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1/17/07 [OH MY GOD](New MYNISTA song!!)

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(MYNISTA was recently Interviewed by Porscha for


This brother right here has definitely been through it all.  From operations underneath the occult, "Mynista" is now preaching to the masses through his undeniable faith in Christ. I got the chance to catch up with Mynista to get his story while he was transitioning from CityTampa to placeCitySt. Louis and I tell ya, he's no joke! He lives what he preaches and you will know just by experiencing a piece of his spirit through his musical form. I truly hope you all are blessed by it! Hmmm....I sure was!

Porscha: Most people don't know that you started in the secular rap industry. You went from Synista to Mynista/Docta Wuzdead.  Who is both "Mynista" and "Docta Wuzdead"?  And how did you come from preaching death to preaching life?

Mynista: Yeah.....I use to be a secular rapper, and I went by the name "Synista". I'm not what you call a "Churched" individual....I didn't grow up in the Church....It was straight street for me, my dad and my grandpops were both nightclub owners....they owned two different night clubs on the same strip! (CityGreenwood ave. in placeCityClearwater, StateFL) so that's the way I grew up...the "Night Life" (life without Jesus Christ) was all I knew. My moms was a crack addict, alcoholic, all of that....I ended up in a lot of trouble with the law, committing armed robberies and things like that....I've been in the juvenile system....Probation....House arrest.... County Jail....Bootcamp....All of that.....I also Use to be the "Weed" man....bought and sold pounds of that poison....Ran with Guns....etc, etc....Thug Life.

The way I got saved was straight supernatural. I had heard Tupac Shakur in a song called "Smile" talking about selling his soul to the devil in exchange for fortune and fame....I heard Snoop Dogg say the same thing on a song called "Murda' Was The Case"....but it was only words to me because I was lost at the time...well to make a long story short....the people that I was in a secular rap group with were literally doing the same thing....they were (Still are) in the occult....and sold their souls (Minds, Will, and Emotions) to the devil in exchange for whatever they want....even a lil' "Hood Fame". One night we were all in the studio....and demons started speaking audibly through them asking me to sell my soul....telling me to make my choice. Now, like I said....I wasn't raised in Church....but I had been to Church.....and I had my questions about God I then knew if demons were real....then God was real also...So I started repenting the best that I could....apologizing to God for all of my Sin. All of the people left...and I was like....What am I going to do? So the first thing that came to my mind was suicide. I was like....I aint selling my soul....I'm just gonna kill myself! So I went and got my sawed off Shotgun from up under my mattress....Got in my car, and started to drive to the place that I was gonna do it at. But then something said (I know it was Holy Spirit now) you need to go to your mom's house....I went to her house....told her what was happening to me, and she said "Boy you better Pray!"....she handed me the bible opened up to the 23rd Psalm.....and I took it into a on my knees, and asked Jesus to save my soul. That was in July of 1999. It's been on ever since then! I Love Him.

He told me to Turn my "S" into an "M"....making my name Mynista instead of Synista....and that simply means "servant"....I'm His He's throwing a party....and I'm serving His guests drinks and stuff.....His Holy Spirit....His Word. Docta Wuzdead is just an alias I go by....cause I Was dead spiritualy, and now I'm alive in Jesus Christ.

Porscha: I hear that so many people are feeling your track titled "Buck Boy", including myself.  BANANAS!  What's the moral of this song for those that may have never heard it?

Mynista: Yeah, that song is from my free album "Bloody Streets 2: The Devil's Adversary". It's basically part of my testimony on how I had to "Buck" on the devil....and me encouraging people that's trapped in that street life to do the same...."BUCK BOY!!"

Porscha: I heared that there was a woman that was healed after seeing you perform. What actually happened at that show that night?

Mynista: Well actually...I see alot of people healed physically through this ministry....cause that's actually half of the Gospel! The Gospel preached without preaching healing is incomplete....that's why Jesus did what He did when He was here...Jesus was the Word of God in action, and He is the same yesterday, today, and forever...and He's doing the same thing through me....and through "Those that believe" in His Body...NOW, TODAY! He's still forgiving Sin, and He's still healing.

