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11/28/06 [MYNISTA T.V. Episode 17 [RAW T.V.]

Mynista T.V. episode #17 , "Mynista on Raw T.V." (Watch via "You Tube" or Quicktime...Just click on a link Below!)

Mynista makes an appearance on one of South Eastern University's television shows...Raw T.V.!



-EPISODE #17 [RAW T.V.](Quicktime)

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Thursday, November 16


**God has been doing some awesome thangs through ya boy....below are a few testimonies and praise reports....It's a long read...but well worth it...This is why I do what I do! The Glory belongs to Jesus! Enjoy....

P.S....and alwayz remember....the GREATEST MIRACLE is salvation through JESUS CHRIST!!



The Revival (Boynton Beach/West Palm Beach) this weekend saved me (I gave my life to Jesus christ)! You all are Anointed. GOD Bless, and Much Love,



Ms. Sarah Ashe tells her story about how she was healed at a Mynista concert! (Click 1 of the link below)





Peace and Blessings my name is Kristina luisa Flores I am a single mother living in the Lighthouse Ministries womens shelter in Lakeland FL. A few weeks ago I was on my way to the church that is affiliated with the ministry when I felt a tug in my spirit to go to Without Walls Central. so I turned around, I was feeling a little confused but I said ok GOD you must have a word for me tonight, I accept it, and I'm going to receive it because I believe in you Father and I'm putting it all in your hands. After putting my children in childcare I entered the sanctuary right on time to hear Mynista rap a message of healing, and I felt my soul set on fire! GOD rekindled the passion within me, I felt alive again. You see the Lord told me along time ago that he wants to use me to preach the gospel through hip hop but I was scared I said: "Lord nobodys gonna want to hear nothing from me, I'm a single mom, a sinner I've done so much dirt in my life" but he said Kristina Luisa, look at your name it means Christ like Warrior that is what I designed you to be and no matter what you've been through I'm here to take you to the next level, woman you are a daughter of the everlasting father creator of the heavens and the earth, don't you know who you serve? Ever since that night its like the flood gates were opened I have been able to write non stop continuously overflowing, my spirit is jumping for Joy with an inner knowing that GOD is going to use me to do his will and be apart of the resurrection of the dead youth. If you look around you'll understand what I'm saying Satan is playing his tricks and head games on the children of this planet and its time to rise up to be the warriors Christ has called us to be faithful and fully focused on Jehovah the all knowing and supreme. Always remembering that its not about me, I'm just a humble servant in the Lords army!

- Kristina Luisa Flores



This is a short Praise report of a healing that took place while Mynista was Ministering in Pensacola, Fl.
Linda's sister Jane was healed of numbness and chest pain during  Mynista's time segment.  All the symptoms left her body.




What's up, man! It's Shaine, the "music man" from Living Water Baptist Church
in Unadilla. It was a pleasure having you and Qfyre minister to us. I have
never seen the Power of GOD move in such a way during the previous two Rock
the Mic programs. Y'all keep it up! You can consider us (my family and I) as
Warria Records fans now!

Peace and GOD bless.




Hi Mynista,

Once again I wanted to emphasize how awesome it was to see the power of GOD move in such a peculiar way on Sunday. I thank GOD for the anointing that he has placed on your life and the impact that you make on others lives, especially the younger generation, through your ministry. I have received tremendous feedback on how much of a blessing you were to the young people and old as well in the service. My pastor's eyes were also opened because he now realizes that we must use other approaches to reach our young people rather than the old traditional way. I know GOD doesn't change, but this is a new generation and we must use a different approach when it comes to reaching the young people and winning them for the kingdom. We've been in our church building for about 4 years and our service has never been that packed. So GOD is definitely doing a new thing!

Thanks again , and you will be coming back so don't forget about us!!!

Young Adult Ministry Leader



whut's up Mynista.
i've been praying and talking to GOD a lot more since you all have left Boynton. I really appreciate what you guys have done for me and i will never forget it. Iwill never let the LOVE OF GOD spare away from me. The week you all have been here has been the most extraordinary week i have had in my life. At first that week i didn't even want to go to church but after that first day i really did want to go to church after that day to see what was going to happen next. Wednesday was the most amazing day for me because i had an experience that i will never forget in my life and i
THANK GOD for everything he has done for me in my life and i will always keep Mynista and the "Whyte Fyre Boyz" in my prayers and the LORD first.
Thanks for everything!!!




