Thursday, September 28


Whut up everybody,

I Just wanted to hit my fokes up with an update and some Nuggets O' Fyre in general...
First of all....Jesus Is Lord!....and that's that...
Seems like everywhere I turn these days (or click when it comes to the internet), I see more and more compromise. Some people that claim to be reppin' Christ are only really reppin' themselves....It's sad really. We are at a crucial crossroads in the Body of Christ where fokes are gonna have to make a decision...If the only thing you are out to do is please the world....if all you are seeking is the applause of the world....then man(Or Woman) be real and stop fakin'....stop deceiving the ignorant, and acting like you serving Jesus, when really you are only servin' yo' self....eatin' up any stray sheep that you can find. But for those that are really servin Christ....God is saying "Well Done!" and for "US" He is saying "Enter into the Joy of the Lord"...but in order to enter into "The Joy Of The Lord"....the choice is still ours! Don't make any detours....don't be influenced by the sect of "Compromisers" that are prominent in the Body right now....cause "WE" are on track! Continue down the path that you have been traveling on....your Reward(s) are on the way!
I encourage all believers that are truly hungry and thirsty for RIGHTEOUSNESS to really STAND! ... in every area of your life...Including MUSIC. Not only do we need to gaurd our hearts from the poison that the secular artists are putting out....but we have to stand our ground in the Church as well. Our slogan here at Warria Records is "Holy Spirit Filled Rap Music"....cause thats what you are gonna get...We Minister (Serve) the Spirit of God to y'all....FULLY!
Rappin about Rims, shoes, Cars, and all of that "Temporary" stuff ain't doin' nothin' for nobody...and I aint even talkin about the World right now....I'm talking about IN THE CHURCH!
So let's not even pay attention to those compromising their gifts and talents....turn em off!....definitely don't applaud em' and say "Good Job"....cause in reality....God's reality....regardless of how talented they are...they are not doing a good job....and "Faithful are the wounds of a friend....but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful" don't kiss (Applaud or celebrate) those that are "OFF" real with em, and confront their may wound em at first...but in the end...they will appreciate that you had enough courage to be real.
Another area we have to deal with is "Unbelief"...I'm not talking about unbelief in Christ Jesus....but Unbelief in the "Fullness" of Christ Jesus (The Full Gospel). Unbelief is dangerous to your destiny! Jesus Christ is still the same "Yesterday, Today, and Forever"....yet alot of people in the body are saying different. Jesus is still a Healer and He still takes pleasure in the prosperity of His servants....and WE still have the authority that HE gave us so that WE can STILL lay hands on the sick and see them recover, WE still have the authority to cast out devils, We still have been authorized by God to perform Signs, Miracles, and Wonders...and yes...even raise the dead! (Literally!)...just like in the book of Acts! ....BUT ONLY IF YOU BELIEVE!!....ONLY IF YOU BELIEVE THAT THIS AUTHORITY IS YOURS...ONLY IF YOU BELIEVE THAT THESE THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WILL YOU EVER SEE THESE THINGS HAPPEN THROUGH YOU!! So if your favorite "Artist" , or even so called "Friends" are speaking out against everything I've just mentioned....including against a BALANCED prosperity message (Cause God wants us blessed that WE can be a blessing....we can't help the Po'.....if we Po'!) and especially if they are speaking out against GOD'S servants that GOD is using mightily (Like Pastor Benny Hinn)....then you should turn off those artist...and people as well....cause unbelief is a very dangerous seed....and if you allow it to be planted into your heart....the harvest will be a field of weeds and thorns that will eventually "choke out" your dreams, destiny, and purpose of God for your life.
The last thing I wanted to talk about was "The Power of the tongue" (Prov 18:21). There should be a difference in the way that we talk period. Our vocabulary should not match the world's vocabulary "Word for Word"....we speak Life....they speak death. A lot of times I hear people in the Body of Christ...especially rappers saying how "Sick and Nasty" they or some other artist is...they have good intentions....but the tongue isn't lining up with those good intentions....or lining up with the Word of God. What they are doing is speaking death. I'm not "Sick"....and I'm not "Nasty" I'm Healthy....I aint nasty....I'm the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus!! The tongue is powerful...check out Proverbs the 4th Chapter....and all over the bible period....when God created the Earth....He spoke everything into existence....("Let there Be")... So we, the Body of Christ need to make sure that what we are speaking is lining up with the Word of God....and then....when we are thinking like God (His Word invested into our hearts)...Speaking like God (Speaking His Word from our heart by FAITH)....and Acting like God (Putting His Word into Action by FAITH...Acting On His Word by FAITH).....then we will have the Awesome, Powerful, Creative results that God is expecting...and that WE SHOULD BE EXPECTING! (The Return of His Word In Action). So instead of saying sick, or nasty when trying to describe someone or something that is good....say "Nice"...."Good"..."Awesome"...."Talented" or some other positive confession....after all....your confession is more powerful than you think....Christianity is often called the "Great Confession"....cause when you Believed on Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior in your heart....and "CONFESSED" it with your mouth....He came into your heart and saved your soul!! Now you have a job to do as have to save your dreams, destiny, and Guarding your hearts from The World's Poison, People's Compromise, and Unbelief.....and by Speaking Right!

But the thing is...are you willing to pay the price and make the sacrifices that God is asking you to make so that He can use you in the way that He wants to use you....since you have free will....The Choice is for me and my house (Warria Records)...we gonna serve the Lord!

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Jesus Reignz!
Mynista a.k.a. Docta Wuzdead

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