The particular case that you are talking about, a lady had an eye problem or something like that...she had been in pain for like a little over a year. When I was "ministering" my song "All Is Well"....she felt a warmth over her eye (God's Anointing), and the next day, she was completely healed! Jesus healed her, just like He saved her, He's Still Amazing.

Porscha: Who are the "Whyte Fyre Boyz"?

Mynista: Whyte Fyre Boyz is me and my homeboy Qfyre. The name means "The Pure And Holy Fyre Of Holy Spirit.

Porscha: Give us the 411 on Miracle Makerz.

Mynista: Miracle Makerz is a spot on our website where we post testimonies from people that have been touched by God through our ministry....Physically and Spiritually.

Porscha: You give away a lot of free stuff on your website. ( Why so generous?

Mynista: Cause when I was in the world, I didn't really buy music...I burned it and stuff like that....and cats in the streets are still doing it the same I had to make it available for them....with no strings attached. The Docta Wuzdead Bloody Streets series is not only a free download, but we hit the streets with thousands of CD's as well. The mission of my Bloody Streets project is "Taking(Ministering) the Blood Of Jesus To The Streets."

Porscha: With all of the shows that you do, what can you say is the key to the success that God has given you in this ministry?

Mynista: Obedience. Letting Him direct my path....letting Holy Spirit write the words and be the rapper/minister. And not limiting Him. Just cause I'm from the streets doesn't mean that I'm only limited to "street ministry"....this is Holy Spirit filled five fold ministry (The Prophetic office for me).

Porscha: What's next for Mynista?

Mynista: Even greater works. More anointed, Holy Spirit soaked music....more souls saved and more "Signs, Miracles, and Wonders."

Porscha: Is there anything on your heart that you will like to share with us?

Mynista: Trust Jesus y'all...SELL OUT TO HIM. Don't for the prize of the HIGH CALL....let Him use you! Expect for Him to manifest Himself to you, and even through you, and If you don't know Him yet....what are you waiting for? give Him your life right now. And if you are compromising (you know who you are)....recommit your life to Him right now. His Mercy and Grace are right there waiting to be received...It's a new day. And for those of US that are walking by FAITH....ONLY BELIEVE!

Porscha: How can we contact you?


for booking info, give us a call at 813.784.6690

The Glory is God's!
Mynista a.k.a. Docta Wuzdead

Wednesday, January 10


Kim Clement: "I Will Not Allow this Bush to Depart in Shame From The White House, Says The Lord--From The Month of February it Shall Begin"

December 30, 2006--San Jose, California

"The new source of energy shall resurrect very quickly in 2007, and men and women shall look and say, 'It is time to invest.'"

Signs to this Nation

God spoke to me a few months ago, and He said, "I'm going to send you signs over the Christmas season up to January 10."

He said that over this period, there are things that are going to happen that are going to be signs to this nation and to the nations of the world, that God is only beginning what was predicted and prophesied at the Azusa Street Revival; what was predicted and prophesied in the '48 Revival through the Charismatic movement, that you have not seen yet.

We saw an accumulation of death; this is not a bad thing. What we are seeing today is God giving us signs that the veil is being rent.

An Unveiling of the Lord, High and Lifted Up

The Spirit of God wants me to tell you that in a moment of prophesy, what took place this day with a terrorist, as he caved in realizing just before his last moment, he was getting a glimpse of the One and only King--the Christ. Every man and every woman just before they go, has a glimpse of the Christ.

The Spirit of God says, "Do you understand that in death, there is an unveiling of the Lord, high and lifted up? Do you understand tonight," says the Lord, "even though many reject Me, at the point of their death, there is an unveiling of the Lord God, high and lifted up?"

The Spirit of God says, "Listen, keep your eyes open as you go into the New Year, there will be a strangulation and there will be a burial of many things that took place in 2006. It is now time for Me to bury it in order for resurrection to take place."

God said, "It shall come to pass in the month of February, that I will bring unusual events again. There will be a surrender in a nation that has fought and said, 'Now that Iraq is down, we have been given the opportunity to be lifted up.'" The Spirit of God says, "You will not be lifted up, for I will petrify you with a shaking of the earth, and the wind that shall blow that shall cause great, great fear."

God says, "Once again, I give My promise to those who have called upon My name. The new source of energy shall resurrect very quickly in 2007, and men and women shall look and say, 'It is time to invest.'"

