Friday, March 27

Pressing Out My Sound! Rehearse In The Dark! [A Prophetic Word Through Chuck Pierce]

Pressing Out My Sound! 
Rehearse In The Dark!

The Spirit of the Lord said,
"My intercessory assignments are coming upon you. You will recognize My burden. You will recognize how to move forward. Hear, for I will 'paga' you and strike you with the power of My intercession. There is a pressing sound that I am pressing from My people at this time. Though the sound has not risen through that barrier that is holding you captive, I am pressing! This sound is in you and I am beginning to push out the cry that will bring forth your deliverance this hour. Feel the press of My hand! Let Me press again so you can press and win.

"The sound within you will begin to rumble and stir! Hear the rumble, for this is the beginning of the shaking and falling of the barrier that is surrounding you. Within you is the sound that will surround you. This sound will overtake the sounds of confusion outside of you.

There are gray, dark clouds forming and I am doing something in you to get you ready to move in the dark dimension that is ahead of you. Do not let the darkness frighten you. I have not called you forth yet. I am getting you ready because in the midst of darkness I will have a group that moves forward.

Rehearse in the dark. Rehearse in the dark. Even this week, rise up and rehearse in the dark. You will have eyes that you have been given to see in the dark. I will give you eyes to see in the dark. This week rehearse in the dark. Rehearse in the dark. Rehearse in the dark.

"There are many lost in their darkness. Many are saying, 'Lord, I don't know how to come through. I don't know how to move in. I don't know where I'm going.' Outside of the place you are in, light is already shining. Come outside of yourself. I have new ways of showing you breakthrough. I have new ways of leading you forward. I have new ways. I have new ways. I have new sight. I have different ways of revealing Myself to you.

Rehearse in your darkness. Do not let your darkness throw you off this week. Rehearse in the midst of your darkness. Your rehearsal is where I will penetrate you with the call of intercession that will bring you to breakthrough. I hear My people keep saying, 'If only I had this' and 'If only I had that'. If you will rehearse in the midst of your darkness, you will find that there was light all along that would come forth. You would find that there was sound all along that would break through. You would find that there was supply that you could not receive in the light but now you will be able to harvest in the dark. This is a time of rehearsing in the darkness. Wait for My sound to arise in the dark.

I am training your senses this hour. I am moving in you so that you will taste and see that I'm good. You are relying upon one sense and I'm attempting to develop another. This will be a year that I must have all senses in operation. You must embrace all that I have given you to taste, see, feel, hear and smell at this time to sense Me working in your midst. This will cause a new way of communication to arise. I am developing new ways of communication in you now. You will know and hear the enemy in a new way. You will know Me in a new way.

"You keep wanting to go back. You keep wanting to go back to a place where you were comfortable in sight, comfortable in taste, comfortable in hearing, and comfortable with the smell of what you have eaten. But that is not the place that I am calling you. Leave behind your youthful lusts. Leave behind your youthful ways of examining Me. I am calling you in a new way. Mature in Me!"


Thursday, March 26

The Character, Claims, And Practical Workings Of Freemasonry [Free E-Book By Charles Finney]

Freemasonry is evil. Period. Charles Finney was delivered from the lies and deception of Freemasonry and published an expose on the "fraternal order" in 1869. Here is that publication in PDF format for you to download. Be enlightened! I'll be posting more on this subject in the future as God releases me to do so. Jesus Is Lord!

"I soon found that I was completely converted from Freemasonry to Christ, and that I could have no fellowship with any of the proceedings of the Lodge. Its oaths appeared to me to be monstrously profane and barbarous...

   At that time I did not know how much I had been imposed upon by many of the pretensions of Masonry. But, upon reflection and examination, a severe struggle and earnest prayer, I found I could not consistently remain with them. My new life instinctively and irresistibly recoiled from any fellowship with what I now regarded as the unfruitful works of darkness." - Charles Finney

Click Here To Download The PDF File Now!


Wednesday, March 25

Mynista And Slugger Roo Concert At Tower Grove Christian School [Video/Slugger Roo T.V.]

Me and my homie Slugger Roo were recently in concert at Tower Grove Christian School here in St. Louis (shots out to Chi Mathias for makin' it happen!). This is Roo's footage (Slugger Roo T.V.), my footage is on the way! Since Roo didn't include any footage of his own performance, I'll be sure to add lots of it in mine! We performed/ministered at two assemblies. The first one was for the elementary school kids, and the second one was for the middle and high school kids...the whole day was BONKERS (amazing)! Check it out!

