Tuesday, December 14

[Free Download] "HELD BACK" By C-Micah ft. Mynista

HELD BACK feat Mynista by collardgreensent




“You’ve been Held Back way too long, set up residence here make yourself at home”
“ Make yourself home”

Verse 1: (C-Micah)

I snatch the chains off my gates and let you come thru
Holy Spirit have your way, when you come thru
Cause you’ve been Held Back way too long, set up residence here make yourself at home
Perfect gentleman you never move out of order
But you can be quenched when we’re out of order
Theologians scream hush, when I talk your works
They say the moving of your gifts no longer for the church
But how can this be, I see you still working
Acts 29 faith, yeah you still working
And you still birthing, revelation gifts
Divine healing just one, but there many gifts
There’s the word of knowledge, and the gift of faith
Prophesy and them tongues, many think fake
But they is real, and I is filled
See my cup runneth over and I will spill

Chorus: Repeat 1x

Verse 2: (Mynista)

The Holy Ghost glorifies Jesus, takes of His things and reveals em' to us,
Shuffles His hand and cuts His gifts and graciously He deals em' to us.
Just, just to get em' through us, compassion and love He demonstrates,
He is the source, but His saints He makes us affiliates!
Fire baptized, yeah power on high, but we don’t seek power, we seek Adonai,
Some say stop, some say heresy but me see, I say the devil is a lie
So put your money up, cause your money can’t buy,
Your heart aint right if you lust like that,
You wont see light, no revelation, unless you repent and come right back!
We got the Holy Ghost on deck, darkness aint no threat,
He makes us aware, expose the snare, makes us look brilliant as we’re lead.
We celebrate the Blood of Jesus and He shows up,
We’re confident in His presence because He knows us.
Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, forever, what more can I say?
Umma' say a lot I’m a pray in tongues, build up my most holy faith.
Make yourself at home Holy Ghost be free,
Here I am, yeah please use me, make clear so folks can see,
You through true transparency!

Chorus: Repeat 1x

Verse 3 (C-Micah)

You are precious and perfect, your language is divine
It goes straight God and totally passes my mind
But you aint just for me, you were intended for all
A subsequent move, after you answer His call
And when I say call, I’m really talking bout salvation
Many acknowledge the Spirit, but don’t accept your ministration
We don’t want you to move, but scream we’re on fire
Without the Holy Ghost, there is just no fire
We’re in the days of Acts, was not meant to be quenched
The 28th verse does not mean your move end
See people misconstrue, then satan enters in
You get blasphemed, it’s unforgivable sin
So I’m praying for grace, praying for mercy
That I won’t shrink back, and make sure your knowledge dispersing
And though I’m a earthling, you inhabit my being
Your infilling all believers can receive

Chorus: Repeat 1x


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