Monday, October 18

Praise God For Holy Ghost Inspired Tweeting! [Praise Report/Encouragement]

I Just got this in a private message on FaceBook from someone. The Holy Ghost was directing me to tweet on a few things today dealing with finances and more...Thank God for Holy Ghost inspired tweets! All glory 2 The lord JESUS CHRIST!

"Its crazy cause everything you are putting on your status it deals with me. I've been stressing alllllll day. I was going to step down from being the assistant youth director until I started reading your posts and I started praying. All I can hear is: This Just where the devil wants me to be, and what he wants me to do. Everytime I share my story the devil fights me harder and harder. But now its time to take a stand. Thanks sir. "

For you saints that have  Twitter/FaceBook accts...."Let Him Use ya!"



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