Monday, August 20

8/20/07 Mynista T.V. Episode #24 (PASSOVA SLIDESHOW) and BLOG!]

"WOW" is the word! God has been doing some pretty amazing things in this ministry of His over the past few months. I have been seeing lost souls come into the kingdom of God like crazy! and I'm not exaggerating, I'm not even the kind of dude that gets into exaggerations. I've been "in my call" grinding hard for Jesus y'all....on the streets, AND in the Church...ministering to the youth, AND to the adults (I had to say that...some folks try to put me in a box). I was recently out in Washington MO with Pastor Ryan O'Hanlon (Youth Pastor of Living Bread Church)....we had a Full Blown MYNISTA..."concert" if you wanna call it that...and man....It was pow-er-full! We were outside on the waterfront at a park out there, where I exhorted the saints, and invited sinners into the Kingdom! I also ministered at a few places before and after that event (Including a few Christian youth camps in FL, IL, and MO), and at every place....The Glory of God, and the Anointing of God (the two are separate, the Glory is His Presence, and the Anointing is His Power)...showed up like WOW!!! From there It was on to Nashville/Franklin TN where Pastor Chris Whitney (Nashville Family Church) and a few other pastors were having a back to school outreach event in one of the "hoods" out there....again....Holy Spirit did His thang! two days later I flew out to Virginia where Victory Life Church (Pastor Phil Privette and Youth Pastor Matt Shearin) were having their 2007 "Faith On Fire" camp meeting. I don't even know where to begin tellin' y'all about what happened as we (my homeboy Qfyre met me in Virginia) ministered that Thursday and Friday night...lets just say "CHANGE" took place. One of my favorite moments was seeing the pile of sacrificed CD's that people brought in on Friday night! 50 cent was in that pile....Tupac....Eminem....trashy clothing, and a whole buncha' other poisonous garbage! I also got a chance to "kick it" with Pastors Mark and Trina Hankins, Pastor Charles Cowan, and psalmists/ministers...Bill and Renee Morris. A few days later Qfyre flew into St. Louis to record his upcoming album "Warhead" in my studio. During his stay, we hit the streets again, exhorted the saints again, and led at least 40 more souls to Christ as we ministered at two different outreach events in the inner city of St. Louis...and this all happened during the end of July and the first half of August! and this is only the beginning!

-Check out the MYNISTA T.V. slide show via youtube
....and if you are a Christian...."get your Mark 16:15-18 on!"
-And if you aren't a Christian YET..."get your John 3:16 on!"

All of the the glory belongs to Jesus!


Tuesday, August 14

Mynista T.V. Episode #23 (DURING THE CONCERT)]

MYNISTA T.V. Episode #23:

A couple of women of God jookin' to "Red Juice" as Mynista cranks it up live in Virginia (Victory Life's Campmeeting 2007). (Slide Show and Blog Coming Soon!).


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