Saturday, December 27


This Word has been on my heart for a few days now...

2009 is going to be a year of GREAT ILLUMINATION! God's glory will be seen on His "prepared ones." Gross darkness will cover the Earth, and GREAT LIGHT will cover the "sent." some prominent religious "theologians" will fall from their "high horses" as they experience God, and hear His voice in a supernatural "ray."

We have never been this way before as "The Church." Without following the leading of the Holy Ghost, some will lose the way...follow His leading.

New wine! New wine! New wine! The new wine is in the cluster, it is not found in one individual grape only. Make sure that you are connected to your cluster (company) of believers in this next season, Where two or more are gathered together, great manifestations of The Holy Ghost are going to "Quake your city!"

Only Believe that the glory of God is ON YOU....yes, YOU. God is going to shoot you out as an arrow of hope..."If you only believe."

Wednesday, December 17

She Loves The Song, Now She Loves Jesus!

I love to post praise reports! God is really doing great things over here! Today I received a friend request on myspace from a girl familiar to the "street life"...she heard "That Right Now" on my myspace page, saw my testimony vid, and hit me with the following message. I prayed for her, and emailed her back on how to become a Christian....and she emailed me back with an awesome message!....Praise God! The Glory is His! CHECK IT OUT!!...


I love the song.....I was really touched by your testimony...its time 4 me to change my ways. Most of the stuff you were saying...I'm involved in it to...I need God to come into my life and renew me in the name of Jesus...right now....would u pray for me?

[A New "In-Christed" Myspace Friend]

I'm not gonna post the rest of our conversation, but know that God is still saving, healing, delivering, changing lives....ALL THAT!!! He's ALL THAT!!!!!

Jesus Reignz!

Tuesday, December 16

That Right Now [New Song Posted!] URGENT MESSAGE!

"That Right Now" [Straight Street]

I boldly proclaim that this is one of the most important, powerful songs that you'll ever hear in your entire life. Not because I am the artist delivering "the package", but because of the "package" that is being delivered. People have all kinds of ideas and opinions about "righteousness" and what it means to be a Christian, but "most of the time" their ideas do not line up with the Word of God. This song is banging and enjoyable! The message is clear, and God is glorified! I pray that the lights "go on" as you listen to this revelatory message. We are dead to sin, and alive "In Christ." we are NOW entirely NEW creatures (those of us who are Christians)..."The righteousness of God in Christ Jesus!" The "Straight Street" EP will be arriving 1. 06. 09, the last two songs on the EP will be uploaded in the next few weeks...I want you to sorta be familiar with them at the release concerts! GET READY!

-Listen to "That Right Now" via
-Listen to "That Right Now" via Myspace
-Listen to "That Right Now" via Reverbnation

That Right Now [Lyrics] are a few scripts to chew on regarding righteousness! (Get your bible out!)

-(Rom 3: 21, 22)
-(Rom 3: 24)
-(Rom 4: 25)
-(Rom 5: 17)
-(Rom 6: 17, 18)
-(Rom 8: 33, 34)
-(Rom 10: 9, 10)
-(Rom 14:17)
-(2 Cor 5: 21)
-(Eph 1: 4, 5)
-(Eph 1: 6)
-(Eph 2:18)
-(Eph 4: 24)
-(Hebr 10: 14)
-(Hebr 10: 19)
----And A There's More Where Those Came From! STUDY!

That Right Now [Lyrics]

"That Right Now"
by Mynista a.k.a. Docta Wuzdead
"Straight Street" EP

Click here to listen to "That Right Now" via reverbnation

(Verse 1)

True my righteousness outside of Christ is filthy rags,
but now I'm out of me, "in He" I'm one with He and Dad.
I'm a son with the Son I share the same life,
this aint religion cause religion just some "dirty white."
His Holy Spirit livin' in me like a tenant now,
my body is His temple, He don't live in sinners, ahhhhh!
by His grace, through my faith I'm all brand new,
this aint about what I don't, but what I can do.
And who I have become, He doesn't want me dumb,
that's why He says be separate, He doesn't want me NUMB!
He didn't make me scum, I got a fitted crown,
He put a sig-a-net (signet) ring on me for His business NOW!
Now even demons bow, expel em' in His Name,
forget the rhetoric and theology lackin' flames!
I aint plain, boy um' clean not no common thing,
in case you didn't know HIS WORD validates what I'm sayin'.


