Monday, September 22

My Stance On Christian Artists Using Secular "Used" Beats For Mixtapes...

A homie of mine recently asked me to do a "mixtape drop" for him, I thought that I should share my response with everyone...

If it's 100% original beats then maybe, but I won't endorse a mixtape with secular "used" instrumentals. Those specific instrumentals were used to wreck too many lives....I love ya kuh, but if that's the case I can't do it. I feel that secular instrumentals get in the way of the message (and anointing), it creates an immediate distraction to those who are familiar with the original song (I think I've said this to you before). I've personally seen the manifestation of it for myself, many times. I also see the "mixtape" game dying out. It's time to "BE" something "new" and "original"...Somethin' "HOLY" (Set Apart).

[end of response]

To be honest, I won't even listen to a mixtape by a Christian that uses secular instrumentals. I throw em' in the trash just like I would throw the original (secular artist version) away.


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