I was at a concert sponsered by my church. I had just performed with my rap group known at that time as New Deal. We had the best performance we ever had as a group. The only problem was we didn't do anything it was GOD's word and GOD's show.
I walked around after we perfomed like we had just sold out Madison Square Garden. There was some guy performing after us and I was like cool, I quess I'll stay and listen. That guy was Mynista. He perfomed "Walk With JESUS" (Don't Talk) and the rest was history.
Now I don't rap for some crowd, I rap to show the world how good the Lord has been to me and how much I love him.
Thanks Mynista, you've been an example to me way before I chose to "Put my fist up." You have done a lot of great things and you give glory to GOD. You showed me how its really done. I see now that no matter how tight your verse or performance is, its by GOD, for GOD.

Get it right y'all, don't be fooled like I was. - BJ the HOPE Boy



Hey Mynista,

I e-mailed you i think it was yesterday before i
finished listening to your full album. Man, its
awesome, and i love it. I got it from **********.com [a secular music site]
forums, so i thought you were like the rest. well i
finished listening and i know your message now, and i
love it. I listened to the outro and i know i felt
the holy spirit, i got goosebumps all over my body,
and a tear came to my eye. Ive always been christian
i just never lived the life ya know. Now i wanna
change it all man, but its real hard. Imma start
changing my musics message too man. I used to do
horror stuff, straight up wicked stuff, murder, etc.
I wanna thank you so much for posting your free album,
its changed me, i love it man. I would love to do a
track with you, and make my dad proud. He is a
christian man ya know, he supports my music 200% backs me full. Im only 14 and the stuff i rap about is
definately not good. He still backs me though. He
has been trying to convince me to change, but i was
like nah, its just easier to do it this way, but man,
i heard you and it just changed me. My father and i
both are pickin up ghetto grace when we get the money,
i love it man.




Hey Mynista,

My name is Erica ********* and i go to Without Walls international church...then i started going to Without walls Central and i do have to say i love it. But, I am one of your biggest fans. When i listen to your music it touches me so much and i never thought i would get joy from rap music. I would be in my bed room listenin to rap music and then start crying ..i can feel the lord in the room when i rap your songs..its so awesome. When i hear you rapping i can feel GOD so strong. You are a very anointed man..i mean im only 15 and can feel that. Thank you so much for doing what you do. You have and will continue touching many peoples livs through your rapping...




Hey Mynista,

This is Stephanie.
I really liked your message at rap fest.
like 2 weeks ago i had gotten in trouble for listening to bad rap with things about drugs sex etc...
i mean i wasnt really listening to it for those things i was really just into the beats and stuff
then when you came to tell us about your story and share your rap i was really moved by what you had to say. and when you started talking about the music we listen to and how it is poison it really made me think about changing the things i listen to. Right as i was thinking those things about changing my music and how i wanted your cd..you just like whip out this cd from your pocket while you were rapping and hand it to me. it was just so weird how things work, and for some reason i was the only person that got your cd too.
Im so glad i got to hear your message and im so glad that you are helping others by sharing the word of GOD.
thank you so much.
You are an amazing artist.





i was at your show at the methodist

church last saturday. it was GREAT

me and my best bud were jammin

to you stuff today in the car.

we arent going to clutter our lives

with poison anymore (Garbage Rap Music). great message!






your music has helped me and friends come closer to christ.. i thank GOD that he changed your life to help change mine. People that I never thought would be close to GOD are now talking and asking me to pray for them.

I really do appreciate your music and i ask that GOD bless you with more!!!


Your sister in Christ



[FROM JOHN G.(St. Louis Family Church)]

I wanted to let you guys know about a testimony from your visit two times ago. Chris ****** was told by military doctors that he would not be able to father a child again. His wife Deanne was told by her OBGYN to start taking fertility medication if she wanted to have a baby. When Mynista ministered at SLFC, Deanne felt a warmth in her abdomen. They are now expecting a child and they’ve only been married for 8 months!

John G. (STL Family Church)




Hello! I just wanted to say, I think you and your music are great! I'm not sure how to explain it, but... Compared to other rappers (both secular and christian), you DEFINITELY possess something different?!? Something that's far deeper than the music!?! Again, I'm not sure how to explain it, but... Just know, you have it! Ok? Ok!

