Sunday, March 28

[Video] Step Off The Edge And Fly [Base Jumping In Wing Suits]

This video is awesome. The just shall live by FAITH (Habakkuk 2:4, Hebrews 10:38)! I have a couple of songs coming out soon (on GENERATIONS) that would also fit this video perfectly....stay tuned!

Base jumping in wing suits.
Music: "Fly" by Jonathan David Helser

Can't see the vid? Visit


Monday, March 22

[Flyy Faith Clothing Co.] New ALIVE (no skulls) T-Shirt Color Way

 Now in Gray/Red/White!

Have you been shopping for t-shirts lately? If so, then you've noticed that it's hard to find ones that don't have skulls and crossbones on them. It's no secret that these symbols usually represent poison and death. As Christians, we are no longer dead in our sins but rather we are ALIVE In Jesus Christ, and that's why we've released this simple yet loud message as our first official FLYY FAITH design. Wear life!

Visit to copp yours now [Click Here]!




Tuesday, March 16

[Photo] The "DEVOTED" video enters the editing stage: COMING SOON!!!

I Just got a tweet from @mbills and @robshirley and it read:

"Just working on the new @MYNISTA Devoted video! It's gonna be hype...for king and kingdom!"

and it had this picture attached to it, so stay tuned! 



[Photo] My Dood Jermel is "DEVOTED"

Slugger Roo snapped this pic of the homie Jermel representin' down at the barber college! My dood is "DEVOTED."

Wednesday, March 3

[Photos] Street Ministry [East St. Louis]

Tellin' em 'bout JESUS.
Thank you in advance for taking a sec to pray for the dudes on these pics, thx!


Monday, March 1

[Photos] Mark And Trina Hankin's St. Louis Meetings


Top Pic: Me, C-Micah, and Slugger Roo (out of the pic) "SANGIN" Nuthin But The Blood.

Bottom Pic: I'm Rappin' "Raindance," and the people are gettin' it in (including Pastor Trina)! In case you don't know, Raindance is referring to "Holy Ghost Rain!"

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