with nothing really too bad or nothing really too good, just a sea of mediocrity that the masses seemed to dwell in.

"But this is changing," saith the Lord. "Beginning with 2008, we're going to be seeing more extremes than we've ever seen and less middle-of-the-road: people who are extremely blessed or extremely cursed; people who are extremely glad and joyous, or extremely sad and despairing. A year of extremes."

"And those that have been marginally committed, spiritually complacent will become extremely complacent, extremely cynical about the Word, and extremely hard to that Word. And on the other hand, there will be those who become extremely committed, extremely generous, extremely loving, extremely sold out to seeing the Word of God proliferate in this earth. And it's those that will be extremely blessed, that will be extremely prosperous, extremely healthy, extremely joyful."

"As the world begins to experience the polarity between light and darkness, as we approach the end of this age, it won't just be the light and darkness, it will be the extremes of life and 2008 will be a year where these extremes begin to be seen to a degree that hasn't been true in the past," saith the Lord.

The following is an excerpt by E. M. Bounds:

I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith.

(2 Tim. 4:7 KJV)

--Warfare Prayer--

It cannot be said too often that the life of a Christian is warfare, an intense conflict, a lifelong contest. It is a battle fought against invisible foes who are ever alert and seeking to entrap, deceive, ruin and whatever they can do. The Bible calls men to life, not a picnic or a holiday.

It is no pastime or pleasure jaunt. It entails effort, wrestling and struggling. It demands putting out the full energy of the spirit in order to frustrate the foe and come off at last more than a conqueror.

It is not a primrose path. From start to finish, it's a war. The Christian warrior is compelled from the hour he first draws his sword to endure hardness like a good soldier. What a misconception many people have of the Christian life. How little the average church member appears to know of the character of the conflict and its demands on him. How ignorant he seems to be of the enemies that he must encounter if he is to serve God faithfully, succeed in getting to heaven and receive the crown of life. He scarcely seems to realize that the flesh, the world, and the devil will oppose his outward march. He hardly realizes that they will defeat him utterly unless he gives himself to constant unceasingly prayer.

Thursday, January 24

Next On MYNISTA "2 U" talk radio...1/24/08

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[THURSDAY 1/24/08 @ 4:30pm Central time]

(347) 215-8180 (CALL IN LIVE!!)

MYNISTA and guest host Pastor Rick Washington of the St. Louis Dream Ctr. (A Joyce Meyer Ministry), speak and pray prophetically during this half hour show. God has a Word for you, through MYNISTA and Pastor Rick...tune in and listen! call in live!

P.S....all shows will be recorded and uploaded to the website for streaming and downloading 15 minutes after the show is completed!

Jesus Reignz!


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Wednesday, January 23

A Few Praise Reports

What's up family!

God is doing awesome things in the world, and He's using us! aint' that somethin' to "WOW" about??
I receive a lot of praise reports and encouraging emails, and I thought that it would be good to share a few that I received last week. I praise God for the privilege to "represent" Him with my life and music. All of the Glory is His! I'd like to thank my prayer partners and financial partners for linking up with me as I advance the Kingdom of God into the Earth, with the pioneering Spirit of Jesus Christ. Expect to be rewarded by God HERE on Earth...NOW! (check out the praise reports below).

Jesus Reignz!




You were at C.O.T.R Camp and my son was there. Your message really touched him and he bought your cd. He nagged me for days, I didn't think that I would like your music, so I kept putting him off. But one day he put it in the cd player and just started playing it, I was doing dishes and I went into his room and asked him who was playing and he told me you. I absolutely love your music. I took your cd to the daycare I work at, and played it for the school agers and they really like it too.
Thank you for sharing what the Lord has done for you. And for reaching areas that no one else can get to, and that is our kids.



I log on to your page (myspace) all the time just to check on how you are doing and each time I am more and more proud of you! God bless you for what you are doing. You have a gift that is reaching down to the ground level...the kids. Its the kids who are the future of the church and your message is spreading like fire. You are letting these kids know that its COOL to praise God and live a spirit-filled life. You are showing them It's alright to wear your Christian colors and let the world know what you proclaim. I pray that you have much success and many blessings upon your house and your ministry! You are truly an inspiration and an example. Keep up the Lord's work.