Well, thanks for all that you do! And... I'll c-ya at church!

P.S... This is funny, you may enjoy it! A few months ago, my Dad and I were talking about life, and GOD. And... In this conversation, he began referencing lyrics from your 'Ghetto Grace' album. Now... He's 47 years old, and... "Stereotypically", not the person you'd expect to listen to rap music. I don't know?!? It's very funny to me! And... I still can't figure out how he heard your music in the first place?!? Who knows?!? Anywho... Just know, you're not only ministering to youth, but a wide range of people! Anywho... Have a great day!




I'm a C.M.D. (or commercial music developer) in industry terms... and as a result of my proffession My son hears all kinds of musical influences via my clients and or Artist contracts I complete for the business.

I just wanted to express my sincere thanks for your ministry! The anointing which proceeded the 'gift' of music which was shared with us here in Pensacola, Fl was nothing less than pre-destined.

There's so much more I could say, but i'll just leave you with this,

The spirit in which Qfyre served Mynista speaks volumes of how much of a servants heart ''Mynista'' has. I applaud both gentlemen for there obediance to the Holy Spirit. Qfyre youre a role model for all armour bearers everwhere!!!!

My 14year old son was in the front row of the alter call, 2nd service (while he did'nt show any emotion) ya know he was being ''cool'' with it. Later that evening I overheard him singing one of the hooks to your songs (yeah)!

So needless to say your CD's will be playing in every CD player we have until the words are grafted on his heart and he sings the hooks AND verses LOL.

"A Thankful Father"



I was sitting here feeling sorry for myself and wanting to give up again..which happens to me often especially when I'm under alot of stress. Suddenly I get the urge to check the message boards I'm a member of. So, I open the pm from you and read it. Suddenly I feel the presence of GOD very strong around me. I can't describe how I feel right now. I have been carrying some really heavy burdens that I should have put at JESUS' feet. So when I read what you said about a special blessing..I JUST OPENED MY HEART AND RECIEVED IT! I wanted to thank you. I've been needing GOD to revive me for many years now. I just can't believe tonight was the night...
My brother, the anointing of the HOLY SPIRIT is all over you and your music! All I can say is do that again! Cause I need more! I hunger and thirst for that anointing..for His presence to consume me!...
I'm starting to tear up now so I will close this letter with a powerful phrase:





Depressed? "Put Ya Fist up!" Tired of living in poverty? "Give It To Me!" Just wanna give GOD some love? "Yo Hands!" From overcoming depression to lovin' on GOD Docta Wuzdead (MYNISTA) has a dose of medicine for you! Mynista bumps daily in my house! And that's really real!!




Hey Mynista. Well a few minutes ago I get this message from this guy & he wanted me to check out his music. So I did cuz I didnt know if it was really Christian music or not. Then I found out it wasn't & I asked him where was GOD in his songs, where is it when he says GOD is the best thing that has happened to him. And he messaged me back & told me that he doesn't devote all of his songs to GOD. And I said to myself, oh its like that huh? And I told him what you said in your song "Dont Talk". I told him that you said "Dont give GOD 1 song, give him the whole album, Dont just give him 1 day, give him your whole life." And I also told him I couldnt listen to his music any more & I have to do what makes me & GOD happy not what makes him & other people happy. He wrote back & said thanks anyways, I am so glad that I did what I did. I feel really pleased with myself.

Rae Rae



Wut up yall,
its the kid KB again, i said i had some topics to discuss wit y'all warriaz, for a little short backround on me, I was a member at the St.Louis Christian Center in MO, where i was rooted and grounded in the word. I learned alot but practiced nothing. When my parents divorced i moved to southside St.Petersburg, Fl(the hood) there i picked up womanizing, weed, and a fluent tongue in extremely dirty rapping. "The darkside had the grip on me" But i had buck boi, had to buck!-(Mynista)" Anywayz,the more i tried to be a thug the more i felt myself dying, no really, i actully could actually fill myself dying spiritually and physically. Too make a long testimony short, i began getting confirmation from my family members(2) that i was going to die soon(dreams and visions). I switched schools and went to St.Petersburg Colliegiac High School and ran into "District 5ive." They gave me a copy of Bloody Streets 1 (Mynista a.k.a. Docta Wuzdead). I listened to it night and day,day night. Too make a long story short i gave my life completly to Christ.




