Monday, October 18

Another Breakthrough [Of Revelation] THROUGH Holy Ghost Inspired Tweets! Praise God!

God is doing awesome, GOOD things in the lives of His people! Those awesome GOOD things begin from within! Spiritually & mentally. Wahnetah Bryant received a breakthrough of revelation today through some of my Holy Ghost inspired tweets on biblical prosperity! All of The glory is His! Check this out! (BTW, she gave me permission to use her name). 

Revelation leads to REVOLUTION!!!

We have not cause we ask not. I have been living under the delusion that if I am not healed from my COPD, or if I am not financial able to do any more than just pay my bills and nothing more, that it has to be God's will. I was content with that but... seriously Mynista--- you have awakened a new era in my Spirit! It was never that I didn't have the faith, I always knew God could do abundantly more than I could ever ask Him, but did He want for it to happen. I really would like it if you could pray for me and my family because we truly want everything that God has for us. I have been taught being content was just that. And hearing (seeing) you speak these things my heart opens to really truly receive that. We at least want more so we can be more of a blessing to others. We want to do more Kingdom work but we are limited to the "being blessed" participants. On the real!



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