Hey dude, I jus got through listening to your talk radio show. i just wanted to holla and let u know that your words of faith are really inspiring. they have helped me in my search of Our Fathers plan for me. I am thankful to God for his children like you. anyways your music and ministry is much appreciated. Keep up the good work.




Man look, I just wanted to let you know that you changed my life. You had came to my church in Alexandria, LA and you were awesome! now I just cant get enough of ur songs!!!! but i just wanted to say thank you and God bless.


-MYNISTA a.k.a. Docta Wuzdead

Monday, January 21

Street Team...

What's up foke...I'm recruiting some "help" for the MYNISTA street/E-team....I have just launched a new mission!....lots of prizes are gonna be given merchandise...and other things are on the way! The more we promote...more people get "Mynista'd" to!! Thanks for your "Labor of Love" in advance!!...Sign up below for further details!! (click the street team box)...



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Thursday, January 17


Some one had a question for me on myspace...this was my blessed!......


First, when I got saved, I just continued to my words now are God inspired "Heart" Words. I didn't try to start "Christian Rapping"....if that makes since. I just started living for Christ/became a Christian, and kept rapping. When it's real...the music/work will line up as well. As far as you and rapping, It's so important to first off, be real with God, and then real with yourself. Rap is just the art form, it does not necessarily mean that you have to try to reach "The Streets" with it. God has done an awesome work on my perspective in this area, and the streets, inner city, and kids are no longer my only focus....I focus on the WORLD, which INCLUDES THE STREETS (Mark 16:15). So now...I'm in the suburbs with it...the streets (urban/inner city), and anywhere else. There are so many people lost...everywhere....and "Holy Spirit filled rap music" contains the power to reach em'. So my point is, don't feel like you have to "Street yourself up" to make a difference. you can still rap "from the heart" over bangin' beats....and touch someone...anyone for Christ. Talk like you talk in real life over the beats, it's so important to be authentic. As far as school....I think that you should still continue pursuing your education....that's a great thing. You can still pursue music at the sametime. there are people in your classes that need to hear what you have off in ya! Remember...Jesus came to "Seek that which is lost"....not only the streets and urban community....but everyone. I live in the suburbs now, and even though I'm from "Da Hood", I see that the needs are still the suburban neighbors need Jesus just as much as the streets do. The only difference is the way the people talk and dress (sometimes) lol. When most people hear the word "Outreach", they immediately think of "Da Hood"..."Da' Ghetto"..."Urban Missions" and etc. Outreach is way more than that limited perception. Outreach is reaching out to a dead WORLD with the life bringing message of Jesus Christ...and that even includes Wall Street.

I hope this helps in some way, shape or form!
Jesus Reignz!

MYNISTA 2 U TALK RADIO [cancelled tonight]

...due to technical difficulties...I'll post up the new show times soon. God Bless. Mynista

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Saturday, January 12

My Prophets Will Not Be Quiet

Kim Clement:

"MY PROPHETS WILL NOT BE QUIET! For They Carry the Next Generation's
BURDEN and POWER, says the Lord"

kim clement

December 7, 2007--Detroit, Michigan

The Spirit of God says, "That all would prophesy; that all would understand; that when words come out of the mouth of man who is energized by the Spirit to speak--despise not the words that come forth. These are the words of life, for there is life and death in the power of the tongue. I have gone throughout the earth searching, listening for the sounds of life; listening for people who would speak My Words. There is a dictation that comes from hell itself to speak their words."

God says, "So many of My servants would take the words of My enemy and speak them out as if they were truth. What is truth? My Word is truth. No matter what you see, no matter what evidence you say there is--there is no evidence against truth. Truth is My evidence. Therefore, explain to Me how it is that I have kept the seasons going for millions of years? How is it that I have watched over the mass, I have watched over order and chaos, and I have not yet stopped intervening in man? How is it? Explain to Me what I am able to do, what I have done on the earth, and what I'm about to do. I have created one ball--this earth, and I will bring healing from this earth, I will bring great, great, great things from this earth."

