Friday, August 22

Regarding The Lakeland / Todd Bentley Situation

What's up family,

I just wanted to encourage every one to be strong in "The Faith", and to walk "By Faith." I have recently been following up on the tragic happenings involving the Lakeland revival and Todd Bentley, and thought that it was important that I should speak on it. As most of you know, I am an advocate for walking in the Power Of God, and the things of The Holy Spirit, so when something likes this happens, it hits home so to speak. I'm not going to go into detail about what happened there (Lakeland) and in Mr. Bentley's life (I wasn't there, and really didn't see much of it on T.V., so I wouldn't know much anyway), but I will say this...just because a man is in excess, exaggerations, extremes or "error", doesn't mean that God has ceased doing supernatural things. He is still a God that heals, delivers, and saves in The Name of Jesus. He is still a God that performs signs, miracles, and wonders in The Name of Jesus. And He is still a God that uses His people to do these things The Name of Jesus! I think that it's important for us all to check ourselves. What we don't want to do is shrink back and enter into unbelief (regarding spiritual gifts and manifestations of The Holy Ghost) because of someone's mistakes. There must be balance. I am a firm believer that anything taught, rapped, or preached by any minister (including myself), should be line upon line, precept upon precept with the Word of God. His Word is our standard. Our opinions and our experiences that don't line up with his Word shouldn't even be considered as a "Word" or "Visitation" from The Lord. Of course I was disappointed when I heard about what happened (and had been happening), simply because of the fuel these happenings give to the fires of the "heresy hunters" and "cessasionists" (those who believe that the gifts of the Spirit have ceased and are not for today). But again I shout joyfully..."we are not of those who shrink back!"

I pray that God gives you wisdom, understanding, and discernment when it comes to the things of The Holy Ghost. If you find yourself headed to the other side of the road, into the ditch of cynicism and unbelief, now would be a great time to "refocus" and "readjust" the wheel. There must be balance. Jesus Christ is still the same yesterday, today and forever!

Free Da' Holy Ghost!


Jason Martin said...

You are right on man! Like Dad Hagin used to say: don't throw the baby out with the bath water.

MYNISTA a.k.a. Docta Wuzdead said...

That's real Jason. "We will not be scared off by fanatacism, and we will not be frozen out by formailty" - Dad Hagin. That's real talk!

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