Wednesday, December 10

A "Special" Thank You To My Supporters!

What it is fam!

I just want to personally thank all of you that have been showing your love and support for ya' boy and this ministry that I'm a stewart over! I'm sincerely praying specifically for you guys right now, and I know that God is gonna do great things for you....just for helping me! Just like Elisha and the Shunammite woman in the book of 2 Kings chapter 4. Thank you for celebrating God's anointing on my life! Expect change...expect the miraculous!

The "Straight Street" EP is on it's way out of the gate (Arriving 1. 06. 09), and I know that it's gonna' be a tool used by God to instigate change in the lives of all kinds of people across the globe (including you)! I have already started getting praise reports from the Mp3's that are up on my websites! Praise God! The EP will be available directly from my websites on launch date, and also itunes, amazon mp3, and all other major digital retailers...expect a "God encounter" in some way, shape or form when listening to this project!

For those of you that have already added the "Straight Street" banner (below) to your myspace profiles as your default pics, I've already added you to my top friends list! If any of you reading this decide to do so as well (thanks in advance!)...hit me up and let me know, so I can add you to my top!

Thanks again fam for helping me, as I get my prophetic "MARK 16:15-18" on in a "banging and creative manner" lol! again....expect a miracle!

In Christed,



jrballer89 said...

keep it up my man. Prayin' for ya

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