Monday, July 27

[Video] Paradise Youth Group In Ellwood City, PA Shots Ya' Dude Out

This really encouraged ya' dude. I'm gonna make a response vid soon, stay tuned!


Thursday, July 23

[VIDEO] Deeper Youth Camp 2009 (Holy Ghost Fire) [Mynista T.V.]

I was recently in Panama City, Fl with Deeper Youth Camp (2009). Straight Holy Ghost FIRE! Shots out to Pastor Aaron Hankins, Matt Shearin, Erin Cody Hankins, Tremone, Adam Wright, and everybody from Victory Life Church (Hampton Virginia), Christian Worship Center (Alexandria Louisiana), And everybody else that was there! WE NEED THE HOLY GHOST! Let The FIRE Fall!

Wednesday, July 8

Don't Get On "THAT" Plane! [A Prophetic Word]

About six or so months ago, God gave me a word about "planes (ministries)" taking off out of Zion (the Church) improperly, or not "fully" equipped and fueled. God said that those planes were going to crash not long after "take-off." One Sunday, my pastor (Jeff Perry/St. Louis Family Church) called me up to minister a song, and I delivered that Word to my church family. I exhorted them to be "fully equipped" and "commissioned" WITH, and BY The Holy Ghost before attempting to "launch" anything "KINGDOM." 

Well last night I had a "night vision (not a dream)." In this "vision of the night", I saw an airport terminal full of people. The people began to panic and run to the screens that displayed all of the flight information. Planes were crashing!

This is what the Spirit of The Lord is saying: 

"Do not board "THAT" plane (support "THAT" ministry in anyway)! If you are getting "checks (warnings)" in your spirit regarding a ministry's integrity, morals, motive,  character, etc., follow my leading. EXAMINE the FRUIT. Then you will know. Don't even check your baggage in (invest into it in anyway)! MANY planes (ministries) are about to come down because I am not on them," Says The Spirit of Truth.


Monday, July 6

"We Go Live!" Mynista T.V. Promo Vid [Free Download Made Possible By Microsoft]

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