I just wanna say that I wanna thank you guys 4 comin' to Pensacola,Fl to New Dimensions Christian Center! You guys bought sumthin' 2 that church that teens our age ain't neva' experienced before. Lil' kids to teens, to adults were fallin' out in the spirit and everythang! I juss' wanna say thanx 4 comin' and keep doin' wut' ya'll do cause ya'll have changed so many young lives , including mines!

Much Love,



Waz up Mynista i just wanted to say that you showed me that rapping for GOD is more crunk then rappin for the devil because your music is so much realer than them others out there. just keep up the good work.




You're on fire! Thank you JESUS for the walls comin down!
I was wondering if I could use your flow "Healing" on my profile (Myspace.com page)...with your banner of course.
I just purchased your latest CD today, (the last one available!), and I'll be getting some of your older stuff later on in the month.
I teach Jr High kids at church, and I see some really hurt and confused children. I know that a lot of it comes from their communities, the media, and majorly the music they take in.
Sunday I will be highly recommending your music to them and their parents. Thank you for being a willing vessel! WE NEED YOU!




To: mynista@warriarecords.com
Subject: GOD comes 1st

God has used you guys to help me turn my life around. I use to be a fast little girl that talked to boyz that were 17-22 and i was only 14. You guys have inspired me to
slow down and enjoy life as a young person. Also my friend got pregnant at 14
and that really did tell me to slow down and take a step back and look in the
future at where i was. I just want to THANK YOU
I live in West Palm Beach ,Florida.




Mynista came to my school (Public school) a second time and discussed some issues and did some awesomely powerful acapellas (rough roadz,found me) and then asked me what i wanted to hear, i was honored, i said Supah Kat & he did it, it was awesome. I bought Da Ghetto Shepherd from him & got it signed w/ a flyer. I went to his power-full performance later that night- I GOT CHANGED Y'ALL!!! i bought Ghetto Grace from him, met Rene(whatsup)- very nice lady. and Mynista was nice enough to sign my cd and hat and even offer me some of his pizza (lol) the albums are the best stuff i've heard in a long time THANK YOU WUZDEAD sorry i havent been on the board in a while (been busy) but plan to check it out more often... i got out my bible last night & read Genesis about the 7 days of creation-I'm tryin to change. I plan to sell my eminem & other dirt cd's i'm changing y'all GOD IS GOOD y'all
-MJ (myles)



Greetings Mynista,

I listened to your CD, and I thought it was more than
incredible! Your messages come across with laser accuracy!
GOD has given you so much talent, and I want to say that is
great the way you are using it. I am also very impressed by
your testimony. You are truly setting an example for others,
like JESUS did for us, but, maybe a new unique and different
way. The great CD you made, you giving it away for free,
your testimony about how you chose GOD over money. The
combination of these things has left me speechless! I am
glad you made the songs on your CD the way you did. THe
message is crystal clear, and there was not alot of "fill"
tracks. Every track is great.

I run a website for Christian Videos and Audio. I check out
different artist I find on the internet, and then post the
ones I think that are very good and have a good message,
good lyrics, as well as good production. You have not only
have those things, but exceeded my expectations in all
categories. I was going to ask if you had any video files of
your great work, I would be happy to host a video if you
created it. Your website is also awesome, with the forums of
everyone helping each other out. Again, I can't thank you
enough for creating this CD and giving it away free. You
have made a positive impression on me with your truthful
lyrics and talent. I will post a link to your website from

