Friday, February 17

2/17/06 - [From Krystal to Mynista]

I just thought I would share this encouraging email that I received with every one....cause this is what it's all can check out more emails that I have received in our "Miracle Makers" forum on our message board. The Glory is God's!...




your music has helped me and friends come closer to christ.. i thank GOD that he changed your life to help change mine. People that I never thought would be close to GOD are now talking and asking me to pray for them.

I really do appreciate your music and i ask that GOD bless you with more!!!


Your sister in Christ ♥


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Friday, February 10

Fri. 02/10/06 - [MYNISTA T.V. Episode #11]

Mynista T.V. episode #11 !! Enjoy!! (Just click on the T.V. Below!)

Watch Mynista T.V.

:: here is the url to subscribe to Mynista T.V. (works with Itunes !) ::

If You Can't See The Video, but you can hear the audio...Click Here To Download Quicktime 7 For Windows.

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