Thursday, July 31

Well, it's finally up and running! "Hope Mob" is an organization that I founded that consists of my proteges' and associates "In Christ." is "OUR" Christ centered "webportal of support", blogs, resources, news, and more!
Updates and additions are coming soon (so make sure that you subscribe!!). The Hope Mob myspace and music page (via will be updated soon as well! Click on the banner below to "Come Through" today!

P.S. - Don't forget to add a banner to your websites! Jesus Reignz!



Wednesday, July 23

DJ Digital Josh - 2008 Favs - lol - Wylin on em!

Monday, July 21

Sometimes Your Calling...

Sometimes your calling contradicts your industry and the direction (opinions) of your "associates." If it does, obey God and press on. He is God, they are not.


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