Thursday, March 31

Live In Concert / St. Louis Dream Ctr / April 19th

The [Holy] Ghost will be on deck...Jesus will be glorified...people will be helped! Bring everyone that you can! [click flyer to enlarge]


Saturday, March 26

An Encouraging Message From "Santizzle Myles" Via Facebook

I received this message from "Santizzle Myles" via Facebook yesterday, it encouraged me, and I want to share it with you! All of the glory is The Lord's! Thank you all for your love, prayer, and support! JESUS IS LORD!

[posted w/permission]

I am honored to know that young men like you are here right now in time. I listened to you music for the first time last or early this morning and could not stop. I search the web and was overwhelmed by your testimony and music. I was lead by God to post it on my web site. This is what I posted: I’m up all night searching the web and studying things many may ignore, but to God be the glory. On nights like this one I have to share what God spoke to me. He took me to this web site and I found this young man Mynista and his testimony and songs grip me and spoke to my heart. By any means necessary we must capture back our youth! If the beat is right they will dance all night. Funny, but true music moves you and causes you to do things you wouldn’t normally do. Music can be like a drug and relaxes you or hype you up and insight you. As Christian parents we have to do our part. Our children are going to listen to music and rap is hot to them. Why not give them Jesus and the beats. I will enjoy watching my kids tear up the floor to Mynista's beats. - Santizzle Myles

FKAK! [For King And Kingdom!]

Monday, March 21

[Video] Crave Youth Explosion 2011 - April 8-10 - Featuring MYNISTA -

Victory Life Church, Hampton VA, April 8-10
Thx for your prayers in advance!


Wednesday, March 9

[Pic] Me and My Pastor (Jeff Perry/St. Louis Family Church) Gettin' Our Praise On!

[click on pic to enlarge]

I was rapping "Every Nation" with a live band during our annual conference: "The Event (2010)." We went in!

FKAK! [For King And Kingdom!]

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