Thursday, November 13

I've Counted The Costs, I'm Up On My Cross

I counted the costs for the type of ministry that God called me into a long time ago. I know that regardless of how great my beats are, regardless of how great my delivery is...the fact remains that I am a Holy Ghost filled rap minister. That is something that is very rare in what they call "holy hip hop" or whatever. The things that I rap about are actually taught against in most of "other dudes" songs. But I believe The Word of God. I refuse to limit the Holy Spirit in His ministry on Earth TODAY! I believe, and what I believe is what I speak. I believe in miracles. Like Paul, I also preach "The Word of Faith (the gospel in the fullness of Christ)." I believe that God's will is healing and health for our bodies. I believe that the gifts of the Spirit are for today, ALL OF THEM. I believe in speaking in other toungues (I speak and pray in other toungues). I believe in a BALANCED message of financial providence. I'm a believer. Jesus Is My Lord. Jesus Is my Savior. Jesus Is my elder brother! And as He is, so am I in this world! So if I'm hated on for being WHO God called me to be, and speaking (rapping) what He is commanding me to be it. I truly know what it means to die to self. And praise God...cause this is the only type of ministry that bears MUCH FRUIT...His ministry....the ministry of The Holy Ghost. After all, He's the ONE that they are really persecuting.

From my cross,


S.J.Mak Music said...

Mannnnnnn...soo true. I believe in ALL the gifts and manifestations of the Spirit for the common good...and I've not experienced them all but I trust that the Lord will show me His fulness. I NEVER want to limit my own ministry to mere music, God forbid.

Jae said...

Brother, I stand with you in your convictions, in the truth of the word of God. My husband and I are doing church in the streets because we cannot find a church in our area willing to NOT bend God's word to increase the rolls. I am not sorry for saying this. I am not sorry for what WE have been called to do.
But brother (and you may want to delete this part before you post my comment), we need some serious prayer. We need all the prayer warriors we can gather to pray in intercession for my baby cousin Matthew. The Florida courts have him, and his mother and I have been trying to get him into MY home so that he can be closer to her until she can jump all their bureaucratic hoops. He didn't even get taken from her for a legitimate reason. And I have been gathering all this STUFF so he can be in my home, and they are trying to prolong it, and keep it from happening. Something is just not sitting well in my spirit over all this. Think if it was your kids folks? What if the state took your kid for a stupid reason? And then changed the rules every time you turned around? Please...pray for us. Even if Matthew does not EVER end up in my home (which God has already spoken to my spirit to tell me HE WILL)he needs to be returned to his mother, protected from his abusive father, and HERS, and be a part of my HUGE loving family. HELP!!!! I am blowing the shofar. Calling all warriors, human, and heavenly. Please stand up with us concerning this circumstance.

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