Tuesday, August 31

[Fox News Interview/Video] "A Remarkable Community Outreach Peace Concert"

They edited out most of what I said, but what I was saying FULLY was this:

"In Christ Jesus" we all become one body....one race...."BORN AGAIN"....CHRISTIAN! [Only In Christ though!]

Galatians 3:28: There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.

Check out the vid! Shouts out to my homie Apostle Ron Haynes! FKAK!


[Youtube Video] Powerful Prophetic Ministry @ HHH Under The Big Top [St. Louis]

Shouts out to Dahn B. for the footage. Jesus Is Lord! Live a life DEVOTED to HIM! Take up your cross (die to self) and FOLLOW HIM! Regardless of what people say or do...THE GLORY!



Wednesday, August 25

[New Song Uploaded] "For King And Kingdom (Ft. Hollie Brian)"

This is one of my favorite songs ever! This is a "Song of REDEMPTION!"
Click HERE, or on the cover/links below to listen/purchase today!

I'm gonna' post the lyrics up soon!

JESUS IS LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


<a href="http://warriarecords.bandcamp.com/track/for-king-and-kingdom-ft-hollie-brian">For King And Kingdom (Ft. Hollie Brian) by Warria Records</a>


Monday, August 23

[Youtube Video] "In Christed" Rapper Aaron Cook Uses My Testimony In His Song "The Proposition"

First just let me say I'M HONORED, and all glory to The Lord Jesus! Check out the message dood sent me, then peep the vid and the entire project/song. Fresh!

Greetings Brother in Christ,

My name is Aaron Cook, One half of the christian team One Life Productions. It's so funny, a few years ago, I ran across your testimony here on youtube not knowing that in 2009 and certain periods of this year, that I'd be offered the same opportunities to sell out for earthly prosperity during my times of lack. God is a keeper and my sustainer tho bro and i thank him everyday for His mercies and keeping power. Anyway, not to make this message too long, I wrote a song about my experience. I used parts of your testimony in the song to fit my own...the video is attached. My partner did the track but you can listen to the whole song in it's entirety at www.charlie1.bandcamp.com. The name of the song is called the proposition. I pray that it blesses you the way your testimony was a blessing to me in my time of struggle. God Bless you brother.

Aaron C. cook
One Life Productions
1 life 1 christ


Listen To / Buy The Full Song Here:

<a href="http://charlie1.bandcamp.com/track/the-proposition">The Proposition by @. Charlie</a>


Wednesday, August 18

[Fan Video/Youtube] Photo Collage [For king And Kingdom (Ft. Hollie Brian)

Check out this fan made photo collage! The song playing is on my new "GENERATIONS" album, it's called "For King and Kingdom (ft. Hollie Brian)" Thank you Maryna for making this awesome vid! It's very touching, and I appreciate your love and support!

P.S. everyone: "The Best Rapper Ever" title or whatever was not FROM ME, it was FROM HER. :) I just do what I do, the best I can, by the GRACE of God. FKAK!


<a href="http://warriarecords.bandcamp.com/track/for-king-and-kingdom-ft-hollie-brian">For King And Kingdom (Ft. Hollie Brian) by Warria Records</a>


Tuesday, August 17

[Fresh Music] Slugger Roo: "VICTORY" ft. Jonathan Williams

Beat and single cover/artwork by yours truly, "B. Smif" a.k.a. Mynista.
You and I...we got THE "V!" This song is SUPER FRESH!

Listen, be blessed, then CLICK on The BUY link below to add this song to your iPod today!

<a href="http://sluggerroo.bandcamp.com/track/victory-ft-jonathan-williams">Victory ft Jonathan Williams by Slugger Roo</a>


Monday, August 16

[Youtube Fan Video] 5 Yr Old Adán Says The Ephesians 1 Prayer Like I Do On The "GENERATIONS" CD Intro

5 yr old Adán says the prayer from Ephesians 1:16-23 (memorized) Just like I do on my "GENERATIONS" CD intro! Awesome! All glory 2 God! We're raising up some WARRIAZ!


P.S. This isn't my kid. Lol. 

Here is my version:
<a href="http://warriarecords.bandcamp.com/track/transmission-one">Transmission One by Warria Records</a>


Saturday, August 14

ANYONE teaching you that tithing has been done away with is teaching you error...

Ignore anyone teaching you that the tithe has been done away with. They might as well be holding a pistol to your head saying ''give up your wallet!'' the tithe is a covenant connecting ordinance commanded by God. Sure, you can go to heaven if you don't tithe, but I guarantee you that you will miss out on God's ''BEST'' for you here on Earth! You can't afford not to tithe. Trust God!

The Just shall LIVE by FAITH!

''For King And Kingdom!''


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Wednesday, August 11

[Available Now] "FKAK!" (For King and Kingdom: Jesus Is Lord!) T-Shirts [Red/Bl/Fl Gr]

Click on the image to ENLARGE

Click on the link below to place your order! These are gonna' go fast!

Flyy Faith Brand Clothing Co.

Tuesday, August 10

"Holy Ghost Gumbo" - Deeper Youth Camp 2010 [Mynista T.V.]

I call this video "Holy Ghost Gumbo" because it was shot with three different video cameras, features a variety of ministries/ministers/saints, and of course it focuses on the baptism of The Holy Ghost (Pentecost/Acts 1:8 etc.). Cameras used for this vid: My Flip Ultra, Pastor Caleb Moran's iPhone, and then my Palm Pre (last scenes that have a slower frame rate. Sorry, my batteries ran out on my Flip Ultra! Lol). Deeper Youth Camp 2010 was awesome! Shouts out to my doods Pastor Aaron Hankins, Pastor Matt Shearin, Pastor Caleb Moran & Co! Jesus Is Lord! The move of The Holy Spirit will NOT be lost to this GENERATION(s) on our watch! "For King and Kingdom!"

We got (Holy) "Ghost On Deck." Do you? If not, you can...with the evidence of speaking in tongues, gifts of The Spirit and all of that. Jesus Is ALIVE!



[YouTube Video] Mercy Residents Love Their Neighborhood

Love The Neighborhood 2010 was awesome!

Mercy Ministries residents from the St. Louis home recently spent some time sorting clothes at the St. Louis Family Church. On Saturday, they helped distribute those clothes along with shoes and school supplies at a "Love the Neighborhood" community outreach. It was a memorable day for the girls as well as the people of the 27th Ward area. Here's what one of the residents had to say about the event!



Monday, August 9

[Fan Video/Youtube] "Hurricane" [From "My Signs, Miracles, and Wonders" album]

This video really blessed me today. It confirmed something that God was telling me this morning. Shouts out to "NoBlemish1" for the vid, love, support, and creativity.

You may purchase this song HERE (iTunes) if you'd like!

Matthew 10:16: Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.



Monday, August 2

[Upcoming Concert/STL] Mynista: GENERATIONS (The Concert 8/28/10)

Warria Records & Project STL Presents:

Mynista: GENERATIONS [The Concert]
Saturday, August 28th
7pm [Free Admission]

Guest artists:
Slugger Roo, LadyRoo, & C-Micah

On the lot @ Francis and Evans Ave.
Behind the Walgreens at Grand and MLK Dr. St. Louis, MO

"A Jesus glorifying, Holy Ghost meeting - Awesome rap music - A family affair!"


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