Tuesday, May 31

Tues. 5/31/05 -[Miami Was POWERFUL]

What up Warriaz,

Well, me and the camp were in Miami this past Memorial Day weekend, and MAN did God show up!! We were in Overtown, one of the roughest parts of Miami. The Homeless community was huge there....seems like everywhere we turned we were running into someone that was Demon Possessed. We were in Full concert in Henry Reese Park out there, and during our stay, we destroyed the Works of the Devil by Casting out Demons, Ministerin' Healing to Folks, and leadin' em to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! It was just AWESUM!! During my Concert, you could just SEE and FEEL the Glory of God Spreading through that Park....and you could literally SEE the people being delivered as the Word came forth...Overtown will never be the same!! The Glory is God's!! On to the next Mission!!

Jesus Reignz!


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Thursday, May 19

Wed. 5/19/05 - [NEW JOURNAL]

What up Warriaz....

Well today marks the beginning of my new journal, my journal use to be in our forum, but I decided to get a lil mo' up close and personal with this thang. I'm gonna use this space to really let everyone know whats on my heart....and I'm gonna deal with issues and everythang. It's gonna be Anointed, and God is gonna get His Glory...and y'all are gonna be blessed. Right now I'm finishing up "Bloody Streets 2" The Devil's adversary, and me and the rest of the "Whyte Fyre Boyz" are also recording our upcoming album "WYRLDWYDEWARRIAZ".....Be Ready!!!

Jesus Reignz,


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