Monday, September 10

9/10/07 [A message from Tessa (on I HAVE A DREAM)]

I love sharing reports on the fruitfulness of this ministry....I got this from Tessa...(I have a lot of these "Praise Reports" that people send me...I'll start postin more of em' up! The Glory is God's!................................


"I listen to your song, I HAVE A DREAM over and over again. It’s so anointed. By the time Monday comes I’ll probably be singing it at work. That's a good things though because I work at a hospital, and plus our city needs big time help. I'm going to a new church on Sunday which I was invited to here from myspace from a church in my home town. I'm hoping for a touch from God. I already have been touched by listening to your music. It is so so so so very powerful. Oh geez I just can't get enough of it. I hope you really go far with this song....

...I've never heard a song like it before. you didn't pull that one out of a cracker jack box, it came from God Almighty.. It’s just zoom, zoom, zoom right down the line naming off the way God’s power can reach and touch people. It’s just amazing. What’s also amazing is that I am not even that big a fan of rap and hip hop, but this song breaks down walls and crosses over genres...

Light and love in Christ,



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