Fan for eternity

GOD Bless




This Warria has been so touched by GOD, healed and blessed by Mynista's musik and ministry,,,,it has changed my life! It has changed my family and my household! A fire started burning in me and just keeps getting hotter! GOD has put a desire in me to get Mynista's musik and minstry out to ALL people! I think you can see and feel this, it's sincerity, in everything I put on this board!
The "type" of musik that Mynista produces,,,,hip-hop/rap; is fairly new to me; especially in the Christlike Realm! I have heard so much of it with demonic influences. I know this genre of musik is very popular; with lots of different people; therefore I think the beat, the sound, the roots have the potential of being very attracative and alluring. This genre of musik (hip-hop/rap) satan has used long enuf to steal, kill and destroy,,,,it will be turned around to bring new life, to revive all that has been lost,,,,AMEN!!
GOD has a calling on my life to work with Mynista and his ministry; in whatever way GOD calls me,,,through pray first and foremost. I am obedient in what GOD tells me to do and whatever Mynista needs! I continually pray for a Spirit of wisdom and discernment in many areas. Although, the hip hop/rap music industry may not be my expertise; saving souls; breaking the chains of the enemy; busting the devil ; being a prayer warria, ministering to those that have been crushed and are recovering thanks to GOD's protection, love, mercy and grace,,,,,GOD has given me lots of gifts and blessed me with many areas of faith.
I am learning about this musik industry. I know a lot about the entertainment industry in general and how it really is, generally, influenced by demonic forces (really folks!!)
Let me make this very clear to ALL of you, from experience, both Spiritual and "practical",,,,Mynista is an exception in this industry. I have tried to find other musik, other ministry, like his,,,,even close! I have to really get in the Spirit Realm and real prayerful when I listen to other musik; even ones on this board! I cannot just put something onto my CD player. It's not that easy; the devil is real deceptive! Yeah, it has a good sound, good beat, some good songs or lyrics,,,,"SOME"!! But, in the Spirit Realm, what I'm putting into my spirit is not the TRUTH, is not KINGDOM LIVING! I can tell when I first put something in, if it's just not right, but it depends what I'm doing while I'm listening to it. I have to get in that place, in the Spirit to get the "revelation". Warriaz, this is real important stuff I'm shoutin' at ya! What ya puttin' in your ears, goes in your spirit, goes into your heart and mind,,,,it's your life, what you think and do and say!
I'm still learning bout all these folks on Hott Linx and other artists that come on this board. You all might be more current on "who's who"!! and Who's doin' what! But listen to me when I tell you, we gotta be armored up, ALL of us, Me, You, Mynista,,,,and the devil is subtle and sneaky and makes us unaware and he makes us think things are ok ( when they ain't)!!
We don't have to be religious, remember, we hate religion! We love PURE TRUTH! JESUS! Being Christlike! Being Real! And, we want to live in ALL of the fullness and anointing of GOD, EVERYTHING He has for us, nothing less!!
There's folks that talk and sing and preach against Mynista!! They do the same things that I teach all of you about Kingdom Living. We still love em; GOD still loves em! AMEN!!
Much Love and Many Blessings! As we ALL press in and press on into Kingdom Living, the Fullness of GOD and Stay Educated and Wise in the Spirit!





I was just given a copy of your newest album "Ghetto Grace". Not really a Christian rap or hip hop fan because to be honest it is pretty cheesy. I only have heard one other artist who is decent.

I am the director of a new concert venue in St. Louis Mo called "The Core". We book mainly hardrock/hardcore bands.

I was reluctant to give your album a serious listen because all rappers say they are "Keeping it Real" but come off as phony. The first listen I felt the beats were really good, the second listen I thought your lyrics were very good. Now after the tenth listen I am a supporter.

I feel your music is honest and that your heart is ministry not just music. I feel you have a true ministry and I have contacted your booking agent to have you do a possible show this summer if your in the St. Louis area.

My opinion means little but I just wanted you to know that I have a respect for you as a minister of the gospel and will do whatever I can to promote and support your ministry in the St. Louis area.

Thank GOD for someone finally "Keeping it Real"! Let me know how I can help advance your minstry.

"The Core"



Wuzzup Mynista?

I've been a fan of your music for about 4 going on 5 years. Your music has been a blessing to me because even though u rap u usher in GOD's Presence. I can literally feel every word u speak out of your mouth. I have a call on my life and yes I am a prophet. I am not ashamed of the Gospel. I was on street team and I have sent u guys my updated info because now I am in college and I'm ready to take over this territory for Christ. I see how u dont compromise your convictions and I admire u for that. In 2001 I was in Tampa, Bay and I picked up your CD. At first my mother was not going to get it because we were short on money but I begged her so much that she gave in. Man, I opened that CD when we got back to our villa and I was slain by track 4 by your "Blood Covered" album. Ever since then my life has not been the same. I urge u to keep doin what u r doing. I will be praying for u and I hope u get a chance to reply. Tonight I am going to the throne room because I believe GOD has given me a word for this message board concerning deliverance. Continue to Serve the KING!!!