-(WE!) So Clean! (brand new), so fresh (yes!)
no longer "DIRTY" you're in the presence of "righteousness" (2x)
-That "Right Now" not later, That "Right Now" not later (4x)

(Verse 2)

A saint aint just no sinner who fell down and "got back up!",
a saint is a whole new creature, a CHRISTIAN "By His Blood."
and let me do it real quick, I "Plead The Blood of Jesus",
I know my adversary actin' up and that'll freeze him!
He gotta stop in his maneuvers up against ME,
he aint strong enough, now why he try to bench me?
greater is He in me than he that is in the world,
let the weak say "I am strong" confession is yo' curls!
When it comes to knowing "us" some of us lackin' knowledge,
you can not light the world up with that insufficient wattage!
We're advancin', that's why we're dancin'!
we got a cloud of witnesses up in the grand stand!
We know the Lord is in us, He is the hope of glory,
He is the author of our faith He writes an awesome story!
War-a-ning (warning) spoy-a-ler (spoiler): in the end HE GETS THE GLORY!
He makes the natural state of being of man look boring!


(Verse 3)

That "right now not later", we took His escalator,
it was "one way" we went "up" and took off on the hater.
The great debater, he can trick ya' if you're ignorant,
open up ya' mouth, enunciate be sibilant.
Who you are "IN CHRIST" is definitely essential,
when you're tested by the "heckler" it's your credentials!
Your name is written in the "Lamb's book of life"...check!
And when you really walk off in that you become a threat!
you stand in battle as an overcomer you're a vet!
but don't you get comfortable "you haven't arrived yet!
That's why we press because we go from "one glory to next",
your ear hasn't heard, and "your eye hasn't seen it yet",
hop on His private jet, watch it become a shuttle,
out of the atmosphere of one strength off into another.
Some keep Him in a bubble, they think their being "humble",
but false humility will never make this planet rumble!

(Chorus out!)

© Warria Records 2009

Wednesday, December 10

A "Special" Thank You To My Supporters!

What it is fam!

I just want to personally thank all of you that have been showing your love and support for ya' boy and this ministry that I'm a stewart over! I'm sincerely praying specifically for you guys right now, and I know that God is gonna do great things for you....just for helping me! Just like Elisha and the Shunammite woman in the book of 2 Kings chapter 4. Thank you for celebrating God's anointing on my life! Expect change...expect the miraculous!

The "Straight Street" EP is on it's way out of the gate (Arriving 1. 06. 09), and I know that it's gonna' be a tool used by God to instigate change in the lives of all kinds of people across the globe (including you)! I have already started getting praise reports from the Mp3's that are up on my websites! Praise God! The EP will be available directly from my websites on launch date, and also itunes, amazon mp3, and all other major digital retailers...expect a "God encounter" in some way, shape or form when listening to this project!

For those of you that have already added the "Straight Street" banner (below) to your myspace profiles as your default pics, I've already added you to my top friends list! If any of you reading this decide to do so as well (thanks in advance!)...hit me up and let me know, so I can add you to my top!

Thanks again fam for helping me, as I get my prophetic "MARK 16:15-18" on in a "banging and creative manner" lol! again....expect a miracle!

In Christed,


Monday, December 8

And Another Soul Is "Truly" Illuminated [Praise Report]

Praise God! I have been gettin' praise reports left and right!, Thank You Abba (Daddy) for the "Harvest!" Check out this "jewel" and glorify the Lord with me and His angels! The Glory is God's!

"Hey man you have inspired me to find the Lord. I love rap and have been listening to gangsta rap since i was little. I wanted to listen to better music but couldn't stay away from it. I'm glad I found you cause I love your southern style and I don't have to let the devil in ya' know. I was like you, doing drugs and drinking everyday. I felt possesed too. Anyway when you said that the Jay-Z poster would wink at you telling you to sell your soul, I believe you. You know he is part of the illuminati. If you don't know what that is, it is a secret society that is dedicated to satan. Anyway keep up the good deeds and we'll kick it in paradise some day. Peace bro!!"

