Wednesday, July 20

WED 7/20/05 - [BLOODY STREETS 2 update]

Hey Nah!!

Just lettin y'all know that the hard copies did come in on Monday, and are already revolutionizing and reviving the Streets....and that's real!!

Thursday, July 14

7/14/05 - [Bloody Streets finally hits the streets!]

Where my Warriaz at!?

What up y'all, well I know most of you have been enjoying Bloody streets 2 since I made it available for download over a month ago, but the Hard copies are finally about to hit the streets!! The first 1000 should be ready for us to pick up from our manufacturer tomorrow, and man um excited! The devil is scared. Not only is it an awesome ANOINTED album Glory to God!, but it's FREE!! This is the first 1000 out of 10,000 that we will be hittin' the World up with ourselves here at Warria, not to mention all of the Bloody Streets that our partners and fans will be, and have been burning and giving away! (YEP...YOU HAVE OUR PERMISSION TO BURN BLOODY STREETS!!, But don't burn our "For sale" albums though!! lol.) God is really doing a great thing, and I'm just glad to be a part of it. I wanna take a quik sec to thank all of my prayer Warriaz, and those that have had my back since day one, thanks for celebrating the gift of God, the Glory is HIS in Jesus Name!! We are seeing God bring in the souls through our music, Elevate lives through our music, Destroy the devil's work through our music, and be Glorified through our music...Hallejujah! and that's Really Real!!


Thursday, July 7

Thurs. 7/07/05 - [Pressin In]

What up Warriaz!

Um feelin real good right now y'all. Mainly I have just been Gettin into the Word O' God, and stayin on my face at His feet (prayin'). I have a very busy schedule comin up as far as shows and concerts and stuff, so off stage I have to make sure that I'm growin and gettin Stronga, and that I'm in the right place to receive what God wants me to minister to y'all. It's sorta like puttin your cell phone on the charger....that's why I'm feelin so good, cause my "battery is full"!!

I'm expecting Signs, Miracles, and Wonders everywhere that I go for God, so if I'm coming to yo' neck of the woods, be ready for a manifestation of the Presence of God. That includes Physical healing, Spiritual healing, Emotional healing, Deliverance, The Prophetic Word of God, Salvation, Financial Breakthrough Anointing, and everythang else that comes with God's Presence. So be expecting with me, cause it's gone happen. By FAITH, It's already Done! In Jesus' Name.


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