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MYNISTA T.V. Episode #21:
Mynista "MYNISTERS" at Orlando Gardens in St. louis at the International Fellowship of Christian Busines Men (And Women's) meeting. The Fyre of God fell! we refuse to limit this ministry of HIS to a certain age bracket, gender, race, or culture....The Power, The kingdom, and THE GLORY all belongs to God!
be blessed...


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Tuesday, February 13


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Wednesday, February 7


MYNISTA T.V. Episode #20:
Mynista tells some of his story...(Youtube only gives you ten minutes and 100 more parts will be coming soon).

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Tuesday, February 6


These are lyrics to a new song I recently recorded for my upcoming album....the song is titled "Rain Dance" (Inspired by "The Binion's" song of the same title [ ] )
If you read the Kim Clement Propheci that I posted on my blog yesterday ( ), you will see that God is confirming that His "Rain" is definitely on it's a matter of fact, it's beginning to fall right "NOW" as you read these lyrics....Be Blessed, and prepare for The Rain "By Faith"!


You don't wanna miss yo' chance...
Everybody rain dance...

It's fenna rain, It's fenna rain,
It's fenna rain, It's fenna Rain!

WHOO! ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,
WHOO! ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,

WHOO! ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,
WHOO! ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,


Naaman, came to the man of God with a need,
man of God said listen man, take heed...
You gotta do little sumthin' that don't make sense,
don't listen to your flesh, telling you it's nonsense.
The man of God saw a woman that was about to die,
she said I only have enough for my son and I.
She say I'm fenna go and cook us up a last meal,
but the man of God, he could see past HERE...
he told her feed me first and live,
faith has to have action for it to live!
you can give a step, you can give a wave,
you can give your last dollar by faith!
Everybody should be up giving up sumthin',
as a man of God I'm telling you He's up to sumthin'!
He's looking at the Earth searching for the FAITH-FULL,
NOW do your RAIN DANCE, do your RAIN DANCE!



I heard men of God propheci the rain comin',
but for years I've been lookin', I aint seen nothin'.
But now I see a cloud, shaped like a hand,
what you waitin' on? Man you better dance!
And don't stop cause the sky gettin' dark,
that only means that it's about to RAIN HARD!
and if you wanna run, forget religion,
God's Hand is upon ya' so you better run!
Unify with your neighbor do a two-step,
say how-ya-do look at you with ya' "New Self".
Oppression of the spirit, heaviness it gotta lift!
suicide, death spirit get up out of' here!
as a man of God I decree the Rain here,
if I'm here there's a reason that I came here....
I got the rain in me, waiting on your FAITH

(Chorus 2x)


Mynista "Signs, Miracles, and Wonders" coming soon... (Mynista's Myspace)

Monday, February 5

2/5/07 KIM CLEMENT [America you shall win]


"Desperation and hunger shall cause My hand to once again spread across this Nation and bring the revival that you've prayed for."

This shall be a year of GREAT ACCELERATION

The Spirit of the Lord says, "Have you heard; has it been told to you by the messengers, the "angelos," My ministers of righteousness, that I am coming? Have you heard?" says the Lord. There is a cloud, there is a cloud that many would say, "Brings the Lord back." But before this cloud can bring Him back, God says, "There is a cloud of My glory that is very difficult to see; a cloud that can only be seen by those that are hungry and by those that are thirsty."

God said, "This shall be a year of GREAT ACCELERATION." These are not empty words from an empty vessel. Hear the word of the Lord, "I gave you a sign--breaking records up to November with the heat, and now, records will break because of the cold." The two contradictions from 2006 to 2007, God said, "Hot and cold." What does this mean? For the Spirit of God said, "It means there shall be a contradiction--where the enemy has dictated one thing, I dictate another. Where the enemy has said, 'Cold,' I say 'Hot.' When he says, 'Hot,' I say, 'Cold.'"

This speaks not of the elements or the weather patterns. But the Spirit of God says, "Listen to Me, 'My people, I am God.' I have looked upon the earth and I have listened--gone to Indonesia, gone to China, Europe, Australasia, and gone to the Americas." And God says, "They have all looked upon you with hatred and despising, but yet I still tell you that the victory and the greatest victories shall transpire in this year for this Nation," says the Lord.

Men and women shall say, "We were empty and now we are full; we were crying and now we are dancing; we were down, but now we are up; in the valley, but now in the mountain. What happened? "SUDDENLY," and the Spirit of God says, "2007--acceleration, acceleration, acceleration."

You started with a little, and you will end up with much

"Because of this moment in time, you shall suddenly move to much more quickly."

"Elijah said, 'I hear the sound of an abundance of rain.' He didn't say, 'I hear the sound of a little.' The cloud was already in the sky, but somebody had to see what the prophet heard. He saw a small cloud, but it was not what it was supposed to be. The prophet heard the sound of an abundance which means it was a lot, it was plentiful, but because he could not see, the servant could not see up to the sixth time. Carnality and flesh has tried to control the perception of My people."

"Six speaks of flesh," and God says, "My Church has been through the six watches looking for the abundance that has been prophesied, looking for the abundance of revelation, looking for the abundance of finance, and the abundance of miracles. SUDDENLY, they stepped in, and on the seventh watch," God said, "he saw the cloud very small."

And God said, "When he (Elijah) saw it, SUDDENLY, it accelerated and filled the sky, placing a strength and a speed into the prophet's legs overtaking the chariot of Ahab. The prophets this year, because of the perception of the people, this will cause the prophets to overtake the chariots of the preachers that have been like Ahab and have taken and stolen," says the Lord of Hosts!

