Sunday, January 24

DEVOTED "Theatre Scene" Video/Photo Shoot Pics

We are in the process of shooting the music video to DEVOTED ft. Cory Edwards.

Here are some of my favorite pics from the video/photo shoot.

This theatre scene will be the lead scene of the video.

Stay tuned, God is fenna' get some serious "GLORY!"

Photos by Rob Shirley and Keith Troyer

The video is being produced/directed by Matt Bills and Rob Shirley of SLFC.

"For King And Kingdom!"


Saturday, January 23

God's Glory In STL

God has been manifesting Himself awesomely! Last night I had the opportunity of celebrating Jesus with the saints over at Harvest Church in Berkeley, MO.
The glory of The Lord swept through that place, and the sanctuary turned into a holy ''delivery room!'' Praise God for His fullness, praise God for what He's doing in and through us His Church NOW!

Shots out to Larry Rodgers (we got it in!), Apostle Ron Haynes, Bishop Jackson, Pastor Thompson, Nethra Denise, Saved, Reggie Reg, Highest Praize, and the rest of the saints. God is TRULY moving in ''The Lou,'' and He's using us!

This is only the beginning!
Contend for, and expect His glory!
...Walk by FAITH!

''For King And Kingdom!''

Thursday, January 14

Devoted Video Theatre Scene Pics!

We started shooting the video to DEVOTED today, and man is that thang going to be fire!

It's my desire to see the lost DEVOTE themselves to Christ, and to see the Church give Him the GLORY that He deserves by dying to self so that He can Glorify HIMSELF through US...His BODY! Being dead to self doesn't mean that you never ''miss it,'' but when you realize that you've missed it...''Die Again!'' 

He wants to bless and use you awesomely, but the kind of awesomeness that I'm talking about only takes place ''to,'' and ''through'' the dead (to self)! 

Stay tuned!

P.S. Shots out and thanks to Matt Bills, Rob Shirley and Co. They are doing an extraordinary job!

''For King And Kingdom!''

Friday, January 8

[Photo] Soul Winning In Madison, IL

Had an awesome time ministering in concert at a church in Madison, IL tonight! Kids gave their hearts to the Lord, and the saints were edified, comforted, and exhorted! ''For King and Kingdom!''

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Tuesday, January 5

Brit Hume Tells O'Reilly: Tiger Woods Needs Something Christianity Provides - 01/04/10

...And of course I definitely agree. Tiger needs The Lion (Of Judah), we all do!

If you can't see the video above, please visit


Download My New "FREE" Ringtone To Your Phone! [DEVOTED]

Click HERE or on the following link to download your DEVOTED ringtone now!

Devoted is currently my default ringtone, and everytime my phone rings I'm reminded of my consecration and devotion to Christ Jesus! God wants to do some awesome, wonderful things in and through your life, but in order for it to happen, you're going to have to put yourself on the altar of His will. It aint cheap, but it's worth it! Trust Him, serve Him, LOVE HIM!

"God is the LORD, which hath shewed us light: bind the sacrifice with cords, even unto the horns of the altar." (Ps 118:27)

"If ye love me, keep my commandments." (John 14:15)


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