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12/28/06 [NEED BEATS?]



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12/9/06 [MYNISTA T.V. #18 (What's Real?)

Mynista T.V. episode #18 , ["What's Real"] (Watch via "You Tube" - Quicktime Format will be uploaded for download soon)...Just click on A link or the T.V. Graphic Below!)

Mynista Raps "What's Real?"!



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Tuesday, November 28

11/28/06 [MYNISTA T.V. Episode 17 [RAW T.V.]

Mynista T.V. episode #17 , "Mynista on Raw T.V." (Watch via "You Tube" or Quicktime...Just click on a link Below!)

Mynista makes an appearance on one of South Eastern University's television shows...Raw T.V.!



-EPISODE #17 [RAW T.V.](Quicktime)

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Thursday, November 16


**God has been doing some awesome thangs through ya boy....below are a few testimonies and praise reports....It's a long read...but well worth it...This is why I do what I do! The Glory belongs to Jesus! Enjoy....

P.S....and alwayz remember....the GREATEST MIRACLE is salvation through JESUS CHRIST!!



The Revival (Boynton Beach/West Palm Beach) this weekend saved me (I gave my life to Jesus christ)! You all are Anointed. GOD Bless, and Much Love,



Ms. Sarah Ashe tells her story about how she was healed at a Mynista concert! (Click 1 of the link below)





Peace and Blessings my name is Kristina luisa Flores I am a single mother living in the Lighthouse Ministries womens shelter in Lakeland FL. A few weeks ago I was on my way to the church that is affiliated with the ministry when I felt a tug in my spirit to go to Without Walls Central. so I turned around, I was feeling a little confused but I said ok GOD you must have a word for me tonight, I accept it, and I'm going to receive it because I believe in you Father and I'm putting it all in your hands. After putting my children in childcare I entered the sanctuary right on time to hear Mynista rap a message of healing, and I felt my soul set on fire! GOD rekindled the passion within me, I felt alive again. You see the Lord told me along time ago that he wants to use me to preach the gospel through hip hop but I was scared I said: "Lord nobodys gonna want to hear nothing from me, I'm a single mom, a sinner I've done so much dirt in my life" but he said Kristina Luisa, look at your name it means Christ like Warrior that is what I designed you to be and no matter what you've been through I'm here to take you to the next level, woman you are a daughter of the everlasting father creator of the heavens and the earth, don't you know who you serve? Ever since that night its like the flood gates were opened I have been able to write non stop continuously overflowing, my spirit is jumping for Joy with an inner knowing that GOD is going to use me to do his will and be apart of the resurrection of the dead youth. If you look around you'll understand what I'm saying Satan is playing his tricks and head games on the children of this planet and its time to rise up to be the warriors Christ has called us to be faithful and fully focused on Jehovah the all knowing and supreme. Always remembering that its not about me, I'm just a humble servant in the Lords army!

- Kristina Luisa Flores



This is a short Praise report of a healing that took place while Mynista was Ministering in Pensacola, Fl.
Linda's sister Jane was healed of numbness and chest pain during  Mynista's time segment.  All the symptoms left her body.




What's up, man! It's Shaine, the "music man" from Living Water Baptist Church
in Unadilla. It was a pleasure having you and Qfyre minister to us. I have
never seen the Power of GOD move in such a way during the previous two Rock
the Mic programs. Y'all keep it up! You can consider us (my family and I) as
Warria Records fans now!

Peace and GOD bless.



Hi Mynista,

Once again I wanted to emphasize how awesome it was to see the power of GOD move in such a peculiar way on Sunday. I thank GOD for the anointing that he has placed on your life and the impact that you make on others lives, especially the younger generation, through your ministry. I have received tremendous feedback on how much of a blessing you were to the young people and old as well in the service. My pastor's eyes were also opened because he now realizes that we must use other approaches to reach our young people rather than the old traditional way. I know GOD doesn't change, but this is a new generation and we must use a different approach when it comes to reaching the young people and winning them for the kingdom. We've been in our church building for about 4 years and our service has never been that packed. So GOD is definitely doing a new thing!

Thanks again , and you will be coming back so don't forget about us!!!

Young Adult Ministry Leader



whut's up Mynista.
i've been praying and talking to GOD a lot more since you all have left Boynton. I really appreciate what you guys have done for me and i will never forget it. Iwill never let the LOVE OF GOD spare away from me. The week you all have been here has been the most extraordinary week i have had in my life. At first that week i didn't even want to go to church but after that first day i really did want to go to church after that day to see what was going to happen next. Wednesday was the most amazing day for me because i had an experience that i will never forget in my life and i
THANK GOD for everything he has done for me in my life and i will always keep Mynista and the "Whyte Fyre Boyz" in my prayers and the LORD first.
Thanks for everything!!!




I was at a concert sponsered by my church. I had just performed with my rap group known at that time as New Deal. We had the best performance we ever had as a group. The only problem was we didn't do anything it was GOD's word and GOD's show.
I walked around after we perfomed like we had just sold out Madison Square Garden. There was some guy performing after us and I was like cool, I quess I'll stay and listen. That guy was Mynista. He perfomed "Walk With JESUS" (Don't Talk) and the rest was history.
Now I don't rap for some crowd, I rap to show the world how good the Lord has been to me and how much I love him.
Thanks Mynista, you've been an example to me way before I chose to "Put my fist up." You have done a lot of great things and you give glory to GOD. You showed me how its really done. I see now that no matter how tight your verse or performance is, its by GOD, for GOD.

Get it right y'all, don't be fooled like I was. - BJ the HOPE Boy



Hey Mynista,

I e-mailed you i think it was yesterday before i
finished listening to your full album. Man, its
awesome, and i love it. I got it from **********.com [a secular music site]
forums, so i thought you were like the rest. well i
finished listening and i know your message now, and i
love it. I listened to the outro and i know i felt
the holy spirit, i got goosebumps all over my body,
and a tear came to my eye. Ive always been christian
i just never lived the life ya know. Now i wanna
change it all man, but its real hard. Imma start
changing my musics message too man. I used to do
horror stuff, straight up wicked stuff, murder, etc.
I wanna thank you so much for posting your free album,
its changed me, i love it man. I would love to do a
track with you, and make my dad proud. He is a
christian man ya know, he supports my music 200% backs me full. Im only 14 and the stuff i rap about is
definately not good. He still backs me though. He
has been trying to convince me to change, but i was
like nah, its just easier to do it this way, but man,
i heard you and it just changed me. My father and i
both are pickin up ghetto grace when we get the money,
i love it man.




Hey Mynista,

My name is Erica ********* and i go to Without Walls international church...then i started going to Without walls Central and i do have to say i love it. But, I am one of your biggest fans. When i listen to your music it touches me so much and i never thought i would get joy from rap music. I would be in my bed room listenin to rap music and then start crying ..i can feel the lord in the room when i rap your songs..its so awesome. When i hear you rapping i can feel GOD so strong. You are a very anointed man..i mean im only 15 and can feel that. Thank you so much for doing what you do. You have and will continue touching many peoples livs through your rapping...




Hey Mynista,

This is Stephanie.
I really liked your message at rap fest.
like 2 weeks ago i had gotten in trouble for listening to bad rap with things about drugs sex etc...
i mean i wasnt really listening to it for those things i was really just into the beats and stuff
then when you came to tell us about your story and share your rap i was really moved by what you had to say. and when you started talking about the music we listen to and how it is poison it really made me think about changing the things i listen to. Right as i was thinking those things about changing my music and how i wanted your just like whip out this cd from your pocket while you were rapping and hand it to me. it was just so weird how things work, and for some reason i was the only person that got your cd too.
Im so glad i got to hear your message and im so glad that you are helping others by sharing the word of GOD.
thank you so much.
You are an amazing artist.





i was at your show at the methodist

church last saturday. it was GREAT

me and my best bud were jammin

to you stuff today in the car.

we arent going to clutter our lives

with poison anymore (Garbage Rap Music). great message!






your music has helped me and friends come closer to christ.. i thank GOD that he changed your life to help change mine. People that I never thought would be close to GOD are now talking and asking me to pray for them.

I really do appreciate your music and i ask that GOD bless you with more!!!


Your sister in Christ



[FROM JOHN G.(St. Louis Family Church)]

I wanted to let you guys know about a testimony from your visit two times ago. Chris ****** was told by military doctors that he would not be able to father a child again. His wife Deanne was told by her OBGYN to start taking fertility medication if she wanted to have a baby. When Mynista ministered at SLFC, Deanne felt a warmth in her abdomen. They are now expecting a child and they’ve only been married for 8 months!

