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9/29/07 [CUTTING THE CORDS by John Mark Pool)

"Cutting the Cords and Sailing Onward in the New Hebrew Year 2008!"
by John mark pool


A New Gate

While on a ministry break for the past couple of months, the Lord began to give me what I call "saga" words or "to be continued" words. Thus, God finally gave the completion of this word during a recent conference at the Glory of Zion Outreach Center in Denton, Texas. After this meeting, all the other words that had "to be continued" were released. God told me that this is the New Day in His Kingdom--5768 has arrived and we are going into a New Thing!

This is a new day, in a new way, and at a new gate (gait). ("Gait" is a manner of walking, stepping or running.) This is a time to move ahead. This is a word to encourage us to cut the past losses and move into the forefront for God's Kingdom assignment for 2008. We are now in a New Gate and a New Gait--a New Door and a New Step! This means we are getting new keys for new assignments, for new gates and for new lands, and we will be aligning with a new synchronized march of the "Gait" of God.

Psalm 2:1-3, "Why are the nations in an uproar, and the peoples devising a vain thing? The kings of the earth take their stand, and the rulers take counsel together against the LORD and against His Anointed, saying, 'Let us tear their fetters apart, and cast away their cords from us!'"

God said to me as clear as if we were speaking together in an audible conversation, "Cut the ties of the past to sail into your future!" The Lord is telling us that we are creatures easily affected by "comfort zones." We must move out of these comfort zones and venture out into the deep. We don't necessarily like the unknown, the uncertainty of new territory. Yet, that is just the way it has always been with God or He would not have given us Israel's journey, along with so many other patriarchs of faith to show us how we, too, must live.

My Spies Equipped for Battle

I heard the Lord say into my spiritual ear, "You have cut the ties of the ship full of spies!" What? Yes, spies, but not what you think. These are good spies! "They are MY COMPANY OF CALEBS AND JOSHUAS! Do not "despise" a small beginning. These are My Spiritual Special Forces." (Dual meaning is to not put the spies off the ship: do not "de-spies".)

This is a group of well-trained and hungry youth that have a heart to go into the New Land on a New Assignment. This young army will go out into the ocean in a raging storm to find that new ground God promised. They are seeking the will and the way of God as no generation has ever done before. They are the ones that won't allow any indifference to tame their pursuit of God's move. This group has gone into the Promised Land of God and they have begun to stake their claim for Kingdom Property! This group that has set sail is now taking every shoreline they touch. I heard the Lord say, "This is a NEW SHIP!"

This ship is set out for battle and is now sailing across America, gathering forces for the all-out destruction of enemy strongholds that have taken out previous generations. It has specialized equipment and is set on course for Warring the Word of God over the high seas, taking every harbor it lands in, as God directs. This ship is smaller than most battlewagons, but bigger than a stealthy destroyer ship and has the enemy very upset at this moment. It does not plan on going back to a comfortable homeport. This ship is taking nations and it's named "GOD CALLED!"

God has told us to cut asunder all the bands of the wickedness that have been placed upon us by the spirit of religion. We must cut off the old binders in order to sail into a new vessel that is lean from fasting, praying and obeying the voice of the Lord. We will now see the Kingdom of God advance--yet the battles are going to intensify.

We must be going into this New Hebrew year of 2008 with an attitude of cutting away the bonds that so easily set us back. It is now a time to "cut your losses and move ahead!" Let us move ahead and be the seasoned, battle-trained people to assist in this young, unstoppable army taking new ground for God's Kingdom. It will take both seasoned, older veterans that are proven in rank and order in the Kingdom to be alongside this vigilant regiment to bring in apostolic wisdom, timing and orders. God is doing something we have never seen!

Cutting the cords means not looking back, and furthermore indicates going into the New Year and adopting a NEW DAY without any contingency plans. The plan is simply: "Do not go backward--take the land that is ours!" In other words, we have only one plan--WIN! WE WIN--NO MATTER WHAT!

We must cut asunder the wrong ties and the bonds that have so easily set us back in our past journey. We cannot carry the burdens of our past with us as "extra baggage" that will serve to weigh us down in the battle for new Kingdom territory. We will now move into a land of Canaan as we have cut the ties of the past and will begin to occupy our new territory for the Lord. Do not look into your past to view your future!

I heard the Lord then say, "You are singing a NEW SONG OF THE LORD IN A NEW LAND. YOU ARE MAKING NEW CHORDS IN PLACE OF THE ENEMY'S PLAN FOR DISCORD! Now usher in the Song of the Heavens into the Land that flows with the Milk and Honey of My Presence!"

Gender Prejudice in the Kingdom is Over

"How long will you go here and there, O faithless daughter? For the LORD has created a new thing in the earth--a woman will encompass a man." Jeremiah 31:22

Many believe this is only for Israel to come back to God, yet in my studies, I believe it to be a multipurpose statement to include women on the frontline who give birth now to leadership and will bring into the Kingdom of God fresh new ideas. God is doing a new thing and we must cut loose those old religious binders of the past. Yes, women will indeed give us the understanding of "birthing" a New Thing.

Which of you men can help me explain birthing by your natural experiences? I believe women can! Women, too, can pastor churches, run ministries, pray for the sick and cast out devils. Come ahead, women, and take your rightful place on the frontlines as God leads you. Behold, God is doing a NEW THING. We must indeed deal with it now. Call me revolutionary! You are right!

Yes, this is a time in which the Lord is doing a New Thing in a New Year of 5768 and onwards into the year of 2008, which will literally bring a New Day that will surely stay! We are marching to His orders to take new land.

New Birth, New Land, New Day, New Way--and all the old is cut away! The Lord says, "Behold, for I will do a NEW THING!"

John Mark Pool
Word to the World Ministries

Monday, September 10

9/10/07 [A message from Tessa (on I HAVE A DREAM)]

I love sharing reports on the fruitfulness of this ministry....I got this from Tessa...(I have a lot of these "Praise Reports" that people send me...I'll start postin more of em' up! The Glory is God's!................................


"I listen to your song, I HAVE A DREAM over and over again. It’s so anointed. By the time Monday comes I’ll probably be singing it at work. That's a good things though because I work at a hospital, and plus our city needs big time help. I'm going to a new church on Sunday which I was invited to here from myspace from a church in my home town. I'm hoping for a touch from God. I already have been touched by listening to your music. It is so so so so very powerful. Oh geez I just can't get enough of it. I hope you really go far with this song....

...I've never heard a song like it before. you didn't pull that one out of a cracker jack box, it came from God Almighty.. It’s just zoom, zoom, zoom right down the line naming off the way God’s power can reach and touch people. It’s just amazing. What’s also amazing is that I am not even that big a fan of rap and hip hop, but this song breaks down walls and crosses over genres...

Light and love in Christ,


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9/4/07 [SOUL SELLING (Rock and Rap)MUST WATCH!]

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