Patty Boy

Thursday, December 4

I Went To The Club Last Week...

lol, before I get stoned...I was preaching the GOSPEL! Me and a few of my St. Louis fam had the opportunity to evangelize in a St. Louis night spot last week, so I just wanted to post the following disclaimer from my heart for the "curious" foke...

I always find it to be an awesome experience when God commissions me to "go behind enemy lines." Club grinding for Christ is something that I am very familiar with, being that I have done it several times in the last nine years or so. I must state though that "club grinding for Christ Jesus" (evangelizing in night clubs via rap etc.) is not for everyone. The commissioned minister should be mature, consecrated, and strong enough to stand in the type of environment that is being infiltrated. But most importantly he or she should only go if they feel that the Holy Spirit is saying "go." In no way, shape or form do I promote or condone patronizing "in the club" to anyone. The club scene was a tool that Satan used to cause lots of destruction in my life before I gave my heart to Jesus. I'm not trying to "Get em' crunk" in the club...I'm out to get em' saved...and out to get em' out! Shots out to my homie "DJ G" for rallying the troops last week! I know that our mission will prove to be VERY FRUITFUL now, and in the years to come!

Mynista a.k.a. Docta Wuzdead

Wednesday, December 3

She Was Thinking About Singing Secular, But "Nuthin' But The Blood!" [Praise Report]

Praise God for fruitful ministry! obedience is truly the only way to go when it comes to doing what I do. I received the following email via youtube a few minutes ago, and just wanted to share. I have some more praise reports that I'll be posting soon as well, one of em' is an awesome doctor verified healing report that I received a couple of days ago via voice mail. I'm going to upload it as a podcast if I can. Check this out and rejoice with me! Praise God for giving this sister the "Word" that she needed to hear...through me! The glory is HIS!...

"Whats up I just wanted to say thank you for coming to RWCI cause you really encouraged me to continue singing for Christ and not change, because I was thinking about it, but your song "Nuthin' But The Blood" made me think differently." [ChosenDancer4Christ]

Jesus Is Lord!
It's His Glory or Nuthin' For Ya' Boy!

We Go Live!!! [New Straight Street Single!]

Click one of the links below (or click play on my blog jukebox) to hear this "FIRE" right now! I think you're READY!

- "We Go Live" via Myspace
- "We Go Live" via ilike
- "We Go Live" via Reverbnation

Tuesday, December 2

What Exactly Does "Straight Street" Mean? [Summary]

MYNISTA a.k.a. Docta Wuzdead welcomes you to "STRAIGHT STREET". The title of his latest release is named for a place where the Spirit of God speaks, the Word of God encourages, the beats bang, and the sharp, original delivery of this messenger pops! In the book of Acts, one of Jesus' disciples named Anannais was sent to a street called Straight in the city of Damascus. He went there in order to lay hands on a blind man named Saul so that he would receive his sight back. In that moment, Saul not only had his physical sight restored, but he also received spiritual sight when he was filled with the Holy Ghost. Saul would later become the Apostle Paul who would go on to accomplish extraordinary things for the Kingdom of God. That same level of ministry is still available to us today! Welcome to a place where blinded eyes are opened, where light overtakes darkness, and where nothing is impossible...welcome to "STRAIGHT STREET".

Arriving 1. 06. 09

Monday, December 1

The Cover Art Concept [Straight Street]

By now you have already seen the cover art for "Straight Street" plenty of times. The concept for it is as follows:

The majority of the backdrop and lettering is dark, symbolizing the darkness of the world. Part of my head is dark, but my entire face is illuminated...lit up. That is symbolic of the glory of God shining on me, as I "stand out" in the darkness like a "city on a hill that cannot be hid." and of course, the dove represents The Holy Ghost & The Presence of God. Deep right?! lol. More like "Prophetic."

P.S. - UPS just left my house...."Straight Street" has arrived! It's beautiful! (but you'll have to wait until 1. 06. 09).

"Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee.
For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: but the LORD shall arise upon thee, and his glory shall be seen upon thee." (Isaiah 60:1,2)

I'm In Labor!

