Saturday, November 29

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Tuesday, November 25

FREE Mynista Ringtones!

All of my ringtones are now the the thang....make it rang....In Jesus Name!


Friday, November 21

The Pointersaurus And The Pilots [Mynista T.V.]

My homie Mike Baker is a pilot. He saw Pointers Pizza advertised on "The Food Network", so when he got to St. Louis, he wanted to go...he had hopes of conquering the legendary "Pointersuarus!"

Monday, November 17

Everything Is Going To Be Alright "IF"

Sometimes people are very quick to tell someone that "Everything is going to be alright", or something along those lines. However, that is not always true. Most of the time they are only giving people "False hope." In the bible, Jesus told a story/parable about two men that we're building houses. He said that the wise man was the man who built his home on "The Rock" because he not only heard the sayings, teachings and words of Jesus...but HE DID THEM! The foolish man was the man that heard the words of Jesus, but didn't do them. He built his home upon the sand. The storm beat upon both houses, but only the wise man's home stood "The test" (Luke 6:48,49). Not only does this apply to people that have not become Christians yet, but it also applies to the Christian. The Word of God comes in two forms: the Rhema Word (a timely, personal instruction, a prophetic "Now" word from God to you either by God speaking through someone, or a "word" from God illuminated to you by the Holy Spirit as you study God's Word), and the Logos Word (The general instructions of the verbatim written Word of God to everyone). [These are my paraphrased definitions from heart by the way!]

If you are "hearing", or "have heard" the Word of God, then the outcome of your "situation" is conditional...there is an "If" attached to it. "If" you choose the "Red Pill", and you do the Word of God...all is gonna' be well! But "if" you choose the "black pill", and you rebel and do your own thing, or whatever...then no. Everything is not gonna be alright. If you're a hearer only and not a doer, the bible says that you are deceiving yourself (James 1:22). Only the doers of the Word will see the rewards of those who diligently seek Him! (Hebrews 11:6)

So today, I just wanted to say..."If" you're in a storm right now, and "if" you're a doer of His Word..."Everything is gonna' be alright!"

If you're not doing His Word yet, praise God for His mercy and grace! Repent, begin to "do", and I guarantee you, things will begin to turn around in your life.

Thursday, November 13

I've Counted The Costs, I'm Up On My Cross

I counted the costs for the type of ministry that God called me into a long time ago. I know that regardless of how great my beats are, regardless of how great my delivery is...the fact remains that I am a Holy Ghost filled rap minister. That is something that is very rare in what they call "holy hip hop" or whatever. The things that I rap about are actually taught against in most of "other dudes" songs. But I believe The Word of God. I refuse to limit the Holy Spirit in His ministry on Earth TODAY! I believe, and what I believe is what I speak. I believe in miracles. Like Paul, I also preach "The Word of Faith (the gospel in the fullness of Christ)." I believe that God's will is healing and health for our bodies. I believe that the gifts of the Spirit are for today, ALL OF THEM. I believe in speaking in other toungues (I speak and pray in other toungues). I believe in a BALANCED message of financial providence. I'm a believer. Jesus Is My Lord. Jesus Is my Savior. Jesus Is my elder brother! And as He is, so am I in this world! So if I'm hated on for being WHO God called me to be, and speaking (rapping) what He is commanding me to be it. I truly know what it means to die to self. And praise God...cause this is the only type of ministry that bears MUCH FRUIT...His ministry....the ministry of The Holy Ghost. After all, He's the ONE that they are really persecuting.

From my cross,

Tuesday, November 11

Lets Turn The World Upside Down!

For those of you who are truly "Awake", you get the picture. But while I'm on the "subject", I passed by KFC not too long ago, and I noticed that the building design looked very masonic / illuminatic. I Did some research recently, and yup...the "colonel" was a Freemason. Wake up foke. Body of Christ "Stand Up!" Secret societies hate the true "Anointed Ones." (those who really walk "in" The Anointing of Jesus Christ) Read the second Psalm. I don't really talk about this stuff alot, but I feel it's time to "crack open" a few things. My testimony involves all of this. I was being "Pursued" by "the company" (Prison Break/Heroes anyone?) for my talents etc. The wickedness of Freemasonry / Eastern Stars had roots in my "family tree." But now MY FAMILY is FREE! More to come...stay tuned.

Nuthin' But The Blood [Lyrics]

[click here to listen to the song via iLike]

"Nuthin' But The Blood"
by Mynista a.k.a. Docta Wuzdead
"Straight Street" EP


I wanna' sing about The Blood umma' sing about it,
and I will never let nobody ever talk me out it.
Nuthin but The Blood, The Blood, The Blood, Blood,
Nuthin' but The Blood, The Blood, The Blood Of Jesus! (2x)

(Verse 1)

I plead The Blood it's like I'm coated with some red off,
it purges me from every plotting of the dead's boss.
It keep's and guards my mind, when I lay, and when I rise,
It prevents deceptions, opens up my spirit eyes.
It covers and protects, from them flaming projectiles,
every dart my enemy arches I'm safe and sound.
The Blood of Jesus is alive it's full of life and grace,
perfecting everything about me, working everyday.
And everything in me, in He it re-conciliates,
my family is privileged, we got His DNA.
In every way, in everything, according to His will,
we're like a secret society, got the same seal.
My Daddy is the Judge, Brother handles my defense,
it aint fair when the accuser approaches the bench.
I keep a smile up on my face because i know it's grace,
I did them things, but somehow they went missing from my case!


(Verse 2)

I throw the umbrella up over my wife and my kids,
it's big and red and got us flying like Mary Poppins.
we're soaked up underneath it, we have our own atmosphere,
and we aint never gotta worry 'bout no lack in here.
We keep it happy here, ha-ha-ha we're laughing here,
but that don't mean that we aint never been attacked in here.
We put our faith off in His Blood I said "Baby be strong",
He's gonna come through for us you keep your expector on.
It won't be long we're speaking Word like it's some vitamin,
we're giving like we're living in the Book of Acts again.
Our motive right, our heart pure,
plus we're swimming clear from the world and devil's lure.
We keep our confidence, we know in who we have believed,
It is written that the man who waivers can't receive.
That's why I don't be singing 'bout that stuff that don't mean nuthin',
His Blood is Love, and without Love people we profit nuthin'.


God is on my side, The Blood has been applied,
every need shall be supplied, and nothing denied,
so I enter into rest cause I'm blessed NOW...
gonna get God's best I passed the test NOW, hey!!! (2x)

(Chorus END)

(GOD IS ON MY SIDE: © Trina Hankins/Mark Hankins Ministries)

© Warria Records 2009

"Nuthin' But The Blood" featured on

"Nuthin' But The Blood" is featured as a "Leaked" track on dasouth.
If you're feeling it like "almost" everyone I've heard from is (there will always be someone who aint feelin' you lol, I learned that a looooonggg time ago! lol), then come thru and be heard, let foke know that you "Support the real!" (click on the banner below).


Monday, November 10

Friday, November 7

The Dream Center [Mynista T.V.]

I recently headed down to the St. Louis Dream Center (a Joyce Meyer ministry) to "Open Up" for my homie Pastor Rick Washington. A member of the dream center gives a healing report...

In Alexandria Louisiana With "My Company" [Mynista T.V.]

I recently headed out to Alexandria Louisiana (Christian Worship center-Pastors Aaron / Mark Hankins) to reach "out" to the community, and "in" to the saints. It's an awesome thing being around "like Spirited foke!"...that's what ya' call "your company."

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