"For the chariots of Ahab have been in control," but God said, "when one servant saw what the prophet heard, SUDDENLY it filled the sky. I have been waiting for someone to see, and now throughout America, men of God and women of God are seeing what has been spoken. The blindness has left." Now God says, "This year, acceleration will begin. You started with a little, and you will end up with much," says the Lord of Hosts.

"You started with little; you started with little," says the Lord. But God said, "Because of this moment in time, you shall suddenly move to much more quickly. I'm not just talking about finance/property. I'm talking about the acceleration of deliverance in your children and acceleration of salvation in your family. I'm talking about acceleration in your business and in your ministry."

God says, "If you've seen just a little glimpse of what the prophets have heard, the men of God have heard, and desperately are preaching about, you are about to have an accelerated moment and an accelerated year," says the Lord. And I prophesy it to you and this house and to the people that understand God's glory.

Your children, accelerating in knowledge; your children accelerating in excellence, your children accelerating in creativity; your children accelerating in anointing; in truth, integrity, righteousness, holiness. Your family accelerating in every place, in every area. Take that spirit and rejoice, for it's yours tonight!

There will be a victory by the end of this term

"This day," the Spirit of God says, "let Me remind you as I bring you back to your Nation. Men in mass media predicting the worst; men in mass media hoping that God's judgment will possibly bring retreat and resolve." God said, "This is grace; My Son brought in the dispensation of grace. I will be merciful unto whom I will be merciful. I will show mercy unto whom I will. No one will stop Me. This is not compromise."

"My servant, Samson--why am I speaking of him tonight to My dear people?" Samson went to the Philistines as he was ordered by God, and they sought to kill him, taking away his life and his love. And God said, "He went down to the region and took from that region and from that soil, the jawbone, and then he went with the strength of the Spirit of God." Oh, he was by himself. This was not a mistake. And he killed those with one hand to the point where he had no strength left in him. And then he fell down on his knees and said to the Lord, "I am so thirsty, I am so thirsty; I have overcome in the battlefield, now shall I die of thirst?"

Understand where this began--Judah, yes in Israel, then came to Samson, three thousand of them, for they were afraid of the Philistines and what they would do to them. And they said to Samson, "Samson, why have you come against them now? We are in bondage to the Philistines." Samson said, "My brothers, I will let you tie me up, but please do not kill me. My own brothers, do not kill me." They tied the ropes around his hands, and three thousand of Judah delivered Samson to the Philistines.

Would this Nation listen? Would you deliver the man that would say, "I have fought for the freedom of this Nation, and you are not enslaved and in bondage to the oil of the Middle East?" Would you take what you deem as wrong? This is not a political issue. For God said, "There will be a victory by the end of this term. Mark My words. I will not allow this President to step down in shame. No, it shall not happen," says the Lord. No, it shall not happen! This shall not be in vain.

You say, "Kim, how have you spoken now?" The Word of the Lord came to me, "Do not tie his hands and deliver him to the hands of your enemies, for as one man, he shall still have a victory," says the Lord of Hosts. This is not a Democratic or Republican issue. This is a Kingdom of God issue. This is something that Daniel saw and something that John saw on the Isle of Patmos. But if they do, and they tie his hands to finish the task, for there shall be a great discovery before November. And God says, "Many shall be brought to shame. But if hands are tied, those ropes will be broken by the Spirit of the Living God," says the Lord.

America, you will win! You will win, yes, you will win!

"My Church that I am building will bring unity and the sound of unity."

For it shall come to pass, hear the words--for God said, "I shall raise up men and women," and God said, "Presidents of this Nation for the next three terms shall be Christians. I will cause them to be prayers, warriors, even though the public shall not know much about it when they step into the Office. I shall do what I did with Saul, and the Spirit of the Lord shall come upon him, and he shall be changed into another man!"

America the great, God is giving you back your honor. For great division has come across this Nation. God said, "There is only one resolve; only one solution. My Church that I am building will bring unity and the sound of unity. Desperation and hunger shall cause My hand to once again spread across this Nation and bring the revival that you've prayed for and restoration," says the Lord of Hosts.

The Spirit of God says, "I am drawn to you, I am drawn to you for the sound of unity has come. It shall not come from the White House, it shall come from My House, and that shall draw Me. But I will not bypass the Church. I am building, not man, and not the church that man is building. I will build My Church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. I will not bypass My Church, My body."

I saw a tragic death of a politician be questioned by many. Only one time before in the Clinton administration did this happen. And now it shall happen again, and God said, "There shall be a fear that shall come. I must do a certain amount of judgment upon the political powers for it has gotten out of hand," says the Lord. "I must remove the power of religion for a while, and cause the emergence to happen, as was spoken, of a hungry people, and when this happens," says the Lord, "it shall draw Me into every field, every field, and every kingdom."

January 27, 2007--Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Ask of Me, and I shall give it to you

The Spirit of God says, "Tonight I am watching as My people come into a place that I have longed for them to come into. I am watching tonight," says the Spirit of God, "for there are those throughout this Nation that are demanding much much more."

The Heavens have been shut for a while, but God says, "I am opening up the Heavens to release a sound to those who would humble themselves to call upon My name. Tonight I am sending angelic hosts to fight, to battle, and to give you what you desire. Ask of Me, and I shall give it to you. Do you want the nations? I will give it as an inheritance. What do you want from Me?" says the Spirit of God. "I have torn away the veil; I have torn it away. I have torn it down so that you may enter into a new life and a new dimension."

"No, there will be no more terror. As Isaiah says, 'Who are you to fear to mere men? Who are you to fear man who comes from dust?' I am the one to be feared."

By Kim Clement
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