My new EP "Straight Street" will be arriving soon. It's my baby. It's my heart. I truly believe that the messages on this CD are directly from God's heart. The beats bang, The flows are bonkers, It's anointed. I was talking to one of my homies today about the warfare that I have been experiencing surrounding the "birth" of this project. It has been increasing lately. Mainly that "battlefield of the mind" type stuff. The conception was "ecstasy", the term was "peaceful", and now I'm "crowning." Pray for me whenever God puts me on your heart. I need it. I know that God is gonna use this project to of course win souls, but also to "polish His bride up." These songs contain some of the jewels that Christ desires to decorate His bride with. The enemy hates to see us shining in the glory of of course he tries to "get at" the vessels that God uses to "deliver the package." I'll be uploading a new single in the next couple of days. I pray that your ears are truly open to what the Spirit of God is saying on "Straight Street." It's a whole new aint been "HEAR" before (spelled h-e-a-r on purpose lol).

Standing In Victory,

Saturday, November 29

New Straight Street Widget!

The new "Straight Street" widget is now available for your websites, blogs, and myspace pages!
This widget info will update automatically on your page if I change you'll always be updated when I add songs and stuff!
Thank you in advance for helping me advance the kingdom of God with quality, banging, ANOINTED MUSIC!
(Click HERE to check out the widget and get the code!)...

Tuesday, November 25

FREE Mynista Ringtones!

All of my ringtones are now the the thang....make it rang....In Jesus Name!


Friday, November 21

The Pointersaurus And The Pilots [Mynista T.V.]

My homie Mike Baker is a pilot. He saw Pointers Pizza advertised on "The Food Network", so when he got to St. Louis, he wanted to go...he had hopes of conquering the legendary "Pointersuarus!"

Monday, November 17

Everything Is Going To Be Alright "IF"

Sometimes people are very quick to tell someone that "Everything is going to be alright", or something along those lines. However, that is not always true. Most of the time they are only giving people "False hope." In the bible, Jesus told a story/parable about two men that we're building houses. He said that the wise man was the man who built his home on "The Rock" because he not only heard the sayings, teachings and words of Jesus...but HE DID THEM! The foolish man was the man that heard the words of Jesus, but didn't do them. He built his home upon the sand. The storm beat upon both houses, but only the wise man's home stood "The test" (Luke 6:48,49). Not only does this apply to people that have not become Christians yet, but it also applies to the Christian. The Word of God comes in two forms: the Rhema Word (a timely, personal instruction, a prophetic "Now" word from God to you either by God speaking through someone, or a "word" from God illuminated to you by the Holy Spirit as you study God's Word), and the Logos Word (The general instructions of the verbatim written Word of God to everyone). [These are my paraphrased definitions from heart by the way!]

If you are "hearing", or "have heard" the Word of God, then the outcome of your "situation" is conditional...there is an "If" attached to it. "If" you choose the "Red Pill", and you do the Word of God...all is gonna' be well! But "if" you choose the "black pill", and you rebel and do your own thing, or whatever...then no. Everything is not gonna be alright. If you're a hearer only and not a doer, the bible says that you are deceiving yourself (James 1:22). Only the doers of the Word will see the rewards of those who diligently seek Him! (Hebrews 11:6)

So today, I just wanted to say..."If" you're in a storm right now, and "if" you're a doer of His Word..."Everything is gonna' be alright!"

If you're not doing His Word yet, praise God for His mercy and grace! Repent, begin to "do", and I guarantee you, things will begin to turn around in your life.

Thursday, November 13

I've Counted The Costs, I'm Up On My Cross

I counted the costs for the type of ministry that God called me into a long time ago. I know that regardless of how great my beats are, regardless of how great my delivery is...the fact remains that I am a Holy Ghost filled rap minister. That is something that is very rare in what they call "holy hip hop" or whatever. The things that I rap about are actually taught against in most of "other dudes" songs. But I believe The Word of God. I refuse to limit the Holy Spirit in His ministry on Earth TODAY! I believe, and what I believe is what I speak. I believe in miracles. Like Paul, I also preach "The Word of Faith (the gospel in the fullness of Christ)." I believe that God's will is healing and health for our bodies. I believe that the gifts of the Spirit are for today, ALL OF THEM. I believe in speaking in other toungues (I speak and pray in other toungues). I believe in a BALANCED message of financial providence. I'm a believer. Jesus Is My Lord. Jesus Is my Savior. Jesus Is my elder brother! And as He is, so am I in this world! So if I'm hated on for being WHO God called me to be, and speaking (rapping) what He is commanding me to be it. I truly know what it means to die to self. And praise God...cause this is the only type of ministry that bears MUCH FRUIT...His ministry....the ministry of The Holy Ghost. After all, He's the ONE that they are really persecuting.