"I have not finished with this earth. I am not finished. You think the earth must be burnt up. I will burn fuel from the earth. I will do great things from your soil, watch Me. You have said, 'God, do something unusual,' now let Me do it. Do not confine Me to what is unusual; don't tell Me what is unusual. Let Me do things that you have never thought about; let me create things you have never thought about. I am in a creative mood; if I am in a creative mood, I will design things especially for this generation."

"The warriors have gathered around the prophetic voice again. Even in the days of Elisha, didn't the governing powers come and stand around the prophet and say, 'We will take your life, we will shut you up.' Has it not been for millenniums that they have tried to shut up the sound of the prophetic voice? Has it not been for thousands of years that any time a prophet would rise up, they would chain him or they would say, 'This is the end, you are no longer to speak?'"

God says, "Once they do that, there is a divine expression that comes out and creates power for My people. Rejoice, for there is going to be a greater power that I will design for you and for this generation. My prophets will not be quiet," says the Lord. "They will not be chained, they will not be bound. They will not be weary or tired, for they carry the next generation's burden, the next generation's power. They carry the sound of your children. THEY CARRY THE VOICE OF YOUR CHILDREN! The prophets carry the future so that they will be able to give it to you."

"There is an impartation against My prophets, but they will not be quiet. They will prophesy. I will put them before great men--for this is a day of reckoning," says the Lord of Hosts. "This is a day of reckoning," says the Lord. "This is a day of judgment, yes indeed. Who would they grip and grab? They would grab My prophets. When they do that, there is a fear amongst the powers of hell; there is a fear in the kingdoms that hide away in secrecy trying to demand things." But God says, "Exposure shall come, and I will stop the sound of the defeat that has come to My people. Rejoice for the better day is upon you. You say, 'Where is it?'" God says, "Don't look, listen, for it is in the air, it's in the atmosphere. Once you've got it, it fills you and designs you to do things you have never done before."

"Television networks shall go under, and I will take men and women of God, faith and spiritual power and put inside of them the wisdom to take these media forces and use them for My goodness. The Church has failed hopelessly, but My Kingdom strives and goes on in great power and in great might."

For God is designing something so unusual in the news media. The Kingdom of God has suffered violence and those who have suffered the violence shall now take another portion of the kingdom by force. Come from your caves; come from your hiding places. The market place calls you, 'Come prophesy in our streets, prophesy in our highways, prophesy to our politicians corrupt as they are. Prophesy to the hypocrites that stand around with their hands in their pockets wondering where the next dime shall come from, and where they shall steal it.'"

God says, "I am sick of the theft that has taken place and those who have called My Name, but yet not honored Me with their praises. Now is the time where I want praise. I want praise, I want praise," says the Lord. "I want praise from Michigan, from Ohio, from Canada, I want praise, I want praise."

I've been taken to a place, a strange place. I'm surrounded by rocks; I'm surrounded by pools of water, seemingly fresh, but dead. What is in this place? Who is it? What is the sound of fear in the places of captivity? Why is there whispering; why is there tiptoeing? What is this in this desolate place under the ground? It is their habitation of lunatics in the kingdoms. I'm in a place, I'm standing by myself. Why is it I feel that there are many, many that surround me. Bats and owls. Bats and owls I hear them, no sight. It is the den of iniquity; the place where demons crawl to satisfy themselves with their logic.

Now standing in the midst of them is a prophetic voice. A prophetic voice. Prophets, do not be afraid of your bats and owls; do not be afraid of those who fly by night hoping to catch something. Hell is afraid of the prophet. Hell is afraid of the voice of the prophets.

"Therefore, prophets take your place. Prophets take your place in the dungeons of hell, for that is where you will prophesy," says the Lord. "In the dens of iniquity where the enemy says, 'They will not come. They are afraid to face and challenge our forces. Christ Himself came and took us to a place where we have no power left, yet, the Church believes we have the power to overcome them.' Prophets take your place in the habitation of hell, in the lonely place where no one else wants to go." God says, "If you take your place there, they will be terrified and they will flee at the sound of the voice of the prophets."