GOD bless you! I have prayed for many years that the Lord would raise up
someone who could impact the young that are "into" rap. He has answered my

I came across you performing on a TV show last week (don't remember the
name of it) but I almost came up out of my seat praising the Lord!!! I thank
GOD that He was able to reach you and you answered His call! I am praying
for you that the the Lord bless you and open doors for you so you can get
His message out there! Also that He protect you and keep you safe from the
enemy's assaults.That He keep you from temptation as your reputation grows.

I downloaded a few of the free songs last week and burned them to disk and
gave them to our new youth pastor at Calvary Baptist Church in Bradenton, Fl
Hope that was ok. Just telling people about you isn't nearly as effective
as letting them hear for themselves.

I live in a poor part of town and the neighborhood has prostitutes on my
corner sometimes, a crack house down the street....I have to be watchful and
just trust the Lord when I go out at night with my dogs. The music I hear
everyday here is rap. I believe the devil has had the "corner" on "popular"
music long enough...great tunes and lyrics that deceive, tempt and blind
young people and lead them to hell, thinking to be "cool" they have to be
like what they hear.... Unhappily, I have 2 sons (and a husband) that fell
into that trap. One is in prison and the other wants to be a rapper and
drinks too much (he's only 18), has done a lot of drugs...and the husband
left me to live in adultery and lust. I want them saved so bad. When I go to
heaven I want to see all my kids there! If the Lord can use anyone to reach
my 2 boys, it's going to be you!

I am 53 years old, white, and proud to say, I am your sister in Christ.
Just downloaded the songs from Bloody Streets. Is it ok if I make a copy for our
youth pastor and for my sons?

I look forward to shaking your hand and giving you a big hug in heaven.
For now, a big THANK YOU for being obedient to the Lord's call on your
life!!! Such a talent He has blessed you with!





GOD has really shined upon you while you guys were down here in Boynton. Alot of miracles has been accomplished. Young people were being saved through your music. Just having you down made me realize if he can work through you he can work through me as well. I've also learned to keep the faith because joy will come in the morning. Now I know through your ministry I can stay strong and help others with their problems. So, continue to pray my strength in the Lord so one day I could say that I am a blessing onto others.

Da#1 fan!!!! Kyza



I saw your work on CTN the other night and the Spirit of GOD is in it. It is very exciting. I don't even listen to rap or hiphop, but dang, just the testimony and then the music hit hard, so I'm gonna buy the album just because GOD is getting the glory and is putting a strong spiritual anointing on your work. Praise GOD for you.




Hi Mynista,
I just wanted to personalize this message because I saw you on the Christian channel last night, and I don't usually watch this station. But when I saw you perform, and heard your testimony, it blew me away. I was FLOORED that you were actually rapping about GOD. I was just stunned to hear your remarkable story. My name is John. I am a 35 year old caucasian male, Catholic, although not really practicing. I'm from Boston originally, now live in Naples, Fl. My beliefs and my relationship with GOD is very real and very strong. Anyway, all I really want to say is that you really inspired me, a LOT. I never would have believed your story if I had not seen you tell it yourself. It's AWESOME! That's all.. hey if you ever just wanna talk about anything or just say wassup.. just email me.. thru this site or at *******@hotmail.com. It would be great to hear from you. Thanks!




I would like to thank you and your boys for taking the time out to speak with my son Shane, He is doing better since then, You guys inspired him to do what is right and now he is trying to write his own rap song pertaining to GOD. He also listens to both the cd's [Ghetto Grace / Bloodystreets] 24/7. I am so glad and happy that he got a chance to speak with you cause i really think that this is what he needed to bring himself to GOD.
Thank you again



Dear Mynista,
I love your cd!I think it's awesome that you made a cd like Ghetto Grace!I remember seeing you perform at family church!I was one of the first to get the cd autographed!I'm listening to your cd right now!My favorite song is the one with out the music!I love it because [most secular] music really is poison to your soul!I took your cd to my school and 12 people who aren't christians loved your cd and are going to buy it!You are my favorite artist!

I used to listen to Snoop Dogg but when i listened to #1 on your cd I quickly stopped.Thanks Mynista for being such an awesome leader! tell the others the same!
love ,your #1 fan,

Cait ******!



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