From my cross,

Tuesday, November 11

Lets Turn The World Upside Down!

For those of you who are truly "Awake", you get the picture. But while I'm on the "subject", I passed by KFC not too long ago, and I noticed that the building design looked very masonic / illuminatic. I Did some research recently, and yup...the "colonel" was a Freemason. Wake up foke. Body of Christ "Stand Up!" Secret societies hate the true "Anointed Ones." (those who really walk "in" The Anointing of Jesus Christ) Read the second Psalm. I don't really talk about this stuff alot, but I feel it's time to "crack open" a few things. My testimony involves all of this. I was being "Pursued" by "the company" (Prison Break/Heroes anyone?) for my talents etc. The wickedness of Freemasonry / Eastern Stars had roots in my "family tree." But now MY FAMILY is FREE! More to come...stay tuned.

Nuthin' But The Blood [Lyrics]

[click here to listen to the song via iLike]

"Nuthin' But The Blood"
by Mynista a.k.a. Docta Wuzdead
"Straight Street" EP


I wanna' sing about The Blood umma' sing about it,
and I will never let nobody ever talk me out it.
Nuthin but The Blood, The Blood, The Blood, Blood,
Nuthin' but The Blood, The Blood, The Blood Of Jesus! (2x)

(Verse 1)

I plead The Blood it's like I'm coated with some red off,
it purges me from every plotting of the dead's boss.
It keep's and guards my mind, when I lay, and when I rise,
It prevents deceptions, opens up my spirit eyes.
It covers and protects, from them flaming projectiles,
every dart my enemy arches I'm safe and sound.
The Blood of Jesus is alive it's full of life and grace,
perfecting everything about me, working everyday.
And everything in me, in He it re-conciliates,
my family is privileged, we got His DNA.
In every way, in everything, according to His will,
we're like a secret society, got the same seal.
My Daddy is the Judge, Brother handles my defense,
it aint fair when the accuser approaches the bench.
I keep a smile up on my face because i know it's grace,
I did them things, but somehow they went missing from my case!


(Verse 2)

I throw the umbrella up over my wife and my kids,
it's big and red and got us flying like Mary Poppins.
we're soaked up underneath it, we have our own atmosphere,
and we aint never gotta worry 'bout no lack in here.
We keep it happy here, ha-ha-ha we're laughing here,
but that don't mean that we aint never been attacked in here.
We put our faith off in His Blood I said "Baby be strong",
He's gonna come through for us you keep your expector on.
It won't be long we're speaking Word like it's some vitamin,
we're giving like we're living in the Book of Acts again.
Our motive right, our heart pure,
plus we're swimming clear from the world and devil's lure.
We keep our confidence, we know in who we have believed,
It is written that the man who waivers can't receive.
That's why I don't be singing 'bout that stuff that don't mean nuthin',
His Blood is Love, and without Love people we profit nuthin'.


God is on my side, The Blood has been applied,
every need shall be supplied, and nothing denied,
so I enter into rest cause I'm blessed NOW...
gonna get God's best I passed the test NOW, hey!!! (2x)

(Chorus END)

(GOD IS ON MY SIDE: © Trina Hankins/Mark Hankins Ministries)

© Warria Records 2009

"Nuthin' But The Blood" featured on

"Nuthin' But The Blood" is featured as a "Leaked" track on dasouth.
If you're feeling it like "almost" everyone I've heard from is (there will always be someone who aint feelin' you lol, I learned that a looooonggg time ago! lol), then come thru and be heard, let foke know that you "Support the real!" (click on the banner below).


Monday, November 10

Friday, November 7

The Dream Center [Mynista T.V.]

I recently headed down to the St. Louis Dream Center (a Joyce Meyer ministry) to "Open Up" for my homie Pastor Rick Washington. A member of the dream center gives a healing report...

In Alexandria Louisiana With "My Company" [Mynista T.V.]

I recently headed out to Alexandria Louisiana (Christian Worship center-Pastors Aaron / Mark Hankins) to reach "out" to the community, and "in" to the saints. It's an awesome thing being around "like Spirited foke!"...that's what ya' call "your company."

