Saturday, December 27


This Word has been on my heart for a few days now...

2009 is going to be a year of GREAT ILLUMINATION! God's glory will be seen on His "prepared ones." Gross darkness will cover the Earth, and GREAT LIGHT will cover the "sent." some prominent religious "theologians" will fall from their "high horses" as they experience God, and hear His voice in a supernatural "ray."

We have never been this way before as "The Church." Without following the leading of the Holy Ghost, some will lose the way...follow His leading.

New wine! New wine! New wine! The new wine is in the cluster, it is not found in one individual grape only. Make sure that you are connected to your cluster (company) of believers in this next season, Where two or more are gathered together, great manifestations of The Holy Ghost are going to "Quake your city!"

Only Believe that the glory of God is ON YOU....yes, YOU. God is going to shoot you out as an arrow of hope..."If you only believe."


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