"Listen to Me," says the Lord, "your house is about to receive a visitation of a kind that it has never had before. Your families are about to receive a visitation of a kind that you have never had before," says the Lord.

"I have torn the veil in Saddam Hussein's death for Islamic people to see the Lord, high and lifted up. I have torn the veil in President Ford's death, so that I will enter into the political arena and show Democrat and Republican alike, the Lord, high and lifted up," says the Lord.

A New Release in the Marketplace

God says, "In the death of the grandfather of soul, a nation, a generation of African Americans, shall rise up, and they shall preach; they shall preach with a style that has never been heard before. They shall be the perpetrators and the creators of a brand new soul spirit sound, that shall reach the unreachable and touch the untouchable," says the Lord of Hosts.

A release of the gift of Faith has been given to the people of God. In the death of Billy Graham and Oral Roberts, a veil shall be torn that shall bring evangelism to the earth as never before. This is not a sting of death or the grave. This is a sweet sound of a graduation, of a departure of great men that shall release an acceleration upon this nation and the church, who shall see the Lord in a way, and salvation shall be the order of the day in streets, in factories, on buses, on trains and in planes. God says, "I'm about to take over the market place, and you are the people that shall bring this to pass," says the Lord.

I heard God saying, "You, your house, and your family, have had visitations in the past, but I have set aside 2007 and 2008 for unusual visitations in your households and in your children. Rebellious or Godly, it makes no difference. I will take them from their prisons, and I will take them from their captivities."

kim clement December 31, 2006--San Jose, California

"I will shake the soil of California and Oregon three times. Do not fear--it is a sign"

Invade a Generation

The Spirit of God says, "They tried to remove the children's heart; the children's prayer," but God says, "I'm going to restore prayer into the hearts of the children. The children will begin to pray and their prayers will chase demonic powers."

The Spirit of God says, "Even this year as you have watched, you have seen My glory, and you have seen the pain of many men and women. Even towards the Christmas season, so many signs." God says, "The changes that you saw over a short period of time were signs I sent to this nation that I'm about to invade a generation."

"Look to the children; look to the children, for it shall come to pass that children shall invade the adult mind, and the children shall release upon the Kingdom of God a faith that they have never felt or desired or ever seen before," says the Lord.

"I will take the African American generation at this time, and cause them to become spiritual giants in the Kingdom," says the Lord. "They will become the preachers and the prophets of this hour. They will rap, but they will rap in a different way. I will take the filth and the anxiety and the fear and the rejection out of their songs, and I will cause them to begin to prophesy as they were meant to prophesy," says the Lord.

"For even at the passing of James Brown," God says, "this was the godfather of soul, but now I'm going to release a spiritual sound to the people that were rejected many years ago. Slaves have become kings, therefore, rejoice, for I will do great and wonderful things because of that," says the Spirit of God.

"For even at the passing of the longest living President, it was a sign of My invasion into the political arena." God says, "In every nation, there has been corruption; the days of the United Nations corruption have now officially come to an end," says the Lord.

I Will Set Aflame

"In February 2007, it shall begin rapidly. I will set aflame a burning Bush, for it has been a nation that has been greatly divided. I will not allow this Bush to depart in shame from the White House," says the Lord. "From the month of February, it shall begin rapidly as a fire that takes place in a dry bush and a field that burns rapidly; it shall suddenly all unfold."

"Through your summer months, your economy will be at its greatest. Men shall say, 'How shall we ever be free from the clutch and the strangulation of the Middle East?'", the Lord says, "It's already done." The molecule as an "E," a new source of energy that we have spoken of now to be unfolded; a discovery in a vehicle from Michigan, and they shall say, "It was so simple."

America look to your summer first in February; suddenly as a wild fire, it shall take place for the fires were a sign. The fires of California; the winds that came and returned; they returned to Louisiana; they returned, but so poorly. The wind has blown, the fire has come, and now the Lord says, "In 2007, the wind shall once again come in a spiritual form, but it shall blow away that which has endeavored to stay and make filthy the houses and temples of God. A new source of energy and a new level of evangelism."