Monday, October 27

New Facebook Artist Page

Well, Facebook added the new "Pages" feature to their service a while ago, and since I already had a regular profile, I was putting off making a Facebook "Artist" profile....but that was then. Click on the banner below to visit my new Facebook "Page" Become a fan, holla at me...stay tuned, spread the "Love" of God!

P.S....New EP coming soon!


Wednesday, September 24

A Family Praise Report Of Deliverance Through My Testimony (Part 2)

It's very encouraging to me when I receive a testimony about how God used me to touch a life in some way, that's why I do what I do! For His glory, and His glory alone! I pray that y'all are encouraged by the following testimony, and I pray that you begin to expect God to use "you" to touch some ones life as well.....


You are a true inspiration and I do praise the Lord Jesus Christ for you. I came home from work and my husband had been touched through your testimony. He then encouraged me to listen to it and I was touched as well. You made me remember how fortunate we are for our Lord and Savior. I had back slid and through your message the Lord PULLED ME BACK TO HIM. I had been praying for a change for myself and creece0009 and he sent us you. My son, was a big Jay Z fan and also a fan of other rappers as well. He heard your testimony and he is only 12 and it touched him as well. My daughter was touched through your testimony too. Look God is Good and his mercies endure forever even until the end of the world. Mynista keep doing what you are doing and we will continue to spread the word of our Lord as well. I am praying for you and hope that you pray for this family as well. May our Lord trully bless, prosper and keep you safe in his arms. He has an unmeasureable blessing for you and all that you have touched as well. Thank you and God Bless my brother in Christ,
Mrs. Michell Renee Vaughn

The Fire Is Comin'

The Fire is comin'​.​.​.​.​some are gonna​ be ready​ like the five virgi​ns with oil in their​ lamps​.​.​.​.​and some are not gonna​ be ready​,​ and they will miss out on this next move (Of The Holy Spirit).​.​.​I refus​e to miss this wave.​.​.​.​I'​m on my board​ ready​ to ryde!​ Stay ready​!​


Tuesday, September 23

A Praise Report Of Deliverance (Through My Testimony Vid)

One of my new "Myspace Homies" hit me up today with this praise report of deliverance through my testimony video (on my youtube channel), the glory is God's! check it out...

Dude (Mynista),

I saw your testimony about 6 weeks ago. It totally changed my life. I don't listen to worldly rap music no more. I grew up in church but I feel i didn't get what i was needing. I was taught the word of GOD and fell out of church many times. I did many things that i didn't like. There was a void in my life. I also tried reaching out for Jesus but I fell back into my sinful ways. For a long time i was depressed. Then when I saw your testimony on youtube, something changed within me. Now i feel so much joy! I was an all day everyday smoker for the past 14 years. Now i don't want it anymore. That was my substitute for a little joy. I also was slanging a little. All that stuff is history. My eyes are wide open...they were wide shut. Now i'm trying to reach my so called homies. Planting seeds here and there. But all they want to know is if i got some weed for them, and were can they get some from. When I try to tell them about JESUS CHRIST they move along in a hurry. I pray soon that the LORD opens their eyes. But anyways man, I thank GOD for you on the real. And that song Hurricane is so anointed. I feel ya. Pray for me that I grow strong in the Lord. GOD BLESS YOU!

CREECE0009 (New Myspace Friend)

Monday, September 22

My Stance On Christian Artists Using Secular "Used" Beats For Mixtapes...

A homie of mine recently asked me to do a "mixtape drop" for him, I thought that I should share my response with everyone...

If it's 100% original beats then maybe, but I won't endorse a mixtape with secular "used" instrumentals. Those specific instrumentals were used to wreck too many lives....I love ya kuh, but if that's the case I can't do it. I feel that secular instrumentals get in the way of the message (and anointing), it creates an immediate distraction to those who are familiar with the original song (I think I've said this to you before). I've personally seen the manifestation of it for myself, many times. I also see the "mixtape" game dying out. It's time to "BE" something "new" and "original"...Somethin' "HOLY" (Set Apart).

[end of response]

To be honest, I won't even listen to a mixtape by a Christian that uses secular instrumentals. I throw em' in the trash just like I would throw the original (secular artist version) away.

