Monday, June 27

Mon. 6/27/05 - [Back Fom MIAMI/Hallendale Beach Concert]

What up Warriaz!

Well, Me and the rest of the camp have just returned from Miami. We were in Concert there, and man was it Raw! God is just Amplifying Himself thru me, and everytime, I just stand back Amazed. It's just awesome to feel and see Him lifting Himself up and getting the Glory that He deserves. I Love being in this Partnership with the Holy Spirit, It's just pure Exstacy! see, when I was in the world, I use to do exstacy (The Drug), but all it was, was only a perversion of the REAL Thang. The perverted exstacy (the drug) left me all burned out, and "ate up" as they call it, it had sorrow attached to it. But the real thang, God's Glory is refreshin, It's transforming (for the good), it's healing, it's power, it's strength, it's Prosperity, it's Bright, it's Fyre, It's Life! It's Christ In Us, The hope of Glory!! and that's Real!! Praise Him y'all, He's Worthy!!

As far as what's going on with me right now, me and the rest of the Whyte Fyre boyz, we are still workin on our group project, WYRLDWYDEWARRIAZ. Bloody Streets 2 should be ready for pick up from the manufacturer any day now, I'm ready to get that thang to them streets!, and I'm gettin ready for my STL mini tour. All of the locations, dates and times will be available on our calendar (in our forum) real soon! All of my STL folks BE READY! i'm walkin in a Whole nutha' level of God's Anointing, Glory, and Total presence, and it aint for me...It's for you!! (I just get to benefit from it). So lets join our faith together, and watch God do great thangs in All of our lives!! cause when we come together this summer...summin gone Blow up, In Jesus Name!! (Can y'all tell that I'm Excited?) See y'all soon!!


Tuesday, June 21

6/21/05 - [SAD THANG]

What up Y'all....It's late night, and I'm just sittin here surfin the web...I just came across a rappers website [he used to rep Christ] and something I read was very sad....dude said that he wasn't rappin fa' Christ no mo', and that he didn't care about the lives of others....only his own life. That's a very sad thang, and it grieves the heart of God. The dude I'm talkin about aint the only one...there is a seducing spirit sweeping this land right now, turning kats away from the purpose and will of God, folks are being selfish, very selfish, and not only are they forfitting the "high Calling" for their lives, but if they have any influence in anyone elses life at all, they could also be destroying that persons destiny. Sad Thang Y'all. I encourage all of the "TRUE" Warriaz to continue seeking God and representing Him in whatever way you can, no matter how hard it gets, nomatter the amount of persecution... He's Faithful, and the Job will get done, and that's real!!....So Go Get the Job Done...By Faith, In Jesus Name.


Thursday, June 16

Thurs. 6/16/05 - [A Real Christian]

To be a CHRISTIAN means to be "Christ-like"....a "Christ-One"...."One-In-Christ"....that means that once you recieve JESUS in your heart and are baptised in His HOLY SPIRIT, He is now inside of you. The whole purpose for this is for HIS LIFE to be inside of you, and THROUGH YOU, that means that the example of living that HE showed us while He walked the Earth, is the way that we should be living NOW, and what it becomes is HIM CONTINUING HIS MINISTRY THROUGH US!! Now that's just awesome!! and as we DIE TO SELF....HE BECOMES THE BIGGEST PART OF OUR BEING...therefore, making us "REAL CHRISTIANS"!! Wow. So then you must ask..."Well then, what was and IS the purpose of His Being?"....well, I can think of three purposes of His being right off tops....1. To Save The Lost....2. To Glorify the Father, and 3. to Destroy the works of the devil. That my friends is the duties of a "Christian"... So if a"Christian" is in a place or position where they have been gifted with a "Voice" on this earth...singin, rappin, speaking, yodeling, or whatever...these are the Three things they should be doing with that gift as a "REAL CHRISTIAN". If they aint doin these three thangs, then they aint doin nuttin!! regardless of the size of thier fan base, wallet, or house. And That's Real.

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Friday, June 10

Fri. 6/10/05 - [Craving Mynista]

Thought I would share this, cause it's real...the following post was posted in our forum (Come thru and register!!)....


When there is someone that is extremely talented, and putting things out for the world to hear...It's easy to look at the person and set them up on a pedestal (sp?).
Mynista is an excellent example of this. He's extremely gifted with madd lyrics, raw beat, and the ability to reach into your soul.
I love his stuff so much that I wanted to put myself in check...Just to sure not to raise him up above the giver of his gifts,,,GOD!

