Tuesday, November 11

Lets Turn The World Upside Down!

For those of you who are truly "Awake", you get the picture. But while I'm on the "subject", I passed by KFC not too long ago, and I noticed that the building design looked very masonic / illuminatic. I Did some research recently, and yup...the "colonel" was a Freemason. Wake up foke. Body of Christ "Stand Up!" Secret societies hate the true "Anointed Ones." (those who really walk "in" The Anointing of Jesus Christ) Read the second Psalm. I don't really talk about this stuff alot, but I feel it's time to "crack open" a few things. My testimony involves all of this. I was being "Pursued" by "the company" (Prison Break/Heroes anyone?) for my talents etc. The wickedness of Freemasonry / Eastern Stars had roots in my "family tree." But now MY FAMILY is FREE! More to come...stay tuned.


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