December 31, 2007--San Jose, California

The Spirit of the Lord says, "There are major walls that are coming down in Jericho; your sound is doing something that it has never done. It is breaking down the barriers that have held you back. This is your season to run."

"Suddenly, there will come to you like a mighty rushing wind; it will come to you. Suddenly, suddenly, suddenly I will come when you least expect Me to come. I have prepared a place of discovery. I've prepared a place for your children. Suddenly I will come; suddenly I will come like a mighty rushing wind. Suddenly I will come to you. Are you ready, ready, ready, ready?"

"I placed some fire in America. I placed some fire; they will come. They will come suddenly, suddenly when nobody expects them. I've given a place of fire. I've prepared a mighty, mighty fire. It will come suddenly, suddenly when nobody expects Me. The streets of America will hear something like the footsteps of lepers--they are out of sight, but suddenly, suddenly I will come when they least expect Me to come. The streets of America are waiting for something. The streets are waiting for the fire. I'm going to give it at the right time. It will come suddenly, suddenly when nobody expects Me. It will come suddenly, suddenly when nobody expects Me; I will be there."

"Your children will be sitting at home in front of the TV, not knowing anything about God; then I'll come suddenly, suddenly when they least expect Me. Your children will be out and about trying to get some drugs, trying to find out what life's all about; then I'll come suddenly, suddenly when they least expect Me. Husbands will be watching TV, football, baseball, anything you want to call it; then I'll come suddenly, suddenly when they least expect Me." Lord, won't You come suddenly, suddenly when they least expect You? "Then you will watch Me as I baptize them with the Holy Ghost and fire while they speak in other tongues. I'll come suddenly, suddenly when they least expect Me."

Won't You come suddenly, suddenly when they least expect You? This is what God is telling me, "Your bank balance is zero; looking at your bank book, you'll cry. Then suddenly you will hear the sound of provision, and I will fill your bank with everything you need." Suddenly, suddenly when we least expect You. Won't You come suddenly, suddenly when they least expect You? Won't You come suddenly, suddenly when we least expect You?

God says, "I want to come and do something that you least expect. I want to do something that you say requires a lot of faith. Just a little bit of faith is going to move My hand; just a little bit of faith is going to open your mouth. Just a little bit of faith is going to move a mountain." How many have just a little bit of faith in this building? Suddenly! God says, "Are you ready?" 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...Lift Your Voice.

There are flames all over this place, burning away. God says, "You have just taken a step beyond the veil. You have just taken a step into a place that the great priests called the Holy of Holies. When men feared standing before God, I ripped and tore the veil. But tonight, 90 seconds ago in time and space, you stepped into a place that many, many have never touched," says the Lord. "It is a place of no limitation. It's a place where you are limitless. Those that stepped into that place and suddenly, unique miracles begin to take place. Yes, My servants, you have stepped into a place; an ancient, ancient place that I have done for very few.

This nation has cried out in war and in pain. We have prophesied and spoken to our enemies, but now God says, "Enough is enough. 2008, I will do unique miracles; when I say, 'Unique,' they have never been done before. Never, they are one and they have never been done before. This requires some to have great faith."

"Suddenly I came and suddenly My Spirit rose upon you and fire began to consume your mouths so that your lips would be cleansed." Even as Isaiah came before God, and God said, "Who shall we send, who will go for us?" Isaiah said, "Here I am Lord, send me." Even as Isaiah said those words, an angel brought a coal and touched his lips for he said, "I am a man of unclean lips.'" God says, "You walked into this place with unclean lips, but now your lips and your tongue have been purified to speak out. As you speak out, I will do the most unique and unusual miracles for your families. Even as I said, 'Suddenly, it is happening now.' Lift your voice."

I have not come but to give to you and hand to you from the heart of God. I believe in His will for tomorrow. There are great, great men and women to be raised up. We struggled with 2007, but we got through it. Thank God!