Friday, August 22

Regarding The Lakeland / Todd Bentley Situation

What's up family,

I just wanted to encourage every one to be strong in "The Faith", and to walk "By Faith." I have recently been following up on the tragic happenings involving the Lakeland revival and Todd Bentley, and thought that it was important that I should speak on it. As most of you know, I am an advocate for walking in the Power Of God, and the things of The Holy Spirit, so when something likes this happens, it hits home so to speak. I'm not going to go into detail about what happened there (Lakeland) and in Mr. Bentley's life (I wasn't there, and really didn't see much of it on T.V., so I wouldn't know much anyway), but I will say this...just because a man is in excess, exaggerations, extremes or "error", doesn't mean that God has ceased doing supernatural things. He is still a God that heals, delivers, and saves in The Name of Jesus. He is still a God that performs signs, miracles, and wonders in The Name of Jesus. And He is still a God that uses His people to do these things The Name of Jesus! I think that it's important for us all to check ourselves. What we don't want to do is shrink back and enter into unbelief (regarding spiritual gifts and manifestations of The Holy Ghost) because of someone's mistakes. There must be balance. I am a firm believer that anything taught, rapped, or preached by any minister (including myself), should be line upon line, precept upon precept with the Word of God. His Word is our standard. Our opinions and our experiences that don't line up with his Word shouldn't even be considered as a "Word" or "Visitation" from The Lord. Of course I was disappointed when I heard about what happened (and had been happening), simply because of the fuel these happenings give to the fires of the "heresy hunters" and "cessasionists" (those who believe that the gifts of the Spirit have ceased and are not for today). But again I shout joyfully..."we are not of those who shrink back!"

I pray that God gives you wisdom, understanding, and discernment when it comes to the things of The Holy Ghost. If you find yourself headed to the other side of the road, into the ditch of cynicism and unbelief, now would be a great time to "refocus" and "readjust" the wheel. There must be balance. Jesus Christ is still the same yesterday, today and forever!

Free Da' Holy Ghost!

Thursday, August 7

Be creative!

I just wanna take a sec to encourage my fokes that are in the "Arts for Christ" to be creative! we have the Spirit of the creator...the Spirit of the living God living on the inside of us! Tap into Him and let loose! don't let "trends" and culture "fads" taint what God wills to do through you! Do what you enjoy, make it how you like what if someone else may not be "feelin it" can't please e'rry body! Keep it real with God, and keep it real with your self. Everything else will be cool.

Jesus Reignz!

Monday, August 4

Hinds Feet (by Mrs. Mynista)

Hey all!

I was just reading this morning and came across these
verses that I thought I'd share. They are Psalms
18:33,36 (AMP):

:33 He makes my feet like hinds' feet [able to stand
firmly or make progress on the dangerous heights of
testing and trouble]; He sets me securely upon my high

:36 You have given plenty of room for my steps under
me, that my feet would not slip.

I love the Amplified version, especially with these
verses. It's great to know that even in our hard
times, which there will most likely always being
something hard going on in our lives, God is not only
ordering our steps but He is making our way plain with
a firm footing AND helping us to make progress at the
same time!

I just wanted to encourage everyone (myself included!)
that God is ordering our steps as we trust in
Him...and He's not just ordering our "big" steps.
He's ordering the "little" steps of our daily routines
too. Just know that as you're walking out whatever
steps you're taking today, you're walking in God's
plan for your life...and He only has GOOD things in
store for us.

Steph aka Mrs. Mynista

Thursday, July 31

Well, it's finally up and running! "Hope Mob" is an organization that I founded that consists of my proteges' and associates "In Christ." is "OUR" Christ centered "webportal of support", blogs, resources, news, and more!
Updates and additions are coming soon (so make sure that you subscribe!!). The Hope Mob myspace and music page (via will be updated soon as well! Click on the banner below to "Come Through" today!

P.S. - Don't forget to add a banner to your websites! Jesus Reignz!



Monday, July 21

Sometimes Your Calling...

Sometimes your calling contradicts your industry and the direction (opinions) of your "associates." If it does, obey God and press on. He is God, they are not.


Friday, June 6

In the lab (Studio) makin' a beat with Toby [MYNISTA T.V.]

In the lab (Studio) makin' a beat with Toby [MYNISTA T.V.]