Blessings, Favor, and Joy

"In some, I will take something that has been granted to this generation, and I will cause the nations of the world to come into agreement. Many of them shall say, 'How could anyone agree?' In South America, there shall be a tragedy." But God says, "It shall come to pass that it shall slowly cause the people to understand why so much was happening--betrayal, betrayal, the end of betrayal," says the Lord.

"I will fill your house with good things. It is My desire for you to understand that the year upon you is a year of Jubilee. Properties shall be owned by people, debts shall be cleared, creative ideas shall jump and make money, families that are broken shall be united, and atheists shall say, 'There is a God,'" says the Lord.

God says, "I will shake the soil of California and Oregon three times. Do not fear--it is a sign. Everything shall come in three's. No bad luck anymore, only blessings. Blessings, Favor, Joy."

By Kim Clement
Prophetic Image Expressions


Mynista T.V. episode #19 , "THE FIGURA MIRACLE"

The Figuras Received a MIRACLE during a MYNISTA concert.
Doctor's told the Figuras that they would not be able to have children, BUT GOD had the last word, through MYNISTA, IN JESUS' NAME! THE GLORY BELONGS TO GOD!

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1/5/07 [HOW TO BE MORE LIKE GOD(by Mrs. Mynista)]

How To Be More Like God
by Mrs. Mynista (Stephanie)

What must we do in order to be more like God? That’s a big question but also one that has an answer. Part of that answer can be found in Ephesians 4:22-24:

:22 Strip yourselves of your former nature [put off and discard your old unrenewed self] which characterized your previous manner of life and becomes corrupt through lusts and desires that spring from delusion; :23 And be constantly renewed in the spirit of your mind [having a fresh mental and spiritual attitude], :24 And put on the new nature (the regenerate self) created in God's image, [Godlike] in true righteousness and holiness.

Let’s look at these verses one by one. First, we are told to strip ourselves of our former nature. Something that is obvious from these words but could be easily overlooked is that this is OUR job, not God’s job. It is up to us to take off our old nature. God can and will do many things for us, but He also expects us to do some things for ourselves, including this.

My word picture for this first verse is that when we come to God, whether it’s when we are first giving our life to Him or whether it’s in our time of repentance, we must take off our old self, just like we take off our “old” clothes at the end of each day. Nobody likes to wear the same clothes day after day, partly because after a while they will start to stink! The same is true of us when we don’t go to God on a daily basis to take off our old self.

This verse tells us not only to take off our old self but also to “discard” it! That means that when we go to God and repent of our sins, we are to throw those things away forever. The word “repent” means to whole-heartedly apologize, to make a 180 degree turn, and to go in the opposite direction of that sin. With God’s help and our determination, we should not be purposefully going back to our old self; we should be throwing that away.

Second, we are told constantly renew our minds. This is not a one time deal; it is a lifelong process! How do we renew our minds? We can only do this by getting in God’s presence and by getting in His Word. I know personally that my mind can VERY quickly go off the deep end when I don’t renew it!

Following on with my word picture, after we have taken off our old clothes (our old self) then we need to take a shower. It is only when we have stripped ourselves down to our natural state that we can then “get clean”. We need to wash our minds with the water of His Word, and only then can we get rid of all the contamination of the world. Again, this cleaning process is up to us.

Third, we are told to put on our new nature, the one that looks and acts more like God. The only way we will know how to look and act like God is to read His Word. When we take off our old self and wash up with the Word, only then can we look and act more like God.

It is in this last step that we go to our closet and put on our new clothes (our new self). God wants the best for us in every area of our lives; the Bible says that He daily loads us with His benefits. He doesn’t want you to take off your old self, get all clean through His Word, and then go back and put on old, dirty clothes. He wants you to put on your best self everyday, something new and fresh. If you’ve had a problem with gossip, for instance, then He wants you to put on your new self today which doesn’t gossip! If you’ve had a problem with lust, then He wants you to put on your new self today which resists that temptation and takes the way out. This is how we can be more like God. Just give it a try and see how great you feel wearing your new self!

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1/04/07 - [I HAVE A DREAM] (New Song)

Click On The Play Button Below To Hear The Newest MYNISTA SONG..."I HAVE A DREAM!" Enjoy and BE BLESSED!, Don't forget to download it for $0.99 If you can!! Support Holy Spirit Filled Music!


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