God, You told me to tell your people on December 31st--there's going to be unique manifestations. He said, "I want you to take the handkerchief and show them what it does. It's a piece of linen, silk, or other fabric used to wipe the nose, the eyes for tears, the face and brow for sweat from labor and the mouth. I'm going to take the tears of 2007, I'm going to take the sweat, the labor and the hardships of 2007, I'm going to take the sickness and that which has caused them to blow the nose and cover the mouth. I'm going to take everything that happened in 2007 like an insignificant handkerchief that they used for their pain and their labor, and I'm going to use that to perform unusual miracles in 2008 for them."

If you have a handkerchief, a piece of cloth or piece of paper, I want you to wave it right now. I want you to wave it. How many cried in 2007? How many labored and were in pain in 2007? Worked and worked and it seemed like nothing happened in 2007? How many were sick in 2007? I want you to take that now, and say, "God, I thank You for every tear I shed, every pain I had, all of my labor; all of my pain has now been exchanged and transformed into unusual miracles beginning right now!"

"Your New Year has just begun," says the Lord!

Kim and Jane Clement

Prophetic Image Expressions


Thursday, January 10


"30 MINUTES OF UNCTION" (Recorded On 1/10/08)

I speak and pray prophetically during this half hour show. God has a Word for you, through His "MYNISTA"...tune in and listen...

Jesus Reignz!


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Wednesday, January 9

Next on MYNISTA "2 U" talk radio...

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[THURSDAY 1/10/08 @ 6:30pm Central time]
(347) 215-8180 (CALL IN LIVE!!)

MYNISTA speaks and prays prophetically during this half hour show. God has a Word for you, through MYNISTA...tune in and listen! call in live!

P.S....all shows will be recorded and uploaded to the website for streaming and downloading 15 minutes after the show is completed!

Jesus Reignz!


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Sunday, January 6

My Story...

MYNISTA a.k.a. Docta Wuzdead used to be known only as "Synista". Back then, he lived the street life that most secular rappers glorify today, including drugs, women, and inevitable run-ins with the law. MYNISTA began rapping professionally in 1996 as the lead rapper of a Tampa Bay clique that was quickly gaining popularity. During this time, he sold marijuana in order to finance the party life that came along with the "hood fame" he had attained as "Synista". "At that time, I didn't know that the lifestyle I was living was a life separated from God," says MYNISTA.

One night in 1999 while in his home studio, MYNISTA was approached by demonic spirits asking him to sell his soul in exchange for fortune and fame. "I heard people that I rapped with saying they were selling their souls on some of the songs we made, and I even heard Tupac* and Snoop Dogg* say the same thing on some of their songs. But I was lost at the time," explains MYNISTA. Confused and not wanting to sell his soul, he thought that suicide was his only option. He got his sawed-off shotgun and was headed to the beach to kill himself when suddenly he felt that he should go to his mom's house instead. After he arrived, he told her everything that was happening, and even though she wasn't exactly living for God at the time, she knew what MYNISTA needed to do. She told him that he should pray! She brought him a Bible and opened it up to the 23rd Psalm. MYNISTA got on his knees and asked Jesus to become his Lord and Savior. Within seven days, he was baptized in the Holy Spirit and completely free! The demonic voices that were tormenting him left, he flushed all of his weed down the toilet, threw away his gun, and was completely delivered from alcoholism. But it didn't stop there.

As MYNISTA began seeking God through prayer, fasting, and studying His Word, the Holy Spirit began showing him the call on his life. He had no intentions of returning to the microphone, but God had other plans. Being obedient to the Holy Spirit, MYNISTA changed the "S" into an "M" and began his journey as a minister of life instead of a minister of death.

Even though MYNISTA was delivered from the street life, his ministry is not only limited to "street ministry". He walks in the office of a prophet, flows in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, exhorts and edifies the body of Christ, and does the work of an evangelist. As he ministers, signs, miracles, and wonders follow. With an extraordinary testimony and giving God all of the glory, MYNISTA is working hard to bring the hope only found in Jesus to a hopeless and dying world.

*He is referring to the songs entitled "Smile," "Fight Music," and "Good Life" by Tupac, and the song entitled "Murda Was the Case" by Snoop Dogg.

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