Tuesday, December 16

That Right Now [New Song Posted!] URGENT MESSAGE!

"That Right Now" [Straight Street]

I boldly proclaim that this is one of the most important, powerful songs that you'll ever hear in your entire life. Not because I am the artist delivering "the package", but because of the "package" that is being delivered. People have all kinds of ideas and opinions about "righteousness" and what it means to be a Christian, but "most of the time" their ideas do not line up with the Word of God. This song is banging and enjoyable! The message is clear, and God is glorified! I pray that the lights "go on" as you listen to this revelatory message. We are dead to sin, and alive "In Christ." we are NOW entirely NEW creatures (those of us who are Christians)..."The righteousness of God in Christ Jesus!" The "Straight Street" EP will be arriving 1. 06. 09, the last two songs on the EP will be uploaded in the next few weeks...I want you to sorta be familiar with them at the release concerts! GET READY!

-Listen to "That Right Now" via Mynistamusic.com
-Listen to "That Right Now" via Myspace
-Listen to "That Right Now" via Reverbnation

That Right Now [Lyrics]

P.S...here are a few scripts to chew on regarding righteousness! (Get your bible out!)

-(Rom 3: 21, 22)
-(Rom 3: 24)
-(Rom 4: 25)
-(Rom 5: 17)
-(Rom 6: 17, 18)
-(Rom 8: 33, 34)
-(Rom 10: 9, 10)
-(Rom 14:17)
-(2 Cor 5: 21)
-(Eph 1: 4, 5)
-(Eph 1: 6)
-(Eph 2:18)
-(Eph 4: 24)
-(Hebr 10: 14)
-(Hebr 10: 19)
----And A There's More Where Those Came From! STUDY!


PR said...

What's up! Mynista!
This is your homeboy Rick (PR) JUST WANTED TO ENCOURAGE YOU TO KEEP ON DOING WHAT YOUR DOING! I attended the St. Louis Dream Center's "Women of Excellence Christmas Luncheon" (working helping set up stuff)the ministry God has on you is active and effective. When the event was ending it was annouced to all the women - about 130 - they would be receiving a bag of Joyce Meyer stuff - and spontaneously and on one accord they jumped to their feet and began to rain dance! Keep on letting him use you!


Mynista a.k.a. Docta Wuzdead said...

That's awesome PR! Praise God for FRUIT! You keep on doin' what you're doin' as well! Expect the INCREASE!


Save money & planet said...

This word study is totally on target. It's preparing the way for the great transformation on Jan 9th. HG is increasing the momentum...AWESOME ride. Glory

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