Mynista brings in his homie "Toby" to play some live bass on a new track. Heads up audio nerds...he also covers what gear he uses!



Wednesday, June 4

To The Lost And The Found [Mynista T.V.]

To The Lost And The Found [Mynista T.V.]

Mynista "spits" the gospel to the lost (@ The Mill Skate Park), and also hits the "Chuuch" (@ Harvest Tabernacle, IL) up to edify and exhort the saints through "Holy Spirit Filled Prophetic Rap Music!" JESUS IS LORD!!



Friday, May 30

...He shall have whatsoever he saith (Mark 11:23)...

A friend of mine posted a note about confessions of the tongue on "Face Book"....I wanted to bless y'all with my replies so far....

-I feel ya. I don't think that you can "magically form things" by speaking some off the wall "Jargon" but I do believe (based on scripture) that putting the Word of God/Promises of God in your mouth is a very essential part of obtaining them "By Faith." That's what we call talking like God, agreeing with God (Amos 3:3). That's why Jesus tells us in Mark 11:23 to "Speak" to our mountains etc (Look at how many times he says "say, saith etc." in these passages). In This context it's not about the hearing part of faith, but about the "Speaking" or commanding part of faith. That's simply because God in His sovereignty gave man "dominion" way back in the garden of eden. That dominion must be exercised or acted out, and "speaking the Word of God" is key. It's not all up to God what you have in this life (in any area of your life). Awe man...I can talk about this all day...but yeah, Watch ya mouth! (Tongue). Sometimes saying NOTHING at all is the worst thing that you can do!...Love Ya'll!

-There has to be balance that's all. some people end up in a ditch on either the left side of the road, or the right side (I'm talking about prosperity confessions in particular here). The Solid Word of God is the middle. First of all, like someone stated above, your heart and relationship with God (through JESUS CHRIST) has to be right (Motive). It's very clear that God has a plan for His people financially (Providence) as well as spirit, soul and body. His Word covers everything that pertains to life. So in every area, we should find out what His WORD says, and as we live for him with upright hearts, loving Him for who He is....THEN we should put HIS WORD in our mouths and act on it so that we can "Have whatsoever we saith" like His Word says (Mark 11:23). He desires to bless us SO THAT WE MAY BE A BLESSING HERE ON EARTH (The provision has a purpose, and the chief purpose is to spread the GOSPEL) (Cont' Below)...

-but we gotta "Speak things" (His Word). Now some foke on one side get materialistic with it, and some foke on the other side thinks that God wants us "Broke, Busted, and disgusted." THERE IS A BALANCE. We can't "Throw the baby out with the bath water." Wherever there is wheat, there are gonna be tares. (This is one of my areas of "Master Study"!!! lol I got lotsa' WORD on this subject!!!)

-ex.- Lil Billy is a faithful giver (To the work of the Gospel) tither etc. And he rides the bus to work everyday, but is always late gettin' home to the wife and kids cause the bus runs late. So he NEEDS a car right! well he finds in the WORD where it says "But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus." (Phil 4:19) And since he meets the CONDITIONS of the WORD (Paul was talking to givers with PURE MOTIVES), he can then make that promise PERSONAL by confessing it audibly "By Faith", expecting (another FAITH KEY) God to bless him with the car that he has already prayed for! Another thing is that he should be "specific" when asking (ex. type of car). This is an example of Mark 11:23 in action.

"For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith." (Mark 11:23)

Monday, May 26

Play Mii in Mario Kart Wii!!

Holla back at me with your FC if you add me so I can add you back. Warning...I'm raw! lol.


Saturday, May 24

Mynista Preaches "Christ" In The Public School System [Mynista T.V.]

Mynista Preaches "Christ" In The Public School System [Mynista T.V.]

Mynista aka Docta Wuzdead takes the "Gospel of Christ" to Mitchell Elementary School (Public School). And Holla's at "The Misouriino Fam"...Jesus Reignz! He's our ONLY HOPE.



Thursday, May 8

Mynista 2 U Talk Radio Podcast [Prophetic Perspective] 3/21/08

"Prophetic Perspective" (Pre-recorded On 5/08/08)

Mynista and Qfyre discuss "Spirituality vs Spookiness" and "Religion vs Holiness."

Jesus Reignz!



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