Technology And The Gospel [Photo]

Praise God for technology! NOW in our "age" we have ways of preaching the Gospel that the early Church saints would have loved to have access to. I hope that you're doing all that you can with all that is available to you these days. Our purpose for social networking shouldn't be the same as the worlds purpose for social networking. We are the light of THE WORLD (Math 5:14)! Christ in us is "The hope of glory!" Souls are lost, and The Church needs exhortation and edification. Log in, use whatever you can get your hands on, and make a difference!

[Mark 16:15]


Saturday, March 21

MYNISTA Painting [Created By Moving Messages]

Shots out to my homie Matthew over at "Moving Messages" for creating this slick painting of ya' dude.


Monday, March 16

Fella' Shippin' At DMCC [Photos]

Me and a few of my St. Louis dudes ministered together at Deliverance Mission Christian Center (DMCC) in Belleville, IL this past weekend. From top to bottom:

Me and Mike Real, Common Man, and Kry.


Thursday, March 12

The Prophetic Voice

I received the following email yesterday from a cool man of God that I met at one of my recent concerts, praise God for what's happening, and praise God for what's COMING! The glory belongs to Him! check it out...

God has given you an awesome gift and so many are being blessed by it. You are speaking in a "phenomenal today's generation voice" that both the young and older generations can experience. I can't speak for other people but I can speak for myself, "I'm feelin' da' MYNISTA!" And even though I am considered to be a spiritual father to many young sons and daughters, you were able to impart into my life a spiritual blessing through your prophetic ministry and music and for this I'm truly grateful.

God Bless!
Pastor Anthony L. Hinton


My Homie Kelly Roades Interviewed By Fox STL About The Recent Murder Of An Illinois Pastor [Video]

My homie Kelly Roades was recently interviewed by Fox news St. Louis about the recent murder of a pastor in Illinois. Kelly sent out an email today saying that Fox edited out all of the stuff he said about Jesus delivering him etc. make sure y'all stop by my dude's website, drop him an email full of encouragement, and pray for him! Great Job Rev!

P.S. I think it's about time that mainstream church bulletins and websites start using photos of people that look like us sometimes, instead of the "model saint stock photos" that are so common and unreal... I'm just venting. I just made a mistake and deleted the last 25 posts of my me Jesus! lol. I'm ok...

Click here to view the video if you can't see it above.


Made a Mistake and Deleted The Last 25 Posts Of My Blog!!

Pray for me! I'm trying to handle this without gettin' all upset....Stay tuned for me Lord! 


Straight Street Now Available At Itunes

Thanks in advance for your purchase and leaving a great review (if you like it lol)! You'd be surprised at how many people make music purchases based on the opinions of others alone!

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In The Time Of Trouble

It's no secret that we are indeed living in "a time of trouble."

I know awesome men of God that have lost their jobs during this time of "economic chaos."  So as a man of faith, I don't deny that the trouble is real, because it's very real, but I do know that we serve a God that "sits" higher, and "sees" higher than any ounce of  trouble that could come your way!

Psalm 27:5 says:

"For in the time of trouble he shall hide me in His pavilion: in the secret of His tabernacle shall He hide me: He shall set me up upon a rock."

As the "just" (the Lord's redeemed people), we are to walk by faith, and not by sight (Hab 2:4, Gal 3:11). In the natural, we see a river rising around us, we see the huge waves threatening to take the very breath that we should be praising God with. Our natural reaction is to "hold our breath" here and there, as we try to survive.

I encourage everyone reading this blog to release a shout (praise) of faith! let the enemy and your circumstances know that you will never "hold your breath." When you praise in faith, you are working your faith! We know that faith without works is dead (Jam 2:20). So when you begin to praise God in the face of chaotic circumstances, you release your living, breathing, active faith! (Hebr 11:1).

Psalm 27:6 says:

"And now shall my mine head be lifted up above mine enemies round about me: therefore will I offer in his tabernacle sacrifices of joy; I will sing, yea, I will sing praises unto the Lord."

Fear is your enemy. Worry is your enemy. Depression is your enemy. Confusion is definitely your enemy. Even though you may not feel like it, even if you feel like your "joy tank" is on "E", PRAISE GOD ON PURPOSE! (that's why it's called a sacrifice of joy). It's "by faith" that the setting up upon a rock (the manifestation of God's secure place for you, a.k.a. "deliverance") begins. 

God has already prepared a "wealthy place (Ps 66:12)" for you (that doesn't mean finances only, but it does include finances). He saw the trouble before it came, and He has already prepared your needed provision for this time! Now praise Him like you believe it, and expect the "place" to manifest!

In Christed!
Mynista a.k.a. Docta Wuzdead


Straight Street EP Release Concert Photos



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