John G. (STL Family Church)




Hello! I just wanted to say, I think you and your music are great! I'm not sure how to explain it, but... Compared to other rappers (both secular and christian), you DEFINITELY possess something different?!? Something that's far deeper than the music!?! Again, I'm not sure how to explain it, but... Just know, you have it! Ok? Ok!

Well, thanks for all that you do! And... I'll c-ya at church!

P.S... This is funny, you may enjoy it! A few months ago, my Dad and I were talking about life, and GOD. And... In this conversation, he began referencing lyrics from your 'Ghetto Grace' album. Now... He's 47 years old, and... "Stereotypically", not the person you'd expect to listen to rap music. I don't know?!? It's very funny to me! And... I still can't figure out how he heard your music in the first place?!? Who knows?!? Anywho... Just know, you're not only ministering to youth, but a wide range of people! Anywho... Have a great day!




I'm a C.M.D. (or commercial music developer) in industry terms... and as a result of my proffession My son hears all kinds of musical influences via my clients and or Artist contracts I complete for the business.

I just wanted to express my sincere thanks for your ministry! The anointing which proceeded the 'gift' of music which was shared with us here in Pensacola, Fl was nothing less than pre-destined.

There's so much more I could say, but i'll just leave you with this,

The spirit in which Qfyre served Mynista speaks volumes of how much of a servants heart ''Mynista'' has. I applaud both gentlemen for there obediance to the Holy Spirit. Qfyre youre a role model for all armour bearers everwhere!!!!

My 14year old son was in the front row of the alter call, 2nd service (while he did'nt show any emotion) ya know he was being ''cool'' with it. Later that evening I overheard him singing one of the hooks to your songs (yeah)!

So needless to say your CD's will be playing in every CD player we have until the words are grafted on his heart and he sings the hooks AND verses LOL.

"A Thankful Father"



I was sitting here feeling sorry for myself and wanting to give up again..which happens to me often especially when I'm under alot of stress. Suddenly I get the urge to check the message boards I'm a member of. So, I open the pm from you and read it. Suddenly I feel the presence of GOD very strong around me. I can't describe how I feel right now. I have been carrying some really heavy burdens that I should have put at JESUS' feet. So when I read what you said about a special blessing..I JUST OPENED MY HEART AND RECIEVED IT! I wanted to thank you. I've been needing GOD to revive me for many years now. I just can't believe tonight was the night...
My brother, the anointing of the HOLY SPIRIT is all over you and your music! All I can say is do that again! Cause I need more! I hunger and thirst for that anointing..for His presence to consume me!...
I'm starting to tear up now so I will close this letter with a powerful phrase:





Depressed? "Put Ya Fist up!" Tired of living in poverty? "Give It To Me!" Just wanna give GOD some love? "Yo Hands!" From overcoming depression to lovin' on GOD Docta Wuzdead (MYNISTA) has a dose of medicine for you! Mynista bumps daily in my house! And that's really real!!




Hey Mynista. Well a few minutes ago I get this message from this guy & he wanted me to check out his music. So I did cuz I didnt know if it was really Christian music or not. Then I found out it wasn't & I asked him where was GOD in his songs, where is it when he says GOD is the best thing that has happened to him. And he messaged me back & told me that he doesn't devote all of his songs to GOD. And I said to myself, oh its like that huh? And I told him what you said in your song "Dont Talk". I told him that you said "Dont give GOD 1 song, give him the whole album, Dont just give him 1 day, give him your whole life." And I also told him I couldnt listen to his music any more & I have to do what makes me & GOD happy not what makes him & other people happy. He wrote back & said thanks anyways, I am so glad that I did what I did. I feel really pleased with myself.

Rae Rae



Wut up yall,
its the kid KB again, i said i had some topics to discuss wit y'all warriaz, for a little short backround on me, I was a member at the St.Louis Christian Center in MO, where i was rooted and grounded in the word. I learned alot but practiced nothing. When my parents divorced i moved to southside St.Petersburg, Fl(the hood) there i picked up womanizing, weed, and a fluent tongue in extremely dirty rapping. "The darkside had the grip on me" But i had buck boi, had to buck!-(Mynista)" Anywayz,the more i tried to be a thug the more i felt myself dying, no really, i actully could actually fill myself dying spiritually and physically. Too make a long testimony short, i began getting confirmation from my family members(2) that i was going to die soon(dreams and visions). I switched schools and went to St.Petersburg Colliegiac High School and ran into "District 5ive." They gave me a copy of Bloody Streets 1 (Mynista a.k.a. Docta Wuzdead). I listened to it night and day,day night. Too make a long story short i gave my life completly to Christ.




I just wanna say that I wanna thank you guys 4 comin' to Pensacola,Fl to New Dimensions Christian Center! You guys bought sumthin' 2 that church that teens our age ain't neva' experienced before. Lil' kids to teens, to adults were fallin' out in the spirit and everythang! I juss' wanna say thanx 4 comin' and keep doin' wut' ya'll do cause ya'll have changed so many young lives , including mines!

Much Love,



Waz up Mynista i just wanted to say that you showed me that rapping for GOD is more crunk then rappin for the devil because your music is so much realer than them others out there. just keep up the good work.




You're on fire! Thank you JESUS for the walls comin down!
I was wondering if I could use your flow "Healing" on my profile ( page)...with your banner of course.
I just purchased your latest CD today, (the last one available!), and I'll be getting some of your older stuff later on in the month.
I teach Jr High kids at church, and I see some really hurt and confused children. I know that a lot of it comes from their communities, the media, and majorly the music they take in.
Sunday I will be highly recommending your music to them and their parents. Thank you for being a willing vessel! WE NEED YOU!




Subject: GOD comes 1st

God has used you guys to help me turn my life around. I use to be a fast little girl that talked to boyz that were 17-22 and i was only 14. You guys have inspired me to
slow down and enjoy life as a young person. Also my friend got pregnant at 14
and that really did tell me to slow down and take a step back and look in the
future at where i was. I just want to THANK YOU
I live in West Palm Beach ,Florida.




Mynista came to my school (Public school) a second time and discussed some issues and did some awesomely powerful acapellas (rough roadz,found me) and then asked me what i wanted to hear, i was honored, i said Supah Kat & he did it, it was awesome. I bought Da Ghetto Shepherd from him & got it signed w/ a flyer. I went to his power-full performance later that night- I GOT CHANGED Y'ALL!!! i bought Ghetto Grace from him, met Rene(whatsup)- very nice lady. and Mynista was nice enough to sign my cd and hat and even offer me some of his pizza (lol) the albums are the best stuff i've heard in a long time THANK YOU WUZDEAD sorry i havent been on the board in a while (been busy) but plan to check it out more often... i got out my bible last night & read Genesis about the 7 days of creation-I'm tryin to change. I plan to sell my eminem & other dirt cd's i'm changing y'all GOD IS GOOD y'all
-MJ (myles)



Greetings Mynista,

I listened to your CD, and I thought it was more than
incredible! Your messages come across with laser accuracy!
GOD has given you so much talent, and I want to say that is
great the way you are using it. I am also very impressed by
your testimony. You are truly setting an example for others,
like JESUS did for us, but, maybe a new unique and different
way. The great CD you made, you giving it away for free,
your testimony about how you chose GOD over money. The
combination of these things has left me speechless! I am
glad you made the songs on your CD the way you did. THe
message is crystal clear, and there was not alot of "fill"
tracks. Every track is great.

