Thursday, April 30

Today's Concert In The Projects (Quincy, IL) Was Awesome! souls, Souls, SOULS! [Video Blog]

Today's Concert/Outreach in the projects (Quincy, IL) was awesome. I crunk out seven songs and ministered "wrapped" up in Holy Ghost POWER!

The Gospel was preached CLEARLY & STRONG! 

I praise God for His anointing, and for being "Present!" 

I gave an altar call about 4 or 5 songs into my set, and lots of people unashamedly stepped forward to receive Jesus as their "personal" Lord and Savior! We had an awesome, FUN, GLORIOUS time! Glory To God! Peep the vid...


Wednesday, April 29

Checkin' In From The Microtel [Video Blog]

Just hollin' at y'all from my hotel room here in Quincy, IL.
Keep the high praises of God in your MOUTH, and only BELIEVE that He is behind,  and ON the scene working on YOUR BEHALF for HIS NAMESAKE! That's Really Real! He's an Ephesians 3:20 God! I believe that He's doing something awesomely amazing for me RIGHT NOW! I'm on his mind (and so are you!) Peep the vid!


Tuesday, April 28

On My Way To "Work"

What up fam...

Tomorrow I'm out of here, headed to Quincy, IL where I'll be ministering for three days straight. Wed. night I'll be speaking to a youth group (Grandview Church), Thursday I'll be ministering in concert out on the streets in Quincy, reaching out and winning SOULS (and giving out hundreds of my free cd PREPARATION)! Friday during the day I'll be crankin' up at a school, and then Friday night I'm in concert with Capital Lights and Remedy Drive. I decided that I need to blog more about my ministry activities, 'cause my KINGDOM GRIND is non-stop (yours should be as well)!

One of my biggest desires is simply to see Jesus lifted up and glorified PROPERLY (which will induce the birth of a great harvest of souls). I know the only way that will ever happen is by the active and manifested power and presence of The Holy Ghost (The Fullness of The Gospel). It saddens me to see the condition of unbelief that the majority of the American Church has "shrunken" down into. Sorta reminds me of Jesus when He visited his hometown of Nazareth, and couldn't really "do much" because of the gross level of "unbelief." Don't know why I started talking about that but anyway...

...pray for me! I'm believing God for some awesome displays of "His Goodness" as I minister "By Faith." Hopefully I'll get some video footage and upload a lil' bit everyday!

Jesus Is Lord!

Wednesday, April 22

DJ Digital Josh - 2009 April Mix [Includes "Nuthin' But The Blood"]

My homie "DJ Digital Josh" threw "Nuthin' But The Blood" into his April mix, Check him out, dude is skilled, he even sped up "Nuthin But The Blood" to tempo match...fresh!

Can't see the vid up above? CLICK HERE!


Friday, April 17

Add "Nuthin' But The Blood" To Your Facebook & Myspace Profiles And More!

I really don't like the way Myspace compresses your mp3's, so I don't use their music player, I use reverbnation's music player instead [sound's awesome!]. The only problem is, with reverbnation's music player, you can't add single songs to a profile or playlist, only an entire player can be added or shared. Well, praise god for imeem! Here ya' go! click on the appropriate "add to" button, and you'll be all set!



Rap Party/Concert @ SLFC [Me and Slugger Roo]!

I just wanted to take a sec to invite all HIGH SCHOOL aged foke out to the SLFC "Rap Party!"

-On Wed. May 6th @ 7pm, me and my homie Slugger Roo are gonna' be in concert at St. Louis family Church [In Club XL] you do not want to miss this! It's gonna' be FIRE!


-Sorry parents, this event is only for teens, so we'll have to do something for y'all a lil' later on!

-You don't have to be a member of SLFC to attend, so if you're in the area (MO, IL etc.), come on out...and bring a boat load of "your peeps!"

-Parents...drop off your kids and at least 4 of their friends! This is what you have been praying for!

-Youth groups are welcome, so yeah, so are "Youth Pastors" lol. Bring ya' kids out!


Wed. May 6th, 2009

St. Louis Family Church 
17458 Chesterfield Airport Road 
Chesterfield, MO 63005

7:00 pm! 



Monday, April 13

"Nuthin' But The Blood" - Live At Calvary Christian Ctr. In St. Louis, MO [Mynista T.V.]

Gettin' it in (into God's presence) with my homies Slugger Roo, Tha' Rep, and Point5 at Calvary Christian Ctr. in St. Louis, MO (Bishop Michael Bates). This footage is from one of My "Straight Street" EP release concerts/crusades (January 2009). Free The Holy Ghost!


Friday, April 3

Me And My Foke [Photos]

Top to bottom:
Me, Point5, Larry Rodgers, Common Man, Rio, Talon.


Talon's CD Release Concert In Tampa [Video Blog]

Last weekend I flew down to Tampa (from St. Louis) to be in concert with my homie Talon at his "New Reflection" CD release concert. We had an awesome time! I was having so much fun, and talking to so many people that I hadn't seen in a while, that I forgot to get more footage to make a full "Mynista T.V." episode! But anyway...I did get this! Shots out to my homies (and homettes) in Tampa! Stay fresh "In Christ!"

P.S....check Talon out via MYSPACE! I produced 6 of the songs on his 14 song CD...It's a banger!


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