Monday, August 28


What up Family...

I just wanted to encourage my fokes to "Stay The Course"

...Sometimes it gets real rough in the natural....But God is still with us....regardless of what the circumstances are....regardless of what you are feeling, regardless of what "They" are saying......HE gets the last word.....HE has the final say so. SO STAY IN FAITH.....KEEP ON BELIEVING, KEEP ON CONFESSING HIS WORD AND PROMISES OVER YOUR LIFE....STAY IN HIS WORD....ONLY BELIEVE.....cause if you do these things, you will see THE MANIFESTATION OF YOUR FAITH. Now is a time to Dig deeper...A time to get closer to God...A Time of Pruning...a time to prepare for a GREAT SEASON OF FRUITFULNESS! Eyes off of the natural Realm....tuned INTO the Spiritual Realm! LIFT UP YOUR EYES!! cause JESUS IS STILL LORD!!

-Be Still and KNOW that "I AM GOD" SAYS THE LORD.

"For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory; While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal."(2 Cor. 4:17,18)


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Sunday, August 20

8/20 [The Next Level]

What up Warriaz!

Well today was a special day for I thought that I would go ahead and "Journal" it....cause I know I aint' the only one experiencing "Change" right now....Something is happening throughout the Body of Christ RIGHT NOW!.....Something is happening "IN" those that have been pressing into the "FACE" of our God!...

For the last three days or so, I HAD (Past Tense) been feeling very frustrated in the Spirit what I would do is just Go pray....or start praising God....even though I didn't "Feel like It". During this time, It was straight "War" in my what I did was put the enemy in His place, and I let Him know where I stood....and where I was standing! (On The Rock...JESUS CHRIST!)...To make a long story short....when I went to Church today....during praise and worship the Presence of God hit me real hard! I WENT INTO LABOR IN THE SPIRIT REALM!! ....It was awesome!! So after service I went to holla' at my Pastor since I hadn't seen him in about two months, cause I had been on the road. of the things he said to me (the Holy Spirit through him) was....."WELCOME TO THE NEXT LEVEL!" yup....God took me to the a NEW DIMENSION in the Spirit Realm today.....I have been pressin' in, and believing.....and carrying this baby for a long time....NOW IS MY TIME!! and Guess what......MY TIME IS FOR THE PROFIT OF ALL!! In this next season of my life I'm expecting to walk in levels of ministry that I have never before experienced.....So for those of you that have been praying for me...Thank you...I really appreciate your prayers....cause this is a real War....and I need Warriaz to "Get My Back" in this thang! If I'm coming to your city....EXPECT A MANIFESTATION OF CHRIST JESUS IN A WHOLE NEW WAY!! ... Through this ministry that belongs to the Holy Spirit you are gonna EXPERIENCE CHRIST JESUS IN A WHOLE NEW WAY!! ....


ALL of "THE GLORY" (Hint, Hint) Is God's and.....JESUS REIGNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Friday, August 11

8/11 - [Mynista T.V. Episode #15 (OUTREACH in STL)]

Mynista T.V. episode #15 , "STL OUTREACH" (Watch via "You Tube" or Just click on the T.V. Below! (Quicktime format for you itunes subscribers, and for "best" quality)....and then also in the "You Tube" format for those of you that need "Easy Access", and that may not have Systems compatible with Quicktime 7)

This is a Video clip from my recent outreach in the Inner City of St. Louis (DwightDavis Park). A lot of people of all ages and races gave their lives to Jesus Christ that day! That's why I do this! This video is POWERFUL! so if you have someone that you have been praying for...EMAIL THEM THIS EPISODE!! cause God is on His throne.....and God is STILL SAVIN'! To all of our partners....THANK YOU!! cause you are right beside me on every platform that God gives me...and when I win em' are winnin' em' with me! Thanks for your continued support! EXPECT, EXPECT...EXPECT a HUGE HARVEST!!

Watch Mynista T.V.

:: here is the url to subscribe to Mynista T.V. (works with Itunes !)

If You Can't See The Video, but you can hear the audio...Click Here To Download Quicktime 7 For Windows.

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