I run a website for Christian Videos and Audio. I check out
different artist I find on the internet, and then post the
ones I think that are very good and have a good message,
good lyrics, as well as good production. You have not only
have those things, but exceeded my expectations in all
categories. I was going to ask if you had any video files of
your great work, I would be happy to host a video if you
created it. Your website is also awesome, with the forums of
everyone helping each other out. Again, I can't thank you
enough for creating this CD and giving it away free. You
have made a positive impression on me with your truthful
lyrics and talent. I will post a link to your website from

Fan for eternity

GOD Bless




This Warria has been so touched by GOD, healed and blessed by Mynista's musik and ministry,,,,it has changed my life! It has changed my family and my household! A fire started burning in me and just keeps getting hotter! GOD has put a desire in me to get Mynista's musik and minstry out to ALL people! I think you can see and feel this, it's sincerity, in everything I put on this board!
The "type" of musik that Mynista produces,,,,hip-hop/rap; is fairly new to me; especially in the Christlike Realm! I have heard so much of it with demonic influences. I know this genre of musik is very popular; with lots of different people; therefore I think the beat, the sound, the roots have the potential of being very attracative and alluring. This genre of musik (hip-hop/rap) satan has used long enuf to steal, kill and destroy,,,,it will be turned around to bring new life, to revive all that has been lost,,,,AMEN!!
GOD has a calling on my life to work with Mynista and his ministry; in whatever way GOD calls me,,,through pray first and foremost. I am obedient in what GOD tells me to do and whatever Mynista needs! I continually pray for a Spirit of wisdom and discernment in many areas. Although, the hip hop/rap music industry may not be my expertise; saving souls; breaking the chains of the enemy; busting the devil ; being a prayer warria, ministering to those that have been crushed and are recovering thanks to GOD's protection, love, mercy and grace,,,,,GOD has given me lots of gifts and blessed me with many areas of faith.
I am learning about this musik industry. I know a lot about the entertainment industry in general and how it really is, generally, influenced by demonic forces (really folks!!)
Let me make this very clear to ALL of you, from experience, both Spiritual and "practical",,,,Mynista is an exception in this industry. I have tried to find other musik, other ministry, like his,,,,even close! I have to really get in the Spirit Realm and real prayerful when I listen to other musik; even ones on this board! I cannot just put something onto my CD player. It's not that easy; the devil is real deceptive! Yeah, it has a good sound, good beat, some good songs or lyrics,,,,"SOME"!! But, in the Spirit Realm, what I'm putting into my spirit is not the TRUTH, is not KINGDOM LIVING! I can tell when I first put something in, if it's just not right, but it depends what I'm doing while I'm listening to it. I have to get in that place, in the Spirit to get the "revelation". Warriaz, this is real important stuff I'm shoutin' at ya! What ya puttin' in your ears, goes in your spirit, goes into your heart and mind,,,,it's your life, what you think and do and say!
I'm still learning bout all these folks on Hott Linx and other artists that come on this board. You all might be more current on "who's who"!! and Who's doin' what! But listen to me when I tell you, we gotta be armored up, ALL of us, Me, You, Mynista,,,,and the devil is subtle and sneaky and makes us unaware and he makes us think things are ok ( when they ain't)!!
We don't have to be religious, remember, we hate religion! We love PURE TRUTH! JESUS! Being Christlike! Being Real! And, we want to live in ALL of the fullness and anointing of GOD, EVERYTHING He has for us, nothing less!!
There's folks that talk and sing and preach against Mynista!! They do the same things that I teach all of you about Kingdom Living. We still love em; GOD still loves em! AMEN!!
Much Love and Many Blessings! As we ALL press in and press on into Kingdom Living, the Fullness of GOD and Stay Educated and Wise in the Spirit!





I was just given a copy of your newest album "Ghetto Grace". Not really a Christian rap or hip hop fan because to be honest it is pretty cheesy. I only have heard one other artist who is decent.

I am the director of a new concert venue in St. Louis Mo called "The Core". We book mainly hardrock/hardcore bands.

I was reluctant to give your album a serious listen because all rappers say they are "Keeping it Real" but come off as phony. The first listen I felt the beats were really good, the second listen I thought your lyrics were very good. Now after the tenth listen I am a supporter.

I feel your music is honest and that your heart is ministry not just music. I feel you have a true ministry and I have contacted your booking agent to have you do a possible show this summer if your in the St. Louis area.

My opinion means little but I just wanted you to know that I have a respect for you as a minister of the gospel and will do whatever I can to promote and support your ministry in the St. Louis area.

Thank GOD for someone finally "Keeping it Real"! Let me know how I can help advance your minstry.

"The Core"



Wuzzup Mynista?

I've been a fan of your music for about 4 going on 5 years. Your music has been a blessing to me because even though u rap u usher in GOD's Presence. I can literally feel every word u speak out of your mouth. I have a call on my life and yes I am a prophet. I am not ashamed of the Gospel. I was on street team and I have sent u guys my updated info because now I am in college and I'm ready to take over this territory for Christ. I see how u dont compromise your convictions and I admire u for that. In 2001 I was in Tampa, Bay and I picked up your CD. At first my mother was not going to get it because we were short on money but I begged her so much that she gave in. Man, I opened that CD when we got back to our villa and I was slain by track 4 by your "Blood Covered" album. Ever since then my life has not been the same. I urge u to keep doin what u r doing. I will be praying for u and I hope u get a chance to reply. Tonight I am going to the throne room because I believe GOD has given me a word for this message board concerning deliverance. Continue to Serve the KING!!!




GOD bless you! I have prayed for many years that the Lord would raise up
someone who could impact the young that are "into" rap. He has answered my

I came across you performing on a TV show last week (don't remember the
name of it) but I almost came up out of my seat praising the Lord!!! I thank
GOD that He was able to reach you and you answered His call! I am praying
for you that the the Lord bless you and open doors for you so you can get
His message out there! Also that He protect you and keep you safe from the
enemy's assaults.That He keep you from temptation as your reputation grows.

I downloaded a few of the free songs last week and burned them to disk and
gave them to our new youth pastor at Calvary Baptist Church in Bradenton, Fl
Hope that was ok. Just telling people about you isn't nearly as effective
as letting them hear for themselves.

I live in a poor part of town and the neighborhood has prostitutes on my
corner sometimes, a crack house down the street....I have to be watchful and
just trust the Lord when I go out at night with my dogs. The music I hear
everyday here is rap. I believe the devil has had the "corner" on "popular"
music long enough...great tunes and lyrics that deceive, tempt and blind
young people and lead them to hell, thinking to be "cool" they have to be
like what they hear.... Unhappily, I have 2 sons (and a husband) that fell
into that trap. One is in prison and the other wants to be a rapper and
drinks too much (he's only 18), has done a lot of drugs...and the husband
left me to live in adultery and lust. I want them saved so bad. When I go to
heaven I want to see all my kids there! If the Lord can use anyone to reach
my 2 boys, it's going to be you!

I am 53 years old, white, and proud to say, I am your sister in Christ.
Just downloaded the songs from Bloody Streets. Is it ok if I make a copy for our
youth pastor and for my sons?

I look forward to shaking your hand and giving you a big hug in heaven.
For now, a big THANK YOU for being obedient to the Lord's call on your
life!!! Such a talent He has blessed you with!





GOD has really shined upon you while you guys were down here in Boynton. Alot of miracles has been accomplished. Young people were being saved through your music. Just having you down made me realize if he can work through you he can work through me as well. I've also learned to keep the faith because joy will come in the morning. Now I know through your ministry I can stay strong and help others with their problems. So, continue to pray my strength in the Lord so one day I could say that I am a blessing onto others.

Da#1 fan!!!! Kyza



I saw your work on CTN the other night and the Spirit of GOD is in it. It is very exciting. I don't even listen to rap or hiphop, but dang, just the testimony and then the music hit hard, so I'm gonna buy the album just because GOD is getting the glory and is putting a strong spiritual anointing on your work. Praise GOD for you.




Hi Mynista,
I just wanted to personalize this message because I saw you on the Christian channel last night, and I don't usually watch this station. But when I saw you perform, and heard your testimony, it blew me away. I was FLOORED that you were actually rapping about GOD. I was just stunned to hear your remarkable story. My name is John. I am a 35 year old caucasian male, Catholic, although not really practicing. I'm from Boston originally, now live in Naples, Fl. My beliefs and my relationship with GOD is very real and very strong. Anyway, all I really want to say is that you really inspired me, a LOT. I never would have believed your story if I had not seen you tell it yourself. It's AWESOME! That's all.. hey if you ever just wanna talk about anything or just say wassup.. just email me.. thru this site or at ******* It would be great to hear from you. Thanks!




I would like to thank you and your boys for taking the time out to speak with my son Shane, He is doing better since then, You guys inspired him to do what is right and now he is trying to write his own rap song pertaining to GOD. He also listens to both the cd's [Ghetto Grace / Bloodystreets] 24/7. I am so glad and happy that he got a chance to speak with you cause i really think that this is what he needed to bring himself to GOD.
Thank you again



Dear Mynista,
I love your cd!I think it's awesome that you made a cd like Ghetto Grace!I remember seeing you perform at family church!I was one of the first to get the cd autographed!I'm listening to your cd right now!My favorite song is the one with out the music!I love it because [most secular] music really is poison to your soul!I took your cd to my school and 12 people who aren't christians loved your cd and are going to buy it!You are my favorite artist!