Ya know how the ladies swoon ova Usher, or how they fainted at the sight of Michael Jackson? If they were everyday people like me, they wouldn't get this type of attention. It's they're talents that are attractive, and it's all messed up and our flesh tells us that it's the person.
Not that I've become physically attracted to Mynista, cause that isn't the case, just read on.
Our flesh can take something GOD made for his purpose, and even as christians, we can see the person as the one that's reaching into our deepest parts, and helping us through our hard times.
I'm in check, and I know it's the WORD OF GOD that I'm craving, and it's GOD reaching down deep to set me free.
Mynista is GOD's vessel, and does a very good job of being that.
I wasn't gonna post this, because it's hard for me to share thoughts and stuff, but..
I heard my daughter talking to her friend about a week ago, talking about Mynista, and how fine he was. She listens to his stuff all the time, and prints his pictures and stuff, which I'd rather it be Mynista than Usher ,
but that's what got me thinkin about this.
She's almost 12, and had it all mixed up.
Mynista's the man, but GOD made him what he is!

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Fri. 6/10/05 - [Bloody Streets 2 : what the people are sayin]

Docta Wuzdead Bloody Streets 2 The Devils Adversary.What the people are saying.....

*NOTE* The following comments were posted on Message Boards, Both Christ Centered, and Secular. The Title Christian, or Secular at the end of the comment indicates the type of Forum the comment was posted at. Some of the secular comments had cussing in them, but as you will see, the cuss words have been censored. *END NOTE*


-This is definitely Mynista's tightest work to date. The beats have an awesome vibe to them; The lyrics hit hard. It's just awesome [Christian]

-that s**ts hott I like your energy and the s***t u saying keep it up pimp. [Secular]

-I'm about to burn tha cd for myself, and give a copy to my boy cuz he pimps out your music to everyone. There's all kinds of pastors and youth pastors in our area that have your cd(s). One kid at our Church who's into Lil Jon, Eminem and all of those cats was like "Wow, this is better than anything I've heard... let me get a copy" and we made copies of Bloody Streets 1 for him to give to people. I just wanted to let you know your music ain't just for FLA, it's bein spread in PA too. [Christian]

-listened to the whole thing, s**t is dope, Ima burn this to a cd & burn a couple for my friends as well. DOPE AS F**K & ITS FREE! [Secular]

-I've gained some serious inspiration from this whole cd! Oh man....I needed this touch right at the time I got it! [Christian]

-I listened to party ova here. was pretty impressed. beat was dope, quality was dope, had your flow, and emotions on lock not all boring. dope s**t I’ll peep some more when I get a chance.[Secular]

-WOW!! Just finished listening to it! WOW!! Praise YOUR NAME HOLY GOD! I am celebrating with you in this,,,it is so awesome![Christian]

-dope s**t... I'll download the rest later I gotta go now. [Secular]

-Well worth tha wait homeboy!!!! Str8 FIIIIIIYYAAAAAAA!!! [Christian]

-H**l yeah, downloading that now.
Volume 1 was awsome, can't wait to hear this.[Secular]

-I just finished my first listen. IT's beautiful dude. Bangin! [Christian]

-I like Christian rap. Mynista, T-Bone, Str8 Young Gangstaz... I am not really a Christian...I listened to Vol.2 on my way home from work. Awesome.
Easily 10 times better than Vol. 1, and I love Vol. 1. [Secular]

-I wasn't surpised by this anointing at all, all Mynista's stuff is da bomb! He is definately anointed![Christian]

-I listend to a couple of trackz and I like all of them! [Secular]

-Everytime I think that maybe I have been delivered and set free from all of the junk,,,there is another song/lyrics from GOD thru Mynista to me,,,right to my deal,,,and I am touched and healed and set free! It is so incredible,,like GOD was talkin to ya, bout me and gave you those words just so I could hear em. That's why I know this is so from GOD and why I am so sure that these are anointed and healing and full of deliverance,,,and can move Christians to higher levels.It happens to me every single time one of these songs and CD's is birthed.[Christian]

-the first track on the soundclick page sounds dope ima download the zip file now [Secular] my summer won't be as boring
Thanks DOC and thank you to the Warria Records Crew for Coming thru with this project [Christian]

-First off I'm not into christian music at all really... or rap for that matter anymore.
But the first volume was alright, the production was top notch on it. I'll probably download this in a while and give it a listen.[Secular]

-Complete FIRE, Bloody Streets is total FIRE!![Secular]

-Mynista has TALENT!!!
It's nice to see him get his proper ends and not just be shunned because of his beliefs and his content
Mynista is a great rapper and a great man. [Secular]


**Dont Miss Out!! Download it NOW!!**

The Glory Iz Gods cause
Jesus Reignz!!,
Warria Records

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