Thursday, May 31

5/31/07 [SIGNS, MIRACLES, and WONDERS (released today!)] is the "Unoffficial" release date ( will announce the official release soon)...THE PURCHASE LINKS ARE NOW ACTIVE!! don't wanna miss this album...Get yours today!! Experience the glory of God....through rap.

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Thursday, May 17


PASSOVA', SHALOM, and RAINDANCE (5th in Myspace player)...

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Wednesday, May 2


"Red Juice"
Mynista a.k.a. Docta Wuzdead
"Signs, Miracles, and Wonders"

(Verse 1)

I know I use to club with you all week homeboy,
I'm a new man respect my choice homeboy.
Baby girl I know I use to get ya' drunk,
cause you had ya' bottom hangin' out ya' trunk, But,
that's no excuse for me, I was living foolishly,
why did you broads even ever choose to fool with me?
I gotta 'pologize to the cats I swung on,
gin and juice, and them demons had my mind gone.
Mind blinded, sin had me blind fold,
sawed off and my clique made me feel bold.
I was lost, so I did what the lost do,
wicked thoughts, even plots on how to off you.
Nobody told me, ever tried to scold me,
I never saw a thug change live holy.
But you aint gonna have no excuse,
I'm here to let you know Jesus shed Red Juice.


Red Juice (Oh) The Blood (Oh)
Red Juice(Oh) The Blood (Oh)
Jesus (Oh) He bled (Oh)
He died (Oh) He rose (Oh)

(Verse 2)

Came to the point where two roads cross,
came to the point I chose the cross,
He saved me He can save you too,
but you gotta do what I did to.
Ask Him to forgive yo' sin,
say Jesus please come in,
did it before, then do it again, Stop living in sin.
He is the only way, I don't care what Oprah say,
if she don't call on Him, her show gettin' canceled hey!
He is the only Way, He is the only Life,
He is the only Truth, He is the Holy Christ.
I tried that other stuff, it wasn't strong enough,
it couldn't keep me, His anointing broke my bondages.
Them people conning us, auctioning a hood dream,
patrone in your cup is not your destiny.
Neither is ecstacy, yeah I use to thizz out,
but that Juice hit me fizzling the pills out.
Aint no heaven for no un-repented man period,
you must believe in yo' heart and He must hear it.

(Verse 3)

Hey people listen to me, Kingdom of my God is here,
The second Coming is upon us yes it's very near.
Two gone be at the club, who gone be left behind?
two gone be in a pew somebody gone be there crying.
Two might be in a bed, them two might go nowhere,
two gone be in the street, them two gone hear you've done well.
Three gone be in the choir, one aint got no alibi,
he only in the choir cause them girls look fly.
One gone be preachin' hard, he gonna fly away,
how many people gonna fly on that coming day?
somebody dying somewhere as you listen to this song,
he might be rich but his money can't do nothing for him.
If you saved then you know the way so go and tell em',
we must be born again but somebody gotta go tell em.
Somebody got a gun 'bout to knock they head loose,
they only waitin' for a servant with that Red juice.


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