I used to listen to Snoop Dogg but when i listened to #1 on your cd I quickly stopped.Thanks Mynista for being such an awesome leader! tell the others the same!
love ,your #1 fan,

Cait ******!



Thursday, October 26

10/26/06 [MYNISTA T.V. #16](Sarah Ashe's Healing)

Mynista T.V. episode #16 , "Sarah Ashe's Healing Testimony" (Watch via "You Tube" or "MySpace" or Just click on the T.V. Below! (Quicktime format for you itunes subscribers, and for "best" quality)....and then also in the "You Tube"/"Myspace" format for those of you that need "Easy Access", and that may not have Systems compatible with Quicktime)

Ms. Sarah Ashe was recently healed as Mynista performed his song "All Is Well" From his latest solo album "Da Ghetto Shepherd". Jesus Christ is the same Yesterday, Today, and Forever'! He is still a healer!




:: YOU TUBE ::


Ms. Sarah Ashe's Divine Healing Testimony (at Mynista Concert)

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Wednesday, October 25

10/25/06 [THE YEAR 5767] by Chuck Pierce


by Chuck Pierce...

We have now entered the Hebraic Year 5767. In Hebrew, these numbers have meaning. This is "The Year of Samekh Zayin!" This means that this will be "The Year That Swords Will Clash."

We are still coming full circle in our lives, but this is the year that the Sword of the Lord becomes the central figure in our journey.

"This war season that we are living in will be a year of great shaking and quaking!"

Word of the Lord Spoken on October 14, 2006:

The Lord spoke to us this past weekend as we celebrated the Feast of Tabernacles and He said:

"Plant your feet! Ready yourself for change! You are entering a year of shaking and quaking! This year will be known as the Year of the Holy Spirit! This will be the year the RIVERS will rise!"

"Watch where the Heavens open and the floods "physically" reach the earth, and document those places! Those are places targeted for a Holy Spirit invasion. Rising flood waters will cause you to move to higher ground."

"As the River of Holy Spirit rises, you will find yourself moving to the high places. I will position My people on the high places this year. As you worship, I will cause ruling thrones of iniquity to topple. Like Dagon, their heads will fall before My Presence! Get ready! I shake loose wicked structures."

"Watch in the night and watch Me manifest in the light!"

(This was a Word spoken on Saturday, October 14, during our Feast of Tabernacles Gathering. On Sunday, October 15, the earthquake hit Hawaii and the flood overtook Houston, Texas.)

Expect the Next Move of the Holy Spirit to Begin!

All "sevens" are dear to the Lord. The number "7" is linked with completion and fulfillment, and is the number that the Lord uses to represent the Holy Spirit. The Seven-Fold Spirit and the candle in the Book of Revelation are important for us to understand this year. Directly in front of His Throne were SEVEN-lighted lamps representing the Seven-Fold Spirit of God (see Revelation 4:2-5).

Isaiah 11:2 says, "The Spirit of the Lord will rest on Him, the Spirit of wisdom, understanding, counsel, power, knowledge, and of the fear of the Lord!" Ask the Lord for the Holy Spirit to overpower you during this season.

Receive Your Crowns from Last Season's Victories

Many of the tests that have come into our path in the past season have been difficult. However, each test can produce a testimony. When we overcome, we receive strength. The Zayin is a "Sword with a Crown." Your tests have sharpened you for the future! Take the crowns from your victories, throw them at His feet, and allow Him to release an anointing for you to overcome more this year!

Let Your Sword Be Sharpened! Let the MOVEMENT of Life Begin

The SWORD is a symbol of war (Leviticus 26:25, Isaiah 34:5). These are times that the divine weapon for divine judgment will take action in the earth (Deuteronomy 32:41, Psalm 17:13). The SWORD is synonymous with POWER and AUTHORITY (Romans 13:4). Learn to exercise the authority you have so you may receive more.

The Lord will balance the scales this year and bring a manifestation of His justice into the earth (Zechariah 13:7). Do not fear! The SWORD produces the protection of God in our lives (Deuteronomy 33:29), signifying the end of the wicked, their tongue, and the power of their persecuting spirit (Psalm 37:14-15). Remember that we are in a season of surrounding our enemies and taking back what has been taken.

"The SWORD is the weapon of plunder. Get ready to recover all!"

Let the Swords Clash!

As you enter this year, expect Holy Spirit to move. This is a season and time of Great Movement!

1. This is the Prophet's Year! The tongue is a sword, so the Lord will touch and use our mouths this year. Read Isaiah 6. We all prophesy according to our faith. Let faith arise and be unlocked!

2. This is a year of Arms and Weapons! Many nations will rise against each other. However, God's people will dress for the war ahead and activate their weapons in a new way. Gird yourself with truth, align your shields, and sharpen your swords!

3. This will be a TIME of DIVINE Confrontations! The conflicts that could hinder your future must be settled. The Lord will orchestrate times of settling disputes (e.g. Jacob/Esau; Joseph/his brothers).

4. We are entering a season in which we must watch for Seduction! Do not be tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine. Be careful! Doctrines of demons will attempt to overpower us and cause us to compromise our faith.

5. In this season, New Energy will produce New WINE. This is a season of WINE or Revelation! New wine will cause the clashing of the wineskins! Old structures will resist change and rise up with accusations against those who are producing change!

6. This will be a year of GOLD! This will also be a year of GLORY which will produce a brightness, radiance, and favor on God's people. Think Gold and Glory! Currencies will change in relation to the gold base. We will see great headway in the war with MAMMON. This is necessary to see transfer of wealth for Kingdom advance.

7. The best way to understand this season is this: You are Entering a Year of EXCLAMATION! Everything will be louder and more pronounced! Listen carefully and praise your way into victory. Do not fear violence or fret because of evildoers. You are a two-edged sword!

Do not fear as we enter the last two years of this war season. Go up to the high places that have resisted you in the past, and go praise and worship our Lord. Watch the "high places" become low as you take a new stand. Let your spirit man move into an overcoming dimension as you praise!

Psalm 149, says, "Praise the LORD! Sing to the LORD a new song, and His praise in the assembly of saints. Let Israel rejoice in their Maker; let the children of Zion be joyful in their King. For the LORD takes pleasure in His people...Let the saints be joyful in glory; let them sing aloud on their beds.

Let the high praises of God be in their mouth, and a two-edged sword in their hand, to execute vengeance on the nations, and punishments on the peoples; to bind their kings with chains, and their nobles with fetters of iron; to execute on them the written judgment--this honor have all His saints."

Word of the Lord Spoken October 17, 2006

We heard the LORD say the following:

A Shaking will start from the West and Shake Towards the East

"Things are moving closer to the shore of this nation to shake it. Get ready, for the shaking will begin to come close. It will start on the West and shake toward the East. I will cause systems and structures in the East to shake."

"Announce to the West Coast that a shaking is coming. The wave of My Spirit is coming closer to this nation, and the wicked will be shaken out as My GLORY rolls across the nation and rearranges it."

"'Have you ever given orders to the morning or shown the dawn its place that it might take the earth by the edges and shake the wicked out of it?'" (Job 38:12-13)

"I AM calling My People to rise up and meet the morning, and decree that evil structures will be shaken!"

"The shaking from the West and from the East will begin to meet. As Delaware shakes, Philadelphia will begin to shake in a new way. That place where liberty has been crusted over and where God's plan for this nation is being held captive will begin to shake."

"The wave is coming closer to our shores to shake this nation. Let the wave hit the West. Let the shaking of the East begin. Let the sound of shaking begin. The sound that has been stopped that would bring the shaking is being released from Heaven. Let things that are not connected in the earth, get connected and prepare for the shaking."

I Am Releasing New Strategies of War

"Old war methods and strategies will come to an end and be cast down. I AM releasing new strategies of war to tear apart structures that are opposing My plan. These strategies and weapons of war will produce a new anointing for Harvest."

"The war for the Harvest will now be released in the Middle East! Let things shift. I will now back every soldier and every leader that is battling for My new government to come forth in the earth. A supernatural shield will now be released from Heaven! The plans of the wicked will now shake back upon their own head."

Revolution in Campuses and Systems

"My desire is for a revolution to come on every campus. Call forth a new student revolution. Declare universities will break out of the conformity of the world. Call forth a revolution in Princeton, in the University of Delaware, all along the East Coast, in Harvard and Yale. Let revolution come forth in Kentucky on the campuses. Declare a revolution will come forth at the University of Texas."

"Call forth revolution and a new wind of My Spirit to blow in Kansas. Shake up the systems and call forth My Spirit in unusual places that will spark a revolution. Break out of conformity. Mammon has the revolution captured. Break that mammon structure! Change your identity, and go into the universities and call out for Me to come."

"Reinforce the walls of the West and East Coasts. Call for the Tribes to align, and send forth the reinforcements to help My people get positioned with your new weapons on the wall."

"The sound that has been captured on the West Coast and sent in wrong directions will now be returned to My people and redirected for My purposes. I'm going to cause that sound to start calling in the wave of My Spirit."

"I AM the God of Revolution, and a new wave of revolution will come into, and out of Berkley, UCLA, USC, Pepperdine, the University of Oregon, and Oregon State.

"Even Gonzaga and Washington State will experience an awakening of My purpose."

"I am calling forth the revolution in San Diego that will awaken the borders of this land."

"Let the sound come forth on the West Coast to prepare them for the wave that is coming."

I Am Going to Shake Liberality Out

"To the East, I say, 'You're going to break the fear of shaking. You will no longer calculate how things will end up. You will not be fearful. I will break the liberality that is creating the strength of confusion in this nation and is holding back My true move of liberty. I'm going to shake liberality out until freedom and revolution arise.'"

"The root of witchcraft and religion will now begin to separate. My Spirit will visit St. Louis and there will be a great sound of wailing that arises to birth the future of this land."

"Decree this begins!"

Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries

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Tuesday, October 24

10/24/06 [Righteous Judgment]

:: I recieved this in a bulletin, It's right on. ::


Righteous judgment, then, is something that Christians are expected to perform. The Greek word for "discern" ("diakrino"--related to "krino") carries a similar meaning to the word "judge" and is listed as a good gift of God in 1 Corinthians 12:10. Its purpose is to discriminate between a spirit of good and a spirit of evil. Righteous judgment is also a mark of the mature Christian. "But solid food is for the mature, who because of practice have their senses trained to discern good and evil" (Hebrews 5:14). Notice in this verse that God uses our practice of discernment in the experiences of life to help develop godly living. It is indeed wise for us to practice discernment now, for God has a future calling for us to judge the world and the angels (1 Corinthians 6:2-3).

We should also remember that righteous judgment is not only for the purpose of confronting evil, but also for magnifying what is good. Paul tells us to "approve the things that are excellent" (Philippians 1:10), and to "let your mind dwell on these things" (Philippians 4:8). Dwelling on the good we have discerned lifts us up spiritually and gives us more to share with others. In fact, part of our transformation in Christ is to simply "behold" the Lord in our hearts (2 Corinthians 3:18). Just "seeing" Him by faith changes us for the better.


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Tuesday, October 17



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[MYNISTA: Exiting Egypt (Maxi Single)]


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Thursday, September 28


Whut up everybody,

I Just wanted to hit my fokes up with an update and some Nuggets O' Fyre in general...
First of all....Jesus Is Lord!....and that's that...
Seems like everywhere I turn these days (or click when it comes to the internet), I see more and more compromise. Some people that claim to be reppin' Christ are only really reppin' themselves....It's sad really. We are at a crucial crossroads in the Body of Christ where fokes are gonna have to make a decision...If the only thing you are out to do is please the world....if all you are seeking is the applause of the world....then man(Or Woman) be real and stop fakin'....stop deceiving the ignorant, and acting like you serving Jesus, when really you are only servin' yo' self....eatin' up any stray sheep that you can find. But for those that are really servin Christ....God is saying "Well Done!" and for "US" He is saying "Enter into the Joy of the Lord"...but in order to enter into "The Joy Of The Lord"....the choice is still ours! Don't make any detours....don't be influenced by the sect of "Compromisers" that are prominent in the Body right now....cause "WE" are on track! Continue down the path that you have been traveling on....your Reward(s) are on the way!
I encourage all believers that are truly hungry and thirsty for RIGHTEOUSNESS to really STAND! ... in every area of your life...Including MUSIC. Not only do we need to gaurd our hearts from the poison that the secular artists are putting out....but we have to stand our ground in the Church as well. Our slogan here at Warria Records is "Holy Spirit Filled Rap Music"....cause thats what you are gonna get...We Minister (Serve) the Spirit of God to y'all....FULLY!
Rappin about Rims, shoes, Cars, and all of that "Temporary" stuff ain't doin' nothin' for nobody...and I aint even talkin about the World right now....I'm talking about IN THE CHURCH!
So let's not even pay attention to those compromising their gifts and talents....turn em off!....definitely don't applaud em' and say "Good Job"....cause in reality....God's reality....regardless of how talented they are...they are not doing a good job....and "Faithful are the wounds of a friend....but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful" don't kiss (Applaud or celebrate) those that are "OFF" real with em, and confront their may wound em at first...but in the end...they will appreciate that you had enough courage to be real.
Another area we have to deal with is "Unbelief"...I'm not talking about unbelief in Christ Jesus....but Unbelief in the "Fullness" of Christ Jesus (The Full Gospel). Unbelief is dangerous to your destiny! Jesus Christ is still the same "Yesterday, Today, and Forever"....yet alot of people in the body are saying different. Jesus is still a Healer and He still takes pleasure in the prosperity of His servants....and WE still have the authority that HE gave us so that WE can STILL lay hands on the sick and see them recover, WE still have the authority to cast out devils, We still have been authorized by God to perform Signs, Miracles, and Wonders...and yes...even raise the dead! (Literally!)...just like in the book of Acts! ....BUT ONLY IF YOU BELIEVE!!....ONLY IF YOU BELIEVE THAT THIS AUTHORITY IS YOURS...ONLY IF YOU BELIEVE THAT THESE THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WILL YOU EVER SEE THESE THINGS HAPPEN THROUGH YOU!! So if your favorite "Artist" , or even so called "Friends" are speaking out against everything I've just mentioned....including against a BALANCED prosperity message (Cause God wants us blessed that WE can be a blessing....we can't help the Po'.....if we Po'!) and especially if they are speaking out against GOD'S servants that GOD is using mightily (Like Pastor Benny Hinn)....then you should turn off those artist...and people as well....cause unbelief is a very dangerous seed....and if you allow it to be planted into your heart....the harvest will be a field of weeds and thorns that will eventually "choke out" your dreams, destiny, and purpose of God for your life.
The last thing I wanted to talk about was "The Power of the tongue" (Prov 18:21). There should be a difference in the way that we talk period. Our vocabulary should not match the world's vocabulary "Word for Word"....we speak Life....they speak death. A lot of times I hear people in the Body of Christ...especially rappers saying how "Sick and Nasty" they or some other artist is...they have good intentions....but the tongue isn't lining up with those good intentions....or lining up with the Word of God. What they are doing is speaking death. I'm not "Sick"....and I'm not "Nasty" I'm Healthy....I aint nasty....I'm the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus!! The tongue is powerful...check out Proverbs the 4th Chapter....and all over the bible period....when God created the Earth....He spoke everything into existence....("Let there Be")... So we, the Body of Christ need to make sure that what we are speaking is lining up with the Word of God....and then....when we are thinking like God (His Word invested into our hearts)...Speaking like God (Speaking His Word from our heart by FAITH)....and Acting like God (Putting His Word into Action by FAITH...Acting On His Word by FAITH).....then we will have the Awesome, Powerful, Creative results that God is expecting...and that WE SHOULD BE EXPECTING! (The Return of His Word In Action). So instead of saying sick, or nasty when trying to describe someone or something that is good....say "Nice"...."Good"..."Awesome"...."Talented" or some other positive confession....after all....your confession is more powerful than you think....Christianity is often called the "Great Confession"....cause when you Believed on Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior in your heart....and "CONFESSED" it with your mouth....He came into your heart and saved your soul!! Now you have a job to do as have to save your dreams, destiny, and Guarding your hearts from The World's Poison, People's Compromise, and Unbelief.....and by Speaking Right!

But the thing is...are you willing to pay the price and make the sacrifices that God is asking you to make so that He can use you in the way that He wants to use you....since you have free will....The Choice is for me and my house (Warria Records)...we gonna serve the Lord!

Whyte Fyre Boyz : WorldWide Warriaz (Available Now!)
MYNISTA : Signs, Miracles, and Wonders (COMING SOON!!)

Jesus Reignz!
Mynista a.k.a. Docta Wuzdead

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Monday, August 28


What up Family...

I just wanted to encourage my fokes to "Stay The Course"

...Sometimes it gets real rough in the natural....But God is still with us....regardless of what the circumstances are....regardless of what you are feeling, regardless of what "They" are saying......HE gets the last word.....HE has the final say so. SO STAY IN FAITH.....KEEP ON BELIEVING, KEEP ON CONFESSING HIS WORD AND PROMISES OVER YOUR LIFE....STAY IN HIS WORD....ONLY BELIEVE.....cause if you do these things, you will see THE MANIFESTATION OF YOUR FAITH. Now is a time to Dig deeper...A time to get closer to God...A Time of Pruning...a time to prepare for a GREAT SEASON OF FRUITFULNESS! Eyes off of the natural Realm....tuned INTO the Spiritual Realm! LIFT UP YOUR EYES!! cause JESUS IS STILL LORD!!

-Be Still and KNOW that "I AM GOD" SAYS THE LORD.

"For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory; While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal."(2 Cor. 4:17,18)


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Sunday, August 20

8/20 [The Next Level]

What up Warriaz!

Well today was a special day for I thought that I would go ahead and "Journal" it....cause I know I aint' the only one experiencing "Change" right now....Something is happening throughout the Body of Christ RIGHT NOW!.....Something is happening "IN" those that have been pressing into the "FACE" of our God!...

For the last three days or so, I HAD (Past Tense) been feeling very frustrated in the Spirit what I would do is just Go pray....or start praising God....even though I didn't "Feel like It". During this time, It was straight "War" in my what I did was put the enemy in His place, and I let Him know where I stood....and where I was standing! (On The Rock...JESUS CHRIST!)...To make a long story short....when I went to Church today....during praise and worship the Presence of God hit me real hard! I WENT INTO LABOR IN THE SPIRIT REALM!! ....It was awesome!! So after service I went to holla' at my Pastor since I hadn't seen him in about two months, cause I had been on the road. of the things he said to me (the Holy Spirit through him) was....."WELCOME TO THE NEXT LEVEL!" yup....God took me to the a NEW DIMENSION in the Spirit Realm today.....I have been pressin' in, and believing.....and carrying this baby for a long time....NOW IS MY TIME!! and Guess what......MY TIME IS FOR THE PROFIT OF ALL!! In this next season of my life I'm expecting to walk in levels of ministry that I have never before experienced.....So for those of you that have been praying for me...Thank you...I really appreciate your prayers....cause this is a real War....and I need Warriaz to "Get My Back" in this thang! If I'm coming to your city....EXPECT A MANIFESTATION OF CHRIST JESUS IN A WHOLE NEW WAY!! ... Through this ministry that belongs to the Holy Spirit you are gonna EXPERIENCE CHRIST JESUS IN A WHOLE NEW WAY!! ....


ALL of "THE GLORY" (Hint, Hint) Is God's and.....JESUS REIGNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Friday, August 11

8/11 - [Mynista T.V. Episode #15 (OUTREACH in STL)]

Mynista T.V. episode #15 , "STL OUTREACH" (Watch via "You Tube" or Just click on the T.V. Below! (Quicktime format for you itunes subscribers, and for "best" quality)....and then also in the "You Tube" format for those of you that need "Easy Access", and that may not have Systems compatible with Quicktime 7)

This is a Video clip from my recent outreach in the Inner City of St. Louis (DwightDavis Park). A lot of people of all ages and races gave their lives to Jesus Christ that day! That's why I do this! This video is POWERFUL! so if you have someone that you have been praying for...EMAIL THEM THIS EPISODE!! cause God is on His throne.....and God is STILL SAVIN'! To all of our partners....THANK YOU!! cause you are right beside me on every platform that God gives me...and when I win em' are winnin' em' with me! Thanks for your continued support! EXPECT, EXPECT...EXPECT a HUGE HARVEST!!

Watch Mynista T.V.

:: here is the url to subscribe to Mynista T.V. (works with Itunes !)

If You Can't See The Video, but you can hear the audio...Click Here To Download Quicktime 7 For Windows.

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Saturday, July 22

7/22 [In "The Lou"]

What up Warriaz!!

this is just an update from ya boy....I know it's been a while since I've given you fokes an here ya go!!

Right now I'm in the "Lou"....St. Louis that is. God has been doing some awesome things with, for, and through ya boy!...On thursday morning I went into the inner city (Dwight Davis Park) and ministered there with Service International....that was awesome....lotsa fokes gave their lives to Jesus! Then on Friday night I krunk up at Stl Family Church....God did His thang there as well! Sat. Morning at 5:30 am, I was the guest on a talk show called "All About Youth" with Laurie Faulkerson on the WB network (Channel 11 in STL) that was an awesome opportunity to share the Christ "In Me" and of Course God got all of the Glory! The Whyte Fyre Boyz project is touchin lots of lives already, and it just came out! I praise God for all that He is doing....and for all that He is about to do....cause we aint seen nuttin yet!! Jesus Reignz!!

P.S. ... I'll have some video footage (Mynista T.V.) and new pics up soon!!
Keep on Trustin.....stay "IN FAITH"....and "ONLY BELIEVE"!
Oh yeah....and to all of you that are financially partnered up with this ministry....EXPECT....EXPECT....EXPECT!! cause here comes YOURZ!!
My rewards are your rewards!

Jesus Reignz!

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Wednesday, July 19

7/19/ [WFB Review by Larosa Johnson]

Ever since I got my hands on Mynista's album Da Ghetto Shepherd, I've been a fan. I then picked up the free albums that he released under the alias of Docta Wuzdead, and I was completely sold. With that in mind, when I heard that he was preparing to release an album with Warria Records members Qfyre & J7, I just knew that I had to cop that album. So what did I do? As soon as he said the album was available, I spent my hard earned money to pick up the Whyte Fyre Boyz album titled Worldwide Warriaz.

So, what's this album all about? Simply put, it's Jesus music that's going to shake you down to the core until you're filled with the Holy Spirit and walking as a warrior for God. The album quickly starts off with the banger "Holy." On this track, all three emcees drop Spirit filled rhymes where they proclaim that they're going to live holy, even if it means they have to die for Christ. This is a very powerful song and it truly proves their purpose and stance as worldwide warriaz who are "souled" out for the Kingdom; they couldn't have picked a better song to start this project with. "Holy" is then followed by the song "Freeze," in which Mynista tells the listener to freeze and stop doing what they're doing. "Freeze" coincides with the first track as it is giving you a practical application of living holy, which is putting away all of those things that cause you to sin; when we want to sin, we need to freeze, and lift up our hands to call out on the Lord. After hearing these two songs, you'll definitely be inspired to walk upright for the Lord.

Now that you've decided to live holy, you realize that you have your "Groove Back," which is indicative of walking in the Spirit. This is a very bouncy dirty south party track where you can get set free from all of the shackles that have been holding you down in bondage. When we get the Holy Spirit down inside of us, we can have those chains broken and get our groove back so that we can dance in the Lord.You can't dance in shackles, so get your groove back! Then, once you get your groove back, you then must make up your mind that you will "Neva Turn Back" around and live the same way that you just came from. That's what this song is all about, here Qfyre talks about where he came from with his testimony and how he made up in his mind that he was not going to turn back to the ways of the world. You then get Mynista's testimony on "Burnin'" as he talks about how he was able to overcome the enemy. We all must come to this point in our lives, because if we ride with the devil we'll fall but Jesus is Lord and can carry us.

After Mynista's finishes burnin' up the track, Qfyre & J7 let you know that it's "Time 2 Rize." This is a very rowdy track where these two emcees encourage the listener to die to their flesh so that they can rise up and walk in the Spriit. They also encourage them to not give up and quit, but keep running the race because we have Jesus as our help. "On Da Shelf" is next on the album, and here you hear more testimony to let you know that Jesus can bring you out of anything. The focus of this song is to let you know that you always need to carry Jesus with you, as well as your Bible, instead of leaving it at home on the shelf, otherwise you're going to end up on the shelf (jail). If you want to live and have eternal life, then you have to get your Bible off the shelf and open it up! Following "On Da Shelf" is the track "Rescue Me," which is where Qfyre tells of how he cried out to the Lord to come and rescue him from his mischevious ways that were going to send him to hell. At some point, if we haven't already been there, we're all going to have to cry out to Jesus and ask Him to rescue us! After He rescues us, He cleans us up and makes us squeaky clean and righteous in His site, which is exactly where we want to be.

Next the emcees let the world know that they're "Fyremen" who are coming to "Shake Dis Place" for the Lord. The album then rounds out with two solid tracks. The first is "Wash Me," which is a very sentimental and powerful song. This song is a cry for all of those out there who need Jesus to come into their lives. It's basically an alter call where they show you how to accept the Lord and let Him wash you white as snow. The hook on this song is so Spirit-filled that it nearly brings me to tears everytime I hear it. Even though I'm saved, I still need Jesus to wash me up on a daily basis, and this song just echoes my daily cry to the Lord. And now that you're sure that you have Christ in your life from listening to "Wash Me," the album rounds out with an anthem that will leave you empowered and remember who you're living for. The name of the song is "Jesus (Our Anthem)" and it's another one of my favorites (well, they all are). The motivation behind this song is to simply let everyone know that this music and ministry is all about Jesus and that we're going to represent His name.

I'm so glad that I bought this album. I'll admit that on my very first listen, I wasn't completely feeling it, but that was moreso because I wasn't spiritually in tune. When I bumped this in my car for the first time (second or third listen), my spirit was in tune and this album hit me like a pile of bricks. The Holy Spirit shined on every single track, without question. The production was top notch, and the lyricism from all three emcees was inspiring. I don't say this about many albums, but this is one of those albums that is going to change your life; it's not necessarily because of anything they say, but it's because of the power of the Holy Spirit that is behind the music! I praise God for Mynista, Qfyre and J7 because God really used them on this project. I'll be bumping this album for a long time to come. If you want to get your hands on this Whyte Fyre Boyz album, head to and pick up a copy (or two) of Worldwide Warriaz. I promise, you won't be disappointed or be the same!

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Tuesday, July 18

7/18 [:: From Aaron ::]

This is a post from our Message board by "Aaron" about "Whyte Fyre Boyz : WorldWide Warriaz"


...Also tonight, after I got off work, I saw a Muslim girl named Hannah who I haven't talked to much because GOD hasn't told me to witness to her heavily, but since I saw her walking in the parking lot with her "friend/driver/boyfriend/sibling I had to quickly turn to track 12, which is 'JESUS (Our Anthem)" and then fast forward a bit to get close to the chorus, and then let it play and after wasting a moment by pretending I'm busy in the car, I then started to drive off slowly and when I glanced out the window on the right I saw Hannah's head turned toward my car. She was listening. lol. I then drove away so happy because my 15 second mission was fulfilled. She heard the whole chorus and I assume she knew it was me.

I love having songs such as "JESUS (Our Anthem)" handy in case I want to use them when cetain people around, that way they will clearly know that what I'm listening to is about JESUS Christ. Often times people hear my music, and even the words, but during the short period of time they hear it they don't recognize it as holy music. Anyways, today went perfect.

Excellent job on the album. Like you said, the fyre is spreading.

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Tuesday, July 11

7/11 [5 Children Drown In St. louis, Mynista Concert Cancelled]

From all of us in the Warria Records Family, we send our deepest condolences and our sincerest prayers to the families of the children who lost their lives this weekend. This unexpected tragedy has shaken all of us, and the Mynista concert that was scheduled for Tuesday, July 11th at the St. Louis Dream Center has been canceled. We ask that you would pray for everyone affected by this accident.

Mynista and the Warria Records Staff.

Five children drown in Meramec River
By Bill Bryan

Five children ages 10-17 drowned Sunday evening in the Meramec River during a church group outing at Castlewood State Park in southwest St. Louis County , authorities confirmed today. One of them apparently drowned trying to save his siblings; none of them knew how to swim.

Police said four of the victims had the same mother -- Bryant Barnes, 10, Dana Johnson, 13, Ryan Mason, 14 and Damon Johnson, 17, all of the 4800 block of Margaretta Avenue. The fifth victim is Deandra, 16, of the 4800 block of Anderson Avenue. Dana Johnson is the only girl among the fatalities.

Damon Johnson died at a hospital overnight; the bodies of the others were recovered from the river.

A sixth child pulled from the water was hospitalized.

The victims were members of the St. Louis Dream Center, an organization created by the Joyce Meyers Ministries and located at Margaretta and Natural Bridge Avenues in St. Louis. The mother of the four related children was identified as Edris Moore, 36, who had been a volunteer at the church before being hired recently to work in its kitchen. She had eight children and the family was heavily involved in the church, sources said.

She told the Post-Dispatch today that six of her eight children were on the trip and none of them knew how to swim. "It was not a swimming thing they were going after," Moore said.

She said Damon Johnson, the oldest, drowned when he went into the water trying to save others.

Asked what her surviving children thought of the ones who drowned, Moore said:

"They know their brothers and sisters are in heaven... I know I'll see them again."

Jeff Allensworth, pastor at the Dream Center, said of the tragic outing:

"Let me say this is one of the most horrendous things a church family, any family, would have to go through. I just ask that as we sort through this and minister to the families, you all pray for us."

He said they were still trying to determine exactly what happened.

Saying he was "deeply grieved" by the drownings, Allensworth added: "We did everything that could be done.... It was not a dangerous situation."

About 50 children from the group were playing on the sandy beach and wading in the river near the park’s boat ramp when the drownings happened about 6:30 p.m., authorities said,

Parts of the river are shallow enough to walk in, but the bodies were found in water eight to 12 feet deep. Witnesses said one of the children got into trouble in the water, and several others tried to save him, but all went under. County police could not confirm the witness account.

Two youngsters were pulled from the water within minutes, and one of them died later at a hospital. The Missouri State Water patrol dragged the river from 8:00 p.m. Sunday until 6:00 a.m. Monday, recovering four other bodies in 8 to 12 feet of water said Lou Amighetti, a spokesman for the Water Patrol.

The bodies were about 200 yards downstream from a sandy beach where the group likely entered the water. Athletic shoes, water bottles and a breathing mask with instructions were seen on the beach. The water at the beach area was calm this morning, though a swift current ran further down the waterway.

It was unknown if any of the children knew how to swim; none was wearing a lifejacket. Lifejackets are not mandated for non-boaters, authorities said.

“We’re really not sure what happened,” Amighetti, said. “Maybe the kids were caught off guard.”

Amighetti said the section of the river where the drownings occurred is not considered dangerous, "but you have to take precautions.”

"It was just depressing. It was horrible," said Tracy Panus, a spokeswoman for St. Louis County police. "You have a church group out there for a good reason, a good cause. No one is out there drinking or getting stoned, and a tragedy can happen just like that. It's kids and it's tragic."

Rescue workers were hampered by inconsistent reports about how many children were attending the event and how many were missing, Panus said.

Richard Love, the park superintendent, said Castlewood is visited by 3,500,000 people a year, and that drownings are rare.

“We are probably known more for our mountain bicycling and hiking, but a lot of people use the river,” Love said.

Love said he could remember only three drownings in15 years in the park before Sunday.

People had placed balloons and Teddy bears in front of the church today. Reporters and others were being kept off the property of the church.

Leon McNichols, the grandfather of the four siblings, said he was told Damon Johnson jumped into the water and saved the child who survived, but that he drowned along with the others who were trying to help. He called Damon "his hero" and said all the children were "good kids."

"They're the kind of children in this day and age you want to hear about," McNichols said. "They're children of faith -- children with a strong faith and intelligence."

Neighbor Clister Ingrum, who has lived in the tidy, tree-lined neighborhood of brick bungalows for 50 years, said he was especially sorry for the parents.

"The parents are the ones who are suffering," Ingrum said.

The Dream Center's Web site describes it as "an inner-city church with a heart to reach out, bringing hope and healing place to a hurting world." It was started in 2000, based on the Los Angeles Dream Center, to be a multiracial, interdenominational church offering social services including a teen drop-in center and programs for the homeless.


The Associated Press contributed information for this story.

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Friday, July 7

7/7 [:: From Kristina ::]

This is a testimony email I received....THE GLORY BELONGS TO GOD!! Enjoy!--------

Peace and Blessings my name is Kristina luisa Flores I am a single mother living in the Lighthouse Ministries womens shelter in Lakeland FL. A few weeks ago I was on my way to the church that is affiliated with the ministry when I felt a tug in my spirit to go to Without Walls Central. so I turned around, I was feeling a little confused but I said ok GOD you must have a word for me tonight, I accept it, and I'm going to receive it because I believe in you Father and I'm putting it all in your hands. After putting my children in childcare I entered the sanctuary right on time to hear Mynista rap a message of healing, and I felt my soul set on fire! GOD rekindled the passion within me, I felt alive again. You see the Lord told me along time ago that he wants to use me to preach the gospel through rap but I was scared I said: "Lord nobodys gonna want to hear nothing from me, I'm a single mom, a sinner I've done so much dirt in my life" but he said Kristina Luisa, look at your name it means Christ like Warrior that is what I designed you to be and no matter what you've been through I'm here to take you to the next level, woman you are a daughter of the everlasting father creator of the heavens and the earth, don't you know who you serve? Ever since that night its like the flood gates were opened I have been able to write non stop continuously overflowing, my spirit is jumping for Joy with an inner knowing that GOD is going to use me to do his will and be apart of the resurrection of the dead youth. If you look around you'll understand what I'm saying Satan is playing his tricks and head games on the children of this planet and its time to rise up to be the warriors Christ has called us to be faithful and fully focused on Jehovah the all knowing and supreme. Always remembering that its not about me, I'm just a humble servant in the Lords army!

- Kristina Luisa Flores a.k.a. KristWarria

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Wednesday, July 5

7/5 [WFB: "WorldWide Warriaz" Is Available Now!!


[Whyte Fyre Boyz: WorldWide Warriaz (Full length)]


Warria Records

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Wednesday, June 28

6/28 ["The Warria Nation" by Rick Joyner]

Rick Joyner: "The Warrior Nation--The New Church Leadership"

Warriors Are the Next Church Leaders

"There are many soldiers, but not many warriors," a Special Forces officer once told me. There are many professional soldiers who may take their jobs very seriously and be very good at what they do, but when you meet a warrior, you know the difference.

Church leadership is about to be transferred from the hands of professionals, to the hands of true warriors, which the soldiers of the cross will all soon become.

Warriors run to the sound of battle, not away from it. Warriors thrive in the intensity of conflict and danger. They are not discouraged by opposition or trouble, but rather come alive when faced with them. Such will be the
constitution of the emerging generation of Christians. Those who think the emerging generation is soft, will be shocked at the warrior nation that will soon be revealed.

God Is A Warrior

God is a Warrior. He uses the title "Lord of Hosts" or "Lord of Armies" ten times more than all of His other titles. He is a martial God. Those who are going to reveal Him in these times, are going to begin to take on the demeanor and discipline of a warrior, because the emerging generation is being prepared to serve in the
greatest time of trouble the world has ever known. Even so, they will face those troubles with faith and confidence. They will earn the title "Overcomers" because they will never give way to opposition, troubles, or battles, but will fight to win like Joshua, who fought until the victory was total.

These emerging warrior Christians will have this same resolve because they will know who they are, Who has sent them, and the power of the Kingdom that they represent. Like King David's mighty men, their exploits will be noised abroad and strike fear into the hearts of the enemies of the King.

As this warrior generation emerges, it will impact and bring transformation to the body of Christ, which will be so profound, that churches will start being thought of more as military bases than congregations. Serious training and the sending out of spiritual forces for unprecedented strategic initiatives will become the order of the day.

It Is Time For War

As we are told in Ecclesiastes 3:8, there is "A time for war, and a time of peace." This is a time for war. It is no accident that one of the greatest worshipers in Scripture, King David, was also one of the greatest warriors. True worship and warfare go together. How can one be a true worshiper of God and not be provoked by the evil of our time, and stand for the truth by standing against the evil to set the captives free?

The warriors who are about to arise will be provoked to action by every evil stronghold that holds men in bondage, and they will begin to bring them down with their divinely powerful weapons.

As this radical change comes upon the church, and every true Christian becomes a fearless warrior for the truth of the gospel, the basis of the great character change that will come will begin with them living by the greatest code, of the greatest warriors the world has ever known--to die daily, to not live for themselves, but for the King, and to do all things for the sake of His gospel.

As the Lord said in Luke 9:23-24, "If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me. For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will save it."

This is the code of a true disciple, who is a true warrior. The world is about to witness what true disciples are like--the true salt and light of the world.

When we are already dead to this world, there is nothing the world can do to us, and we will fear nothing on this earth. Those who live without fear are the most free and powerful people on earth. There is nothing that strikes more fear into the camp of the enemy than such a people walking the earth again. They are already among us and will now begin to emerge. It is a generation unlike any that has walked the earth before. The Lord really has saved His best for last.

There can be no victory without a battle. The bigger the battle, the bigger the victory. There has been a very subtle mentality spreading over much of the church that Christians should not experience troubles, and if they do, they are not walking in faith. This is exactly contrary to the Scriptures, as both the Lord Jesus and the apostles explained the trials and tribulations that Christians are called to go through. There is a purpose for the trials, and there is victory that comes from facing them with faith and steadfastness. It was said of the ministry of the great Apostle Paul, that he went about "Strengthening the souls of the disciples, exhorting them to continue in the faith, and saying, 'We must through many tribulations enter the Kingdom of God'" (Acts 14:22).

The generation that embraced the pseudo faith teachings that promoted a refusal to even acknowledge problems and troubles, became possibly the weakest generation of Christians in history. The meltdown of morality, integrity, and basic spiritual courage in the last generation, resembles something like a drug induced stupor more than biblical faith. However, this has begun to change, and the change will continue until the transformation is complete.

Shock Troops

There is a new breed of Christians that are going to emerge who are more militant than the world has seen since the first century. They are warriors/fighters who will live with the resolve not to surrender a single acre of ground to the enemies of the cross. The emerging generation is about to change forever the impression that Christians are wimps, fearful and cowering before the intimidating forces of this world. Because of this present impression of the nature of Christians, the first wave will create shock waves of both fear and wonder in the present powers that be. This will begin to awaken the rest of Christianity to its true nature and destiny, just as Gideon's breakthrough caused the rest of Israel to arise and take the spoil.

Clean Your Weapons

Soldiers know that a weapon which jams at the wrong time, can mean death to themselves and many others, so they spend much time cleaning and caring for their weapons. The Apostle Paul wrote about the divinely powerful weapons that we have been given. Few Christians understand these and fewer still have learned to use them. That is about to change. We are going to take the same kind of daily care for what we have been entrusted with, and be the finest, most trustworthy soldiers.

We must understand that the weapons of our warfare are not carnal weapons, but much more powerful. The divinely powerful and uncompromising weapons are spiritual--they are both love and truth.

Warriors Love Truth

Truth spoken under the anointing is the most powerful force on the earth.

Like a good soldier, we should be continually cleaning and caring for the precious truth we have been entrusted with. We must become the most skilled marksmen who can hit their targets right in the heart every time, without hesitation. Our weapons must never jam.

Nations will soon bow the knee to the irresistible power of the truth that is about to be proclaimed by an irresistible army. They will confront the greatest darkness of our time, and they will push it back. In all things, they will stand resolute and without compromise so that all evil will retreat before them.

This coming army will not be like the world's armies, which kill and destroy, pillage, and plunder their way through territory, but it will instead heal, restore, and set free those who are conquered by it. They will not come to take, but to give. The earth has never seen such an army as that which will soon be released upon the earth. The call is right now going forth all over the earth to all who would be a part of it.

This army will strike fear into all who are not a part of it, including many sleeping or deluded Christians. The world has never seen anything like this before. The spirit of Elijah, which was upon John the Baptist to prepare the way for the Lord the first time, is coming upon tens of thousands to prepare for His second coming. Just as all of Judea came out to see John, whole nations will come to hear and be baptized by those who are about to be revealed.

Rick Joyner
MorningStar Ministries

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Friday, June 23

6/23 - [FREE FYRE!! (Downloads)]


What it is Fam-ah-lay!
We at Warria Records have put together an ANOINTED, FREE, POWER-FILLED, GLORY SOAKED package for our fokes WorldWide...God has not forgotten YOU.....He'll never leave ya', or forsake ya....and He will be ON TIME FOR YOU.......IN-JOY!

HOLY (Mynista, Qfyre, J7)


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HOLY (Mynista, Qfyre, J7)


REZAREKTION (Qfyre, D